Ice Cream: The Coolest Thing About Summer

August 10, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

It’s delicious, fun and always refreshing… and with modern gourmet twists on classic flavors, it’s never been hotter. It’s ice cream, and all of us here at Cricut can’t get enough of it! Take a peek below to get the scoop on DIY projects with this timeless, tantalizing and always “tasteful” theme.

Wear what’s in your heart on your sleeve with these whimsical DIY iron-on patches.

Brighten up any wall space with this pop-art-inspired piece.

The best summer parties take place outside and feature classic games, festive drinks and delicious food. And what could be more fun than creating your own ice cream masterpiece with crunchy cones, sticky sauces and a dash (or more!) of sprinkles?

Hold the cone! Party guests of all ages will love to create their own creamy treats, and the fun starts with festive DIY paper crafts.

Make your packaging pop with these DIY paper crafts to hold all the tantalizing accoutrements.

Personalize your sauces (even if they’re store-bought) with these unique stick-on labels boasting an eye-catching curlicue font.

Decorate your DIY ice-cream bar with this tempting banner!

These delectable projects remind us of dairy artisan Peter Korth, who knows a little something about the subject of ice cream. His flair for transforming unique ingredients into unexpected, unforgettable flavor pairings earned him a spot on the Cooking Channel’s “Ice Cream Nation” special.

More recently, he launched PJK Creamery in his hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah, and it’s the culmination of his many travels and culinary dreams. He plans to soon open his own shop, and says that he envisions it “as a place where customers will re-experience the childhood thrill of enjoying a frozen treat on a hot summer day.”

Hey, that’s just how we feel about these ice-cream themed projects!

Who wants to play house when you can play ice-cream cart?

And no cart would be complete without ice-cream sandwiches… that will never melt or drip!

For those avoiding dairy, we offer these paper-crafted popsicles!

Which item on the menu looks best to you?

Any gift will be even sweeter when you place it inside one of these DIY gift boxes.

These cute iron-ons are a treat for your kitchen… every day of the week!

Personalize an otherwise drab mug with this amusing decal.


Let’s face it: ice cream makes everything better… even Mondays.

Show us your ice cream creations! #CricutMade

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To learn more about ice cream maker extraordinaire Peter Korth, visit his website:

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