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February 12th, 2020 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Did you hear the BIG news about our new little machine? It doesn’t hit shelves until March 1, 2020 but an exclusive group of you will be hand-picked to experience it first with one of your friends.  

Think of people who admire your creations. Maybe friends that claim they could never do that, or insist they’re not creative, or simply don’t have the timeThat’s why we made Cricut Joy – so everyone can realize it only takes a little time, a little machine, and a little idea to make a big impact … every single day.   

Cricut Joy is a little machine out to make a big difference. Here’s how you can get in on the action: 

  1. Nominate a friend. Include a little reason why your friend would love Cricut Joy. *When nominating you agree not to share any personal details about your friend without first receiving their consent. 
  2. Post your nomination in a public social post on Instagram or Facebook. Tag your friend, @officialcricut, and include #cricutjoy. 
  3. Submit the link to your post by completing this form.* 

*Submissions are subject to terms and conditions* 

In case you need a little inspo, here are a few example posts –   

@dadcanmakeit would do amazing things with #CricutJoy. He is always helping his kids make the coolest school projects, and he spends time visiting their classroomsThis would help him be even more creative on-the-go. @OfficialCricut, pick Randy! 

@OfficialCricut, please choose @AbbyPancoast to receive a #CricutJoy. She is a busy mom, full-time student, and works two jobs. I know she has a creative side but is always pressed for time. With Cricut Joy, she'd be able to add a little creativity to her life! 

You get the idea – start nominating. The deadline is February 20, 2020 at 4:00 pm MDT! 

Have fun & happy making!
Your friends at Cricut 


Who should I nominate? 

Anyone who you think would LOVE Cricut Joy. Do you have a friend who loves DIY, is creative, or maybe doesn’t have the time or space to BE creative?  Help them be creative by nominating them to receive a Cricut Joy. 

Cricut discourages spamming. Please ensure that prior to nominating, each nominee is happy for you to do so and that you do not share any personal details about the nominee without their consent. You should only nominate friends and family who would genuinely want to receive a Cricut Joy and are at least twelve (12) years old. 

How many times can I nominate? 

As many as youd like. However, only one nominee per person will be eligible to receive a Cricut Joy. 

How do I nominate? 

  1. Tag your nominee and @officialcricut in a public social post on Instagram or Facebook. 
    1. Also, use #cricutjoy in the post
  2. Questions to consider including in your nomination post: 
    1. How would a Cricut Joy change your nominee’s life? 
    2. What will you and your friend make with Cricut Joy? 
  3. Complete this form. 
    1. Also, use #cricutjoy in the post 

Where do I find my Facebook profile link?  

  1. Go to your Facebook profile. 
  2. Copy and paste the text in the address bar – this is your Facebook profile link. 

Where do I find my Instagram profile link? 

  1. Go to your Instagram profilei.e. thehowtogal. 
  2. Insert that handle after the Instagram URL (i.e. 

How do I make a public Facebook post? 

  1. Create Post. 
  2. Select the dropdown. 
  3. Select Public under “Who should see this?”  

How do I make an Instagram post public? 

Your entire account will need to be public. Instagram does not allow individual posts to be public. 

On Facebook, how do I get a link to my nomination post? 

  1. Post your nomination story to Facebook. 
  2. On a computer, go to your Facebook profile. Right-click on the nomination post’s date. Look for the option “Copy Link Address” or “Open Link in New Tab.” Either will give you the link to that specific post. 
  3. Copy and paste that link into the nomination form. 

From Instagram, how do I get a link to my nomination post? 

  1. Post your nomination story to Instagram. 
  2. On a computer, click on the picture of your post. The URL at the top of the page will change. That’s the link to your post. 
  3. Copy and paste the link into your nomination form. 

When will you pick the recipients? 

Nominations close on February 20th at 4:00 pm MDTOur Cricut Crew will stay up all night picking the final recipients and we will begin shipping packages the next day! Get your nominations in early to be one of the first posts reviewed! 

What’s the criteria to win? 

All submissions are subject to specific terms & conditions.  Please read the Terms & Conditions

A panel of judges will select the winning entry listed above from among all eligible entries received.  The panel will include one independent member whose name will be available on request. The panel of judges will evaluate entries based upon the following criteria: 

  • Originality and creativity of submitted item 
  • Public nomination on Facebook or Instagramviewable by Cricut 

What happens If I’m selected? 

Great question! You will receive a free Cricut Joy and supplies to get started. All we ask is that you tag @OfficialCricut with pictures of the things you make with #CricutJoy after receiving it.  

In order to accept the Cricut Joy Kits for you and your friend, the selected nominator must obtain written confirmation from their friend within 48 hours to the notification email with all of the following: 

  • E-mail (used for shipping purposes only) 
  • Physical Address (used for shipping purposes only) 
  • Phone Number (used for shipping confirmation purposes) 

How will I know if I’m selected? 

Winners will get an emailIn order to “Confirm” winnings for you and your friend, the selected nominator must obtain written confirmation from their friend within 48 hours to the notification email with all of the following: 

  • E-mail (used for shipping purchases only) 
  • Physical Address (used for shipping purchases only) 
  • Phone Number (used for shipping confirmation purposes) 

More questions? 

Send ‘em our way at We'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

One thought on “Help Us Spread a Little Joy!

  1. # cricutjoy #machine #Love
    my husband has just been diagnosed with lung cancer….. I would love to make the nurses and patients on the oncology ward life just a little bit brighter by redoing there name tree and just putting murals on the walls – it’s such a sad Hospital ward ….. it really needs some #cricutjoy to brighten up the lives of the people who’s journey needs a lot of love and Joy – #I ♥️ Cricut I ♥️Cricut joy. #cricutjoy

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