Celebrate your grad with this graduation lei

Use This Graduation Lei to Commemorate That Special Moment

April 27th, 2018 • Contributor: Dezi Moss

It is graduation season, which means your kid is growing up! Are you sad, happy, scared, or ecstatic? However you’re feeling, show some love and school spirit by hand crafting a Hawaiian lei for your graduate! I am a BYU fan, so I chose the colors blue and white. Pick whatever colors represent your school best.

1: Cut Cardstock

Cut the cardstock for the lei

Click here to open the “Graduation Lei” project in Cricut Design Space™. When the project opens, read through the instructions and click “Make It”.

Follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space™ to cut the rosettes from cardstock. The project file creates 55 rosettes for a 43" lei.

2: Fold on Score Line and Glue

Fold on Score Line and Glue

After you have all the rosettes pieces cut out (I know, it took forever!), separate each strip into piles of three. Fold each strip on the score lines like an accordion. Glue the tab of one strip to the edge of the second strip.

Now glue the second tab to the edge of the third. Last, glue the third tab to the edge of the first strip. You should now have a ring made from three accordion strips.

3: Create Rosette

Create Rosette

Lay the ring flat on your work surface, scalloped edge facing down. Push the straight edge down toward the center until the rosette lies flat on the desk. Hot glue a ring to each side of the center of the rosette. Make sure you do not glue over the hole in the center. 

4: String Your Lei Together

String Your Lei Together

After you have made all of the rosettes, thread them onto the ribbon. I strung mine in this pattern: 1 silver, 3 blue, 1 silver, 5 white, repeat sequins.

Tip: If your ribbon frays, try wrapping tape around the edge, similar to an aglet at the end of a shoelace.

String Your Lei Together

Tie the ends into a bow, and there you go! A lei full of school spirit. Happy graduation!

Happy graduate with lei

- Peace & Love

*Note: This is another great project we brought back from the archives. Happy crafting!*

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  1. I have an expression machine what cartridge would I use to make this lei ?
    Please any information to do this would be greatly appreciated.

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