DIY Pizza Valentines

Use Your Cricut to Write Out These Adorable Pizza Valentines

February 6th, 2018 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Hi! It’s Jenny from Everyday Jenny. Have you tried writing with your Cricut? Today I’m showing you how to use Cricut fonts and pens to write.

Cricut has a great variety of pens that come in fine-point, medium-point, calligraphy and even glitter. They also come in all the colors of the rainbow. I have the Ultimate Fine Point set and love all the colors, but this Seaside Pen Set is calling my name too!

I created this cute pizza Valentine using my Cricut pens and Cricut fonts in Design Space.


Supplies for pizza Valentines

1: Create Your Design and Choose a Font

Create the design for your pizza Valentine

To create this design, I inserted a rectangle and then inserted my text. (You can open my design here.) To change your font, click on the text box, and the font selections will appear.

There are two styles of fonts you can use. Fonts that do not have a writing style will only be the outline of the text. Fonts with a writing style will draw a single stroke design.

You can easily filter your fonts to find ones with a writing style.  First, select Cricut fonts in the bar along the top. Then click on Filter on the right-hand side and select Writing Style. Now you can choose your font. The one I used is DonJuan.

2: Change Alignment and Spacing

Change the spacing and alignment for the pizza Valentines

Once you have selected your text, you can adjust the alignment and letter spacing. Decreasing the letter spacing is especially important if you choose a cursive style font and want the letters to connect.

I used the center alignment for my text and kept the letter spacing the same. Then I selected everything and duplicated it to make multiple copies.

What’s your favorite Cricut font to use? Let me know in the comments below.

3: Change Your Font Color

Change the color of your font

To use multiple pen colors, you will need to change your pen color on your design. This tells the machine to pause and allows you to switch out pens.

Click on your text layer and click on the colored circle. A panel will appear with all the color options and you can choose your color.

4: Attach Your Font

Attach the font for your pizza Valentines

This is a very important step! You need to make sure to attach your font to your layer so that it will write exactly as you have it on your design screen.

Select your text layer and the rectangle and select the Attach tool. Repeat with each Valentine.

5: Cut Out and Write Your Design

Make your pizza Valentines

Now you are ready to make your design. Click on “Make It” and select your material. Follow the onscreen prompts to insert the correct color pen into Clamp A on your machine.

Draw your pizza Valentines

Press the Go button on your machine and watch it work its magic! The machine will pause between pen colors to allow you to insert the next color. Once it has written all the text, it will cut out your design.

Carefully remove your paper from the mat. Attach your erasers using some glue dots and you are all done! You now have some colorful and fun Valentines to enjoy and share. Just make sure you don’t leave them in a place where your dog can get to them or a few might end up getting eaten. I’m not speaking from experience or anything...

Happy crafting!

Finished pizza Valentines

What project are you going to use your Cricut pens with? Be sure to pin this project to try!

How to Write with your Cricut

7 thoughts on “Use Your Cricut to Write Out These Adorable Pizza Valentines

  1. I have 2 beginner’s questions:
    How did you insert a rectangle? I looked through my shapes and only have a square.
    When you put the card stock on the mat, any suggestions on how to put it so it doesn’t ruin coming off?
    This is darling!

    • Hi. Start with the square. Click on the blue lock on the bottom left of the square and it will allow you to change the shape without having to stick to square proportions. You can either enter the dimensions at the top if you have a specific size in mind or simply use the blue arrow button at the bottom right of the square to change it into a rectangle.

      As for cardstock, use a green StandardGrip mat for your cardstock. You can use a little metal spatula like this to help you take it off.

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