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November 3, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

It is without a doubt one of the most important elections in our lifetime. Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Green, Independent or something else entirely, one thing stands true for all Americans on November 8th: GO VOTE (and yes, it’s important enough for all caps)! Of course, Cricut has gathered some terrific ideas for making the process feel like more of a privilege than a duty. Before you know it, you’ll be cheering in those results state by state….



No matter their political affiliation, everyone loves an excuse for a party! Cricut has put together some fantastic DIY voting day projects on Design Space, including this easy, crowd-pleasing banner that features donkeys and elephants.

Encourage people to vote with every step! These “Poll Model” socks from ModCloth have a very high approval rating.



So much cuddlier than they seemed on the debates, the candidates get the POP! treatment in these Funko figurines sold at Hot Topic. They’re the perfect party centerpiece that won’t interrupt or go over their debate time.


It can be hard to explain our election process to little ones, but the Cat in the Hat has a solution for that! Join him, Thing1 and Thing 2 as they hit the campaign trail and make politics fun for everyone.




They’re still years away from an actual ballot, but there’s no better way to raise future voters than by putting them through the steps. Check out the clever voting day projects Creekside Learning put together for little Americans.


Follow along with your favorite pundit or media outlet as the results come rolling in. With this fabulous chalkboard map by Dirtsa Studio, you can easily track the results in bold colors!



There’s a good chance these Jolly Rancher®-infused cocktail shooters will come in handy before a winner is declared. SheKnows has got all the details for making them in your chosen political hue.


Of course, those political-themed beverages go down even easier with these delightful DIY straw banners from Cricut. It’s time to toast your political party! Check them out on Cricut’s Design Space.



One thing is for certain: on November 9th, a lot of people are going to be taking off losing candidate bumper stickers. Need help? This video shows you how to do it easily. Of course, this “I Voted” bumper sticker from Café Press is always a winner.


Once the Presidential winner is announced, there’s going to be a lot of people thrilled and a lot of people disappointed. What’s the best way to celebrate your party’s win? All-American apple pie. What’s the best way to drown your sorrows? All-American apple pie, of course. It’s the bipartisan treat that everyone loves! Epicurious has a fabulous recipe here.



Voting: it’s not glamorous, but it’s so, so important. That’s why we compiled this list: these projects and items might be just what you need for encouragement to go to the ballot box on November 8th. Together, we can all shape our country to be a better place for ourselves and our children!


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