Complete the Lia Griffith Tablescape in Time for the Holidays

November 20th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

The last two weeks, we have shown you the stunning tablescape Lia Griffith created. Today, we want to finish what we have started and show you the final projects to create the perfect holiday setting to share with family and loved ones! If you haven’t seen the details of the first projects we showed, make sure to check out all the beautiful details of this holiday tablescape by Lia Griffith.

Last week, we showed you the beautiful linen napkins and this week we are going to show you these adorable felt napkin rings!

Lia Griffith Tablescape Week 3

Click here to create: Lia Griffith - Felt Napkin Ring

Grab Your Materials!

Get Cutting!

  1. Follow the prompts in Design Space® to cut the images from the Felt material.
  2. Cut one piece in both shades of green to make one napkin ring.
  3. Cut a .5” x 4.75” (1.3 cm x 12.1 cm) piece of fusible bonding web for each napkin ring.


  1. Following the instructions for the fabric stiffening spray, spray each piece of felt and allow to dry for 1 hour.
  2. Place the fusible bonding web between the two felt napkin ring pieces, line up the napkin rings and use the Cricut EasyPress to activate the fusible bonding web and attach the two felt pieces. Do not attach any of the leaf ends.


Okay, now that our napkins are done and adorable, let’s move on to decals for our chargers! Can you say Instagram worthy!?

Lia Griffith Tablescape Week 3

Time to Get Cutting!

Follow the prompts in Design Space® to cut the images from the vinyl.


  1. Remove the unneeded pieces using a Weeder tool. It is usually easiest to move from the inside out when weeding.
  2. Use Transfer Tape and your Scraper Tool to apply the vinyl cuts to your project. Make sure surfaces you plan to adhere to are clean and dry.

TIP: If you have never used vinyl before, check out the links below to make sure your project goes smoothly


How cute are these paper decorative leaves? I absolutely love the look of scattering these throughout the table and on plates. They’re so cute and easy to make! I love how the leaves are curled to make them look real. This is so easy to do and can be done with scissors or a Cricut scraper!

Lia Griffith Tablescape Week 3

Grab Your Materials

Prep Your Project

  1. If you need to adjust the dimensions click Customize to open the project canvas. Resize the image in the Edit tab before clicking Go.
  2. Duplicate the entire image to cut as many as you need for your event.

Get Cutting

Follow the prompts in Design Space® to cut the images from the paper.


  1. Use the edge of the Scraper to curl your leaves.
  2. Attach the leaves to floral wire using hot glue, add groups of leaves to floral arrangements or other areas of your décor.


These decorative berries are the perfect final touch to the tablescape! They add a pop of red and gold and are the perfect detail! They’re the perfect touch to make your guests know you worked hard to make their holiday perfect!

Lia Griffith Tablescape Week 3

Click here to create: Lia Griffith - Paper Decorative Berries

We absolutely loved these tablescape projects and hope they help you create your perfect holiday table! After all, one of the best parts of any holiday is always the food! Let us know your favorite part of the project in the comments!

Lia Griffith Tablescape Week 3

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