The $10,000 Cricut Wedding Giveaway

August 29, 2016 • Contributor: Cricut

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Your big day should celebrate your personal style! Create your perfect wedding with Cricut.

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66 thoughts on “The $10,000 Cricut Wedding Giveaway

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  2. For my DIY woodland/rustic wedding i am adding a ton of personal touches. Starting wtihcustom signs to welcome, direct and inspire. I am hand designing each favor as a coaster for each couple to take home and remember our special day. we are also going to design our own invitations, menus and ceremony cards along with a beautiful paper flower backdrop for pictures, all using my cricut!

  3. My daughter Taylor is getting married next year. We have been working on the wedding a year early because we don’t have a lot of money to do it all at once. I bought a Cricut Air a couple months ago so I can make a lot of the things needed for the wedding. To win this would help us so much with everything else we need to do. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for the $10,000 wedding. By the way…I love my cricut!!!

  4. I’m planning on using my Cricut to do all of my Save the Dates, Wedding invitations, Bridal shower and bachelorette party invites!

  5. I, mother of the bride,am nominating my beautiful daughter Melissa and fiance Dennis. I am the Cricut DIY queen and use my cricut for everything from cards to stencils to personalize my furniture and make it my own.
    In preparation for the wedding I’ve made a stencil to chalk their names on slate and make a few signs needed, but the major project will be designing and making a custom wedding album. Albums are my passion and I spend hours creating a single page to make it unique. I’ve made a number of family and Halloween albums and wedding is my next goal. Cricut is so awesome for making it possible to precisely cut and add embellishments to the exact size and need of a page and I’m excited to make an album they will cherish for life.
    As a side note, I’ve been making fun little cut outs for my 4 year old grandson since before he was born. Cricut cut outs have been great toys for his imagination. He puts out fires with the fire truck from Cars and plays with the paper haunted mansion and ghosts. Since Halloween is his favorite holiday he loves everything off the Happy Hauntings cartridge. When he was 2 he asked me if he could thank cricut for making so many fun toys and we turned the machine on so he could speak to the cricket! He loves the machine, selecting and placing paper on the mat and especially using the tools to lift the cut outs carefully off the mat.
    I hope and pray for our upcoming newly weds to bless us with more grand babies to enjoy the Cricut machine with me.
    Thanks Cricut

  6. We wont be able to have the wedding of our dreams so we are trying to get as close as possible. Water is in cards with a beautiful back drop of green and colors. We are planning a Sept wedding but when it comes to the awe of a fairy tale and one deserving of my bride and I….we do and plan as we can. God is good but it would so so awesome if we could go way out on it but with todays budget…we do what we can. We love each other and that makes the difference.

  7. I am the Matron of Honor for a very sweet friend of mine, Angela Savery, who is getting married in September. She is the mother of 6 children – four are adopted, one is a step child – but she loves each and every one of them equally. Angela is the kindest, warmest person I know and would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. Generous to a fault, she is always doing something nice for someone else. We have been making all of her wedding decor using my Cricut because she doesn’t have one. I would love for her to win this package – with all those kids, she can use it for birthday celebrations, etc.!

  8. My fiancé and I were going to wait till I finished college but my great grandmother who has raised me just found out she has cancer again and refuses to go through any treatment because of what she went through last time. So we moved the wedding up to next summer.

  9. I am Michelle Baliling and I am nominating my brothers bride to be this coming January 28,2017 will be their wedding.She is Angelica Gizelle and I just really admire their strong relationships that it come up to a proposal.And the old folks told us that the youngest (my bro) of the family and the eldest (Angelica)of the family is really a perfect match.And thats true becayse they decided now to settle down and to join us a couple.Hoping they will win this and I know it will help a lot for their wedding.Godbless po

  10. After reading some very touching posts of military brides and mothers of 6, I’d like to remove myself from the competition. These strong women deserve this gift more than I. Best of luck to all the brides!


  12. I meant to include in my entry that for a wedding on a tight budget like ours, DIY is the best (and fun!) way to go. A cricut could help us with so many projects making our decor magical, whimsical and boho, which is my desired theming! I want something outdoors and naturally gorgeous with fun personalized decor to accent the natural beauty. I couldn’t find a way to edit my entry so I hope that somehow this finds a way to be associated with it!

  13. Fresh flowers I believe make the wedding! My son and his fiance have chosen a barn setting for their nuptials and I think fresh abundant flowers will give it the perfect balance . I would love for them to have this opportunity to win the flower package, as they are paying for much of their own wedding and as you know, that can be quite a feat! Thanks for the opportunity

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  17. My daughter will be getting married next june.. we are diy alot of details together…signage.. table numbers.. charts.. etc. Winning this for Katie and Kris would be amazing !!! They are two of the best people in the world.

  18. My messed up my entry when I wrote it so, here is what I actually wanted to be my entry: On my wedding day, I want to help other brides to be. As a blogger, I think it would amazing to blog my whole wedding. I would show all of the little details and behind the scenes of my dream wedding. It would be incredible to be able to show upcoming brides what they have to expect on their own wedding day. I would also like to give each person who is in the wedding a little camera (or have them each do a short video on one camera) of their ‘behind the scenes’ as part of the wedding party to give insight to those who are going to be in a wedding themselves. One of the things I would like to focus on how to have your dream wedding on a budget without sacrificing your wants. I want my wedding to be everything I have ever wanted, on a budget.

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  25. I always decorate my classroom using only my Cricut machine and Cricut subscription. I never dreamed i would be able to use it to personalize my wedding. That is the first thing i said to my recently promoted boyfriend. “I cant wait to use my Cricut for “Everything Wedding””. My invitations, center pieces and bridal bouquets will be made using my Cricut.

  26. Hello my name js Ashley Gustin, I recently got engaged to my best friend September 2016. I am entering this contest because we would like to get married, but can’t afford it as I am no longer working due to the recent murder of my. 16 year old son Paris Gustin on July 05, 2016, he was out egging with friends when he was brutally gunned down. I now spend my days searching for my sons killers. This would help in soo many ways. Thank you and god bless.

  27. Planning a wedding is really difficult when you don’t have the financial means. I think this sweepstakes will help alot of people that need a relief from that. Thank you this is amazing!

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  29. This would be an amazing gift my my best friend Jeanette ! Her and her honey have been through financial problems where they couldn’t have the wedding of their dreams! Instead, they saved every penny they have to support their two children. Now that they saved enough for a decent wedding, I figure nominating them in this contest would help them get the wedding of their dreams!

  30. I am a mother of seven and I’m getting married on March 4 which is also may birthday and would like to have all my children in my wedding. I thank God for this day that I thought would never come for soneone to except my children as their own. It would be a blessing to have some help like this to plan the big day.

  31. This be perfect to help with both my fiance and I on a college student budget. We won’t have to pinch pennies I can have the dream wedding I’ve been thinking of since I was a little girl. This is such a great idea good luck to all whom entered ?

  32. Being on such a tight budget and having the opportunity to try and win some key items is amazing! Recently I have been having to help support my mother whom has Dementia, so I have had to put my needs on the back burner. Taking care of her wasn’t something I gave a second thought, she is/was so selfless and will/would do anything for anyone. So now it’s my time to repay the favor. Our entire wedding budget is less than some will spend on just their dress. So couponing and diying is my only option.

  33. I made a slight mistake in my entry, where it should have said “plain chairs” my phone auto corrected it to say “pain chairs”. There will not, in fact, be any chairs of pain at my wedding.

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  35. I have a disability and have dies twice but my now fiance Michael got me to hospital in time and they got my heart back twice..That day he stole my heart and takes great care of me and my seizures and anxiety..He also has health issues but always gives to others even my kids..Love him and i want his first wedding to be memorable. .

  36. Im a creative girl who loves to give a little of my style in every project. My wedding will define me so with cricut my wedding will reflect my crafty spirit in every single detail! I wish to have a cricut so I can be inspired to create what is a perfect wedding in my crafty world.

  37. We are finally getting married next year if we can afford it.Our love story started 14 yrs ago.I was unfortunetly injured 5 1/2 years ago.It caused alot of hardship not being able to work.Although we have went through so much hardship it showed we could go through anything. It has made our love so strong.I ha a rocky first marrriage so did he.I cant imagine being with anyone else.It would be such a blessing to have something positve as this to happen!!! THANK-YOU for the opportunity!!!!

  38. I am a bride to be!! Planning a destination wedding and making as much as I can to bring with me. Tired of ordering everything and spending tons to personalize everything so it’s all DIY pretty much and as much as possible. This would be a blessing!!

  39. I’m 48 yeArs old I’ve been living with my husband to be for 17 years and now we’ve decided to tie the knot this cricut would help me a lot with preparations for my simple wedding hope you concider me thank you

  40. I love being creative and want to have hands on in every detail from invitations to floral arrangements, and decorations for our reception.
    I have until March 2019 to get everything planned. I am regularly looking through cricut for ideas and have even made a few for sample ideas!

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