Makers Unite to Help Animals Affected by Australian Bushfire

January 10th, 2020 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

We’ve all seen the updates coming out of Australia, there is no other way to describe the bushfire as anything but absolutely devastating.  With so much land scorched, the bushfire has left hundreds of people homeless and hundreds of millions of animals scrambling to find shelter away from the fires.  It’s heartbreaking.  One image hit me especially hard - a photo of an orphaned koala joey - so I clicked on the story to read more, only to find out there is something more our community of makers can do to help.

Families across the globe are making pouches for injured and orphaned Australian wildlife.  The animals that have been lucky enough to escape are often left with severe burns or orphaned, and in need of protection, warmth and comfort.  That’s where these pouches become vital in assisting these animals in their recovery.

A large number of our members love to sew – we encourage you to get involved!  Templates with step-by-step instructions for various sized pouches are available in Design Space® and of course, we’ve made it free for all to use. Let's show the world the power of how makers can make a difference.

Australia Fire
Australia Fire

Please note, experts ask that makers only use tightly woven 100% natural fabrics for the pouch liner.

You can ship completed pouches to ARCCG Newcastle, 26 Cadell Ave., Mayfield NSW, Australia 2304, or to local regional locations in the US where pouches will be collected and sent to Australia.

Learn more about this important effort. And don't forget to share this post so we can get the word out to all makers!

29 thoughts on “Makers Unite to Help Animals Affected by Australian Bushfire

  1. I just want to say thank you for this project. I’m in Australia and the bushfires this season have been the worst I have ever seen in this Country. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Yes, the pouches are needed, but they’ve asked for additional liners for the pouches as the more pressing need.

  2. I would love to help with this project! This will be such a blessing for them down there!! <3 Description say designed for the Maker, Can this also be made on the Explore Air 2?

    • Unfortunately, the Air 2 doesn’t have the same fabric cutting technology that the Maker does, but you can use the template available on Design Space and cut if free hand.

    • I used the Explore to cut out a template from quilters template plastic. That way I could use the stack and wack method of cutting several out at once. I used the Explore to cut out all of the sizes, as I have a ton of beginner sewers that are going to be making these to help out. That way I could send them all home with a pattern template to use. Hope that helps

    • I have a Maker but decided cut the pattern are a template on card stock so I could hand cut. It’s quicker if your going to make several to hand cut them.

  3. La,direccion se encuwntra al final de la informacion, pero aqui se la pongo.
    ARCCG Newcastle, 26 Cadell Ave., Mayfield NSW, Australia 2304

  4. Thank you so much for these projects.
    Also from everyone in Australia we all sincerely thank anyone who makes even only 1 of these projects. Our native animals need all of these so that those that have survived have the chance to thrive into the future.
    Without help we will see the extinction of some of these totally unique animals.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Sharon Smith

  5. Thank you for this easy to make project. I was involved in the news year eve fires and have seen first hand the catastrophic effect it has had on our beautiful native animals. Thank you to cricut users everywhere who are making and sending these to Australia.

  6. I was wondering if they. Need to be the gray and blue colors or can you make them different colors that are not to bright or bold.

    • There is no preference for specific colors or fabric designs/patterns – according to the experts in Australia, the joeys don’t mind if the fabric is slightly “ugly”!

  7. Thank you so much for these templates but most of all for the shipping information. I have been wanting to help but didn’t know where to send anything. My heart breaks for all of the animals and people in Australia. I will be making stacks of these tomorrow and sending them out. I have tons of material left from other projects.

  8. The Animal Rescue Craft Guild mentioned in the article is the main organization providing support to this animal relief effort. They have specific guidelines (from the animal caregivers), pattern information and packaging information to help get the sewn, knitted or crocheted items through customs as well as fabric content (natural fabrics like 100% cotton, wool, linen etc). For example fabrics need a hot water and vinegar wash prior to cutting and sewing then a wash again afterwards so they will go through customs. The patterns are VERY simple to sew, knit, or crochet and there are a number of YouTube tutorials specifically for this. You can go to this FB group for further information:
    There are now “hubs” in several states that are collecting the items and shipping them to Australia so you don’t have to pay for shipping yourself. People are getting together locally to do sewing, knitting or crocheting bees to make the items for the animals in Australia. Some of the local venues for this in my city are churches and library branches. This is an easy way, along with financial donations, for animal lovers to help our friends in Australia!

  9. I had plans to make these all ready but it’s. Great help to know my cricut maker can help me out. Today I am sewing just these. Again, thanks for the free pattern. Makes it a bit easier. Also, make sure all my pouches have extra liners.

  10. Such a beautiful way for us all to help. My question is do the pouches need to be machine sewn only? I just got my Maker. The sewing machine is next but not yet! I’d love to help if the can be hand sewn.

  11. What kind of fabric besides fleece would be suitable for this project? Most readily available fleece seems to be made of polyester (not natural). Would flannel work as well?

    • Experts have requested natural fibers such as 100% cotton, but have also said cotton jersey (t-shirt or knit fabric) and flannelette are okay. Cotton sheets are also a good choice, and they can use cotton sheets that include a small percentage of polyester.

  12. Hi from Canada. Would love to help, my heart goes out to all in Australia. Will be making up as many pouches as I can.
    Can the liners also be made of flannel or flannelette?

  13. I have been in tears seeing all these poor animals. Is there a collection hub in UK or will I have to post? I am wondering about customs and don’t want them to end up financially worse off. I imagine the need will go on for some time and I am so glad Cricut have given us a way to help. I’m off to buy suitable fabric tomorrow. Is fleece OK for the outer? I’m not sure flannel is available in my city.

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