Foil and sparkle holiday tees

Holiday Tees With Foil Iron-on, Glitter Iron-on, and Sparkle Iron-on

December 4th, 2017 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Creating a shirt to celebrate the holidays is so easy with your Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker.  You can make some as a gift for family and friends or wear one yourself to get into the holiday spirit.

I created these fun shirts with holiday sayings in a few easy steps. Cricut offers lots of fun Iron-on varieties to make your holiday shirt sparkle! On this post, I’m sharing tips on using Cricut Glitter Iron-on, Holographic Sparkle Iron-on, and Foil Iron-on.

What’s your favorite type of Iron-on? Have you tried the Holographic Sparkle? Let me know in the comments below.

1. Create Your Text Design

Make the text design for your shirt

First, pick a fun holiday saying and insert your text and choose a font. Cricut Design Space has a great selection of cursive fonts, but remember you can also use fonts from your own computer.

There are two key steps to making your letters connect and achieving the handwritten look. First, you need to use either your Letter Space tool or Ungroup tool to bring each letter closer together. I prefer the Ungroup tool as I have more freedom to place each letter exactly where I want it. The second key step is to use the Weld tool to weld your text together and eliminate overlapping cutlines.

2. Insert Images

Add some images to your design

After you have your text design, you can now add some fun images. The Cricut Design Space Library has lots of Christmas images available with Cricut Access. I searched “holly” and “bells” for my images. You can open this Design Space link to use the same images.

When you are choosing images, keep in mind that you can layer Iron-on, but Foil Iron-on, Sparkle Iron-on, and Glitter Iron-on should only be on the top layer. You can use the Slice tool to slice out parts of your design that you don’t want to layer.

3. Cut Out and Weed Your Design

Cut out your iron-on designs

Make sure to place your Iron-on on the mat liner side down and mirror your image. Then let your Cricut perfectly cut out your design!

Don’t forget that there are custom settings for each type of Iron-on. Select which type of Iron-on you are cutting on the list (Lite, Glitter, Holographic Sparkle, or Foil) and change it for each mat.

4. Warm Up Your Cricut EasyPress

Get your EasyPress ready to use

Set your temperature and timer to fit your material. The Cricut EasyPress comes with a handy chart to easily choose the correct setting. Each type of Iron-on has a different recommended temperature.

Make sure you have a flat, heat-resistance surface to use your EasyPress. Use the EasyPress to remove wrinkles and prepare your shirt.

5. Press On Your Design

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Position your design on your shirt, place the EasyPress on the design and start your timer. Hold the EasyPress in place with gentle pressure.

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Test a small corner of your design and gently lift the liner. If the liner does not peel easily, reapply heat.

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

For Foil Iron-on, it is very important to let it cool completely before attempting to lift the liner, as it can otherwise cause the Iron-on to wrinkle or tear. I prefer to peel the liner for Glitter Iron-on while it is still slightly warm.

Once you are done pressing the design on you have some great shirts to spread Christmas cheer. Happy Holidays!

Press your vinyl onto the shirt
Press your vinyl onto the shirt

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21 thoughts on “Holiday Tees With Foil Iron-on, Glitter Iron-on, and Sparkle Iron-on

  1. I just purchased the Cricut Explore Air. When setting it up, my husband signed me up for the Trial Cricut Access , which will expire in about a week.
    What exactly does the Trial access (fonts, images etc.) let me do during the trial period even if I don’t signup for it after the Trial. Am I allowed to download any fonts before the trial ends?

    • You will have access to the extra fonts and images in Access during that time. Once it ends, you can sign up or just use the free ones available in Design Space.

  2. When I try to open the design space link it goes to a link to app download and not to the images. This has happened in other Instagram/blog posts. I am using my iPhone. Any ideas?

  3. Hi, having problems removing the cut item and where is the clear sheet that you iron on? Also I can’t find numbers

    • Numbers?
      Did you mirror your image (if needed, i.e. text or anything else that is not symmetrical) and put the iron-on on the mat for cutting with the liner (shinier) side down? Iron-on comes with a clear liner sheet already attached (meaning no separate transfer tape needed). You mirror your image so that when you place the liner side down, it will cut out the vinyl. Weed excess vinyl away, leaving your design on the liner.Then when you go to iron it on, you flip it over (so your image will be the right side up) and place it on the shirt, then follow the iron-on instructions.

    • You would want to do each layer one at a time to make sure they have completely adhered and so you can adjust temperatures as needed.

  4. These directions all call for the EasyPress. I am just getting started with shirts and vinyl. Can I use a regular iron. I’m not sure this is an area I want to invest my money. I currently use my Cricut Air 2 for home decor wood projects.

    • Yes, you could also try to do these with an iron. Instructions are included with each roll and on our site. Our EasyPress has coils throughout the surface, which makes it more even in temperature than a traditional iron.

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