You can make your own dream catcher mobile

DIY Dream Catcher Mobile

July 13, 2017 • Contributor: Emily from B. Lovely Events

Lovelies! Emily here from B. Lovely Events and if you head to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores,  you’ll find that they have a new line of papers that I can’t get enough of.

Cricut now has a new paper line that is exclusive at  Jo-Ann and they are too cute! There are about a dozen or so new series of papers that you can use with your Cricut machine. You can do just about anything with these papers and they come in a variety of styles to fit your crafting needs. There are gold foil ones and silver foil ones. There are designs with ice cream cones and a more summery design with lemons. There is really something for everyone!

New Designer Papers from Cricut

As you know, the Cricut is a dream to work with and you can cut just about anything with it. With these new papers, the sky’s the limit with what you can do with them! I’m going to show you how to turn a few of their new papers into a dream catcher mobile.

Step 1

Save this dream catcher silhouette image or insert another lovely one from the Cricut Design Space.

Silhouette of a dream catcher

Step 2

If you choose this dream catcher, upload it to Cricut Design Space. Remove all of the white areas with the magic wand, leaving only the outline of the dream catcher.

Silhouette of a dream catcher in Design Space

Step 3

What I love about Cricut is that you can simply just hit go from your design space and it starts cutting right away! First, add your 12X12 Cricut paper to your standard mat, and hit the load button. Turn the dial to cardstock. Click go in the Cricut Design Space. It will take you to a screen where you double check your cut and click go again. On that screen, select your Cricut machine from the drop down menu.

Cricut Explore Air 2 in Rose

With the Cricut Air 2, it cuts twice as fast, which is amazing! Click the 2X box and then you are good to go! Hit the blinking Cricut button and watch it work its magic.

Close up of the Cricut Air 2 Selection Dial

Step 4

While the dream catcher is being cut, get out your wooden embroidery hoop, yarn, and the glue gun. Attach 1 end of the yarn to the hoop with hot glue and start wrapping it around the wood. Once you have wrapped the entire hoop, secure the end of the yarn with hot glue.

Wrap yarn around the hoop

Step 5

Once the dream catcher is cut, take your weeding tool and carefully remove the dream catcher from the mat.

Weed the cut images

Step 6

Repeat the cutting step but change up how large your dream catcher each time and change the paper design each time too. 2 dream catchers should be cut out of metallic gold foil to use as accents later in the project.

Cut out several different sizes of dream catchers

Step 7

Once you have a bunch of different dream catchers cut, take about 2’ of yarn for each dream catcher, and secure it to the back of each one at the top.

Glue the yarn to the back of each dream catcher

Step 8

Take the metallic dream catchers that were cut and remove the feather details from them. You will take these and add them to some of your dream catchers that you cut to add some flair. Simply secure them with hot glue once you have your perfect spot for them to go.

Put metallic foil feathers on your dream catchers

Step 9

Cut 3 pieces of 2 ½’ of yarn.  Tie 1 strand on the top of the hoop. Tie another on the right side of the hoop, and a final one on the left side of the hoop. These should be placed so they make a triangle if you were to draw a line between them. In fact, once you take all 3 strands and meet them in the middle, they should create a triangle above the hoop. Take all 3 strands and knot them together. This creates the hanging structure for your mobile.

Your yarn strands need to come together to a point

Step 10

Take your dream catchers with the yarn attached at the top and secure them to different areas of the hoop. It also adds some lovely dimension if you hang them at different heights as well. Tie at the top of the hoop and secure with hot glue.

Step 11

Get out a few feathers (I recommend at least 4) and cut at least 12” of yarn for each one. Secure the yarn to the feather with hot glue. Once dried, tie the end of the yarn with the feathers to the hoop in between the dream catchers. Attach the tied ends with hot glue. The feathers add softness and texture to the mobile which I love.

Glue feathers to your yarn

You’re done!! Simply hang the mobile up in a corner or above a sitting or sleeping area and your dream catcher mobile is ready to catch dreams. I love how charming all of the different paper patterns coordinate on the mobile. The overall look is so darling. It’s a perfect mix of Boho and chic that I love.

Finished dream catcher mobile

I love when it spins when there is a breeze and the dream catches sway back and forth and the mobile spins around. There is something so calming about it.

Gold foil accents on a dream catcher mobile

Those little gold foil accent feathers are my favorite little addition.

Happy Crafting!

Emily – B. Lovely Events

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