Let Me See You Cricut Roll

April 19, 2017 • Contributor: Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

This is how I roll…

Okay, if we are being completely honest with ourselves, we have all experienced that moment when we have one too many rolls of vinyl to fit in the plastic JoAnn or Michaels bag where we have been storing all our Cricut items for the past several months…or maybe it is just me. Either way, it is still a struggle to store everything and then drag it over to a craft night your friend is hosting.

Well, wish granted.  I would like to introduce to you the Cricut Rolling Craft Tote.  This tote is the on-the-go crafters dream.

It’s sleek, it’s modern, it even has multidirectional wheels for heaven sakes (we all know those are the best kind)!

With its multiple compartments, pockets, and detachable storage keeping things organized and portable has never been easier. In fact, it was specifically designed to hold your vinyl, iron-on, paper, Cuttlebug (p.s. if you don’t know what that is you should definitely consider it), your Cricut tools, and more.


Bag image


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well if that is true than a video must be worth at least ten times that. Check out just how many project supplies we can fit into this one bag in the video below.



Crazy right? I will tell you one thing, I don’t need a huge craftroom when all that and the Cricut Craft Tote can fit in my closet.

So… When are you getting yours?!

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10 thoughts on “Let Me See You Cricut Roll

  1. I saw a different bag on Instagram. A bag that holds the cricut itself. When will both bags be available and how much will they cost?

  2. I would love to own a cricut machine i enter the giveaway on instagram so excited to be given this opportunity to enter this giveaway thank you so much ? as a mom of four kids this would meant the world to me and to anyone because i can’t even imagine all the things you can do with it. .i just started watching you tube videos and i started loving all this crafty things you can do

    • Isabel,

      I am so happy that you are loving the youtube videos. Do you have a favorite? Or is there something you would like to see more of? We would love to hear your opinions!

  3. I’m interested in the rolling tote for sure! I have a very old roller bag that needs to be replaced. The old bag is much larger – especially good for going to crops! (I always have that bag and 3 to 4 others!). Are there any plans for introducing a larger bag anytime soon?

  4. I have been waiting forever for a set of bags that were the right size for all my traveling crafting needs. Finally a sturdy tote that is wide enough and tall enough with robust wheels that fully spin – I’m over the moon happy! I just ordered the set and believe I can get most of my weekend needs in one bag and know my circuit is safe and sound during my weekends.

  5. I tell ya one of the Best Buy’s I could have made now I’ll be in style when I go to crops with all my bags matching how cool is that…I love how everything you can almost imagine to take on a crop will fit into all the bags from a laptop in the tote to the machine in the machine tote or even a cuttlebug in the crafting tote… you still have plenty of room for vinyl paper scissors and other tools you may need as well… when Cricut had these designed theysure had the crafters in mind knowing what we needed to carry everyhting thank you Cricut

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