DIY Holiday-Exploding-Box

DIY Holiday Exploding Box

October 26th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Design Team Manager Dezi Moss

The holidays are coming up quick! What are you going to make for your friends? As a professional crafter, people are always expecting something totally unique. This year I decided to play with the classic exploding box and bring some more magic with my own version of a snow globe. Using my Cricut Maker™ and the new Scoring Wheel™ tool, I was able to cut each piece with precision and score crisp lines on my cardstock.  Follow along below and make your own!


  1. Cricut® 12x12 StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mats
  2. Cricut® Scoring Wheel
  3. Cricut® Linen Vinyl
  4. Clear Acetate
  5. Cardstock, Gray
  6. Cardstock, Glitter White
  7. Cardstock, Green
  8. Deluxe paper Nordic Christmas, Snowflake and Red
  9. Deluxe paper Nordic Christmas, Gray and Snowflake
  10. NEW Cricut® Transfer Tape
  11. Cricut® Tools Weeder
  12. Scraper
  13. Cricut® 12x12 StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mats
  14. White glitter
  15. White pompoms
  16. Foam squares
  17. Hot glue

1: Open Project Instructions

Begin by opening Cricut Design Space using this link to the project, Merry Christmas Exploding Box. This project makes one exploding box.

2: Cut the Cardstock and Vinyl

Load your materials and let the Maker do its magic!

3: Weed and Transfer Your Design

Use one of the sharp hook Cricut® Tools Weeder. to weed the excess vinyl from your snowflake and Merry Christmas cut. Using Cricut® Transfer Tape, transfer your image onto the acetate squares. Three of the sides have snowflakes across the top, one side has a deer in the bottom right, and the top will have the Merry Christmas image on the top right corner.

Begin by trimming a piece of transfer tape to fit your vinyl image. Stick the transfer tape over your entire image and use your scraper to burnish the tape onto the vinyl pieces. Peel up one corner of the transfer tape and gently pull until the tape is off the liner. Place the transfer tape and vinyl onto the acetate square and burnish on with your scraper tool. Peel the transfer tape off, leaving the vinyl cuts on the acetate sheets.

4: Make the Snow Globe

Exploding Holiday Box

Fold the box along the score lines, and familiarize yourself with how it folds together. Then glue the windows into the inside of the box panels.

Holiday Exploding Box

Use the tabs and hot glue to form the box. Fold box on score lines and glue tabs to the adjacent panel to form corners.

There should be four tabs at the bottom of the box to seal the globe later.

Fold all of the trees in half on the score line. Adhere the white snow cap onto the top of the tree. Use three trees, and glue the sides together to create a 3D tree.

Holiday Exploding Box

Take the top of the box and turn it upside down. Pour some glitter in, then take the box base with Christmas trees on it and glue it to the tabs on the bottom of the box. Take extra care to seal it entirely with hot glue so no glitter gets out. Allow to dry completely before turning right side up.

Holiday Exploding Box

5: Create the Exploding Box

Exploding Holiday Box

Glue the two layers of the snowflakes together, then use adhesive foam squares to attach them to the patterned snowflake panels.

Holiday Exploding Box

Fold along all score lines of the outside of the exploding box, then glue the completed scene box to the center square. Glue the snowflake panels onto the interior side panels of the box.

Assemble the lid and bow of the box.

Holiday Exploding Box

Fold the sides up and place the lid on top.

Holiday Exploding Box

Now you have a one of a kind snow globe holiday exploding box!

Holiday Exploding Box

Happy holidays and happy crafting!



Holiday Exploding Box

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  1. I love this!! I think during school break I’ll be making some with my 12 yr old Son. We love to craft together!

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