Cricut CEO (ashish arora) Addresses The Evolution of Design Space

April 28, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut CEO ashish arora

Dear Cricut Users,

Our team has been super busy developing the next generation of Design Space. We know how engaged you are in Design Space – millions of projects are created and cut on Cricut machines every month and that number is growing rapidly.

In the new Design Space, the team has truly delivered a product that is beautiful both inside and out. We have not only designed an elegant interface, but also rebuilt it from the ground up with better technology and infrastructure. Importantly, we have removed Flash from the equation to deliver some key benefits in speed, responsiveness and overall experience – this means shockwave errors are a thing of the past. With this transition, you can now tackle more complex projects with ease.

Today I am excited to announce that you can officially go test out the new and improved Design Space software in Beta for PC and Mac on We know how excited you are for this update, which is why we could not wait any longer to share our progress.

Our Cricut Quality team has worked extensively to test the software in collaboration with a community of over 1000 consumer Beta testers and address issues. However, we do realize that opening this new software up to our broader customer base in Beta form may unearth other issues we will need to resolve – but we are committed to resolving those issues as fast as possible to give you the best experience. To make the transition smooth from previous Design Space versions to the new software, we are going to keep previous versions running parallel for two months after the Beta is complete. All of your existing projects will be transferred over to the new Design Space at that time so you won’t lose any of your designs.   

You can find more Design Space resources on Cricut Learn and keep an eye out on YouTube and our blog for hands-on tutorials. While Design Space will have new features and a better overall experience, there are a few things that we know you love that will stay the same such as Cricut Access – our subscription service that gives you access to create with over 30,000 projects, images and fonts.

I encourage you all to go into the new Design Space beta and tell us what you think. We have created a feedback section in the drop-down menu within Design Space where you can share your feedback that our Customer Service team will monitor. 

Your passion for making and the Cricut brand is what motivates us every single day. Thank you for your patience as we work to give you more tools and amazing experiences. We hope you enjoy the new Design Space as much as we do.  



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