Wisteria Explore Air 2

Get Ready for Sparkle & Shine With the New Wisteria Air 2!

March 15th, 2018 • Contributor: Emily Miller from B. Lovely Events

Hey, Lovelies! Emily here from B. Lovely Events and I am swooning over the new purple Wisteria Air 2. Talk about your favorite color coming to life.  It also goes perfectly with the Pantone color of the year, Ultra Violet. It’s vibrant, it’s fun and it has a shimmer finish that I just can’t get enough of! Adding this beauty in your craft room will really sparkle things up.

Meet the new Wisteria colored Explore Air 2

The new Wisteria Air 2 is the gift that keeps on giving because it comes with a bundle of materials that really sparkle and shine! There are so many cute projects that you can do with them. With vinyl, iron-on, card stock and pens, you can really let your creativity run wild.

I personally love the silver holographic sparkle that comes in both iron-on and vinyl. There are pink, teal and gold that are really lovely too though!

Wisteria Explore Air 2

Just for you, I have made 3 fabulous projects that I made using the materials that come with the new Wisteria Air 2 to give you some inspiration when you get yours.

You Were Born to Shine Bag

You Were Born to Shine Bag

Who doesn’t love a good makeup or knick-knack bag? This girl does! I picked up a clutch from the store and customized it with silver holographic sparkle iron-on. I found a cute saying and uploaded it into Design Space for the Air 2 to cut out.

You can also use the Cricut fonts to make your own saying too! I ironed it on with the new Wisteria EasyPress (More to come on that in my next post) and it came out beautifully in just a few seconds!

You Were Born to Shine bag

I just love the sparkle to it!

MerMom Wine Glass

Mermom Wine Glass

The teal and the pink holographic sparkle vinyl are dreamy and perfect for all things mermaid! I love the mermaid trend that this happening right now and I can never turn down a customized wine glass. This MerMom glass uses both colors to create dimension and add a little bit more pop of color. I just love this cute glass and I am totally a MerMom!

Love Card

Love Card

The cardstock that comes in the Wisteria Air 2 bundle is all foiled and gorgeous! I love the light pink and silver together and you can make so many fun projects with it.

This Love Card in Design Space is so cute and great for all sorts of occasions or even just because! The rose and silver burst paper coordinate beautifully together to make this adorable love card and matching envelope.

Love Card

These lovely projects are just a small sampling of what you can do with all of the goodies in the Wisteria Air 2 bundle. I just love that you can craft right out of the box with your new favorite machine!

Love Card


Emily- B. Lovely Events

22 thoughts on “Get Ready for Sparkle & Shine With the New Wisteria Air 2!

  1. That is such a gorgeous color for the Cricut! I absolutely love it! The projects you did are just as beautiful!

  2. Hi.

    I cant find any of tbe Wisteria stuff on the shop page?!! Am i missing it or is it all gone now. I jsut ordered the blue cut machine. Im realy sad the purple one is gorgeous would have loved to had that one

    • Hi. The Wisteria colored products are a special edition that you can buy at Joann. Perhaps you could call in and cancel your blue one so that you can get the lovely purple.

    • Yes, you can use cartridges. They are digital now. You can link up actual cartridges in your account or use a cartridge adapter for physical ones.

  3. Can you cut fabric, woven Cottons for quilting, with this machine? I know you can with the Cricut Maker, but I’m wondering if it’s possible with any of the other Cricut machines?


  4. are the purple air 2 identical (except color) to the green air 2? ex. is the layout the same? do they have the same options? do they operate the same? I love purple but my friend has the green air 2 and since she will be helping long distance, I want our machines to be the same.

  5. Hi is this Wisteria color only exclusive to JoAnne stores and also is the machine itself available or it only comes in the bundles? I was very interested but just looking for the machine versus the bundle accessories. Thank you

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