Make a Reservation at Home for V-Day

Every Valentine’s Day, it’s a last-minute scramble to find a restaurant with reservations available at a reasonable hour. Who wants to eat a pricey prix fixe meal at 10 p.m.? Chances are you know another couple who’s in the same boat. So why fight the Cupid crowds when you can create your own dinner experience? Invite your loved one or, whether you’re single or not, a bunch of friends!

Channel your inner Cupid and DIY this fabulous dinner party. We have several Make It Now projects all themed to inspire and give you the tools to wow all your guests.

Let’s start with the menu. 

Next up. Make some place cards to show your love.

For a sweet touch under your plate, create this doily.

Decorate your cake platter with a message he or she will love. Don’t have a cake platter like this? Try the same idea on a glass vase.

Make all the wine glasses charming with these easy-to-make heart wine charms.

You can take the same project above and apply vinyl heart embellishments to the tablecloth, napkins, candle votives and more using your Cricut and vinyl in any color you fancy. Here we show a wine bucket all decked how. How cool!

You can add rose petals, a vase of flowers, candles and more to set the mood. Go get ’em Cupid!

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