Make your own Mason jar cookie mix gifts this year

DIY Mason Jar Cookie Mix Gifts

November 30th, 2017 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hi everyone, it’s Jess from Everyday Party Magazine. It’s the season of giving, and if you are like me at all, your list is longer than your budget. Here's a super quick and affordable holiday gift idea!


1: Find the Images in Design Space

Bring up the cartridge in Cricut Design Space

Open Design Space and choose the Cookie Exchange cartridge by Kori Clark Designs.

2: Create the Recipe Label

Put together the images and text to create your label

Type the instructions for mixing the wet and dry cookie ingredients, and align it on the stationery where you would like it.

Select the images and text, size it to fit your jar, and attach the images to each other.

Next, flatten the images. This will make them a Print, Then Cut file.

3: Print Out Tags

Print out your tags on printable vinyl

Place the printable vinyl sheet in your printer and send the file to print. Once it is printed, place it on a StandardGrip mat, and load into your machine.

4: Cut Out Tags

Cut out your printed tags

Choose printable vinyl in the drop-down menu, and cut the file.

Cut out and apply tags
Cut out and apply tags

Remove the cut file and apply to the mason jar.  This cut file isn’t a simple rectangle; some of the cookie images on the bottom overlap the edge, and there is a bleed on the vinyl when it prints. Your Cricut will cut around it.

I have used printable vinyl for water bottle wrappers, party favor boxes, and so much more. I almost always have several packages at home.

Mason Jar Oatmeal Cookies

I used an adaptation of our favorite oatmeal cookie recipe and layered the dry ingredients in a pint-sized mason jar. You could easily use any recipe you want, but if you choose to use this recipe, you can get the cut file here.


1 C Oatmeal

¾ C White Sugar

1 C Chocolate Chips

¾ C Brown Sugar (packed)

1 ½ C Flour

1 ½ tsp Baking Powder

½ tsp Salt

½ tsp Cinnamon

Begin by layering each ingredient as they are listed above. (Gently pack the layers with the back of a spoon if necessary)

For the label:

Preheat oven to 350*


Mix 2 eggs,

3/4 cup softened butter,

and 1 tsp vanilla together

in a medium bowl


Add dry ingredients in jar

to the bowl and mix well.


Scoop onto non-stick

cookie sheet and

bake for 12-14 min.

What's your favorite Mason jar cookie mix recipe? Tell us below!

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