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What’s New in Cricut Access

October 26th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

We are excited to announce new updates to our Cricut Access subscriptions that will help you get even more from your membership. If you are new to Cricut, Cricut Access is our subscription service (think Netflix for crafters) where you can sign-up for different levels that unlock thousands of digital images, fonts and projects in Design Space as well as promotions unique to Cricut Access subscribers on You can design anywhere on any device with Design Space and create with Cricut Access content.

Cricut Access gives you limitless design possibilities.

We are striving to make Cricut Access even better by giving you more digital images with the best subscriptions. This is why we’ve added 20,000+ new images into our Cricut Access library. Cricut Access now has more than 50,000 images and counting. We’re adding more and more so that you can create amazing projects.

50,000 images and counting with Cricut Access.

If you are a current Cricut Access member, there are changes that might impact your account, but we promise you, they are great changes! You will not lose access to any content but rather gain more, like digital images and ready-to-make projects.

There are two plans you can subscribe to:

  • Cricut Access Monthly for $9.99/month or Cricut Access Annual for $95.99 paid yearly (that equals $7.99 per month - saving you more $$’s to craft with!)
  • Cricut Access Premium for $119.88 paid yearly (a value of $9.99/month)

What are the benefits of these plans?

Both plans give you:

  • Unlimited use of more than 50,000 covet-worthy, cut-ready premium Cricut images, including exclusive designs, with more images to come
  • Unlimited access to over 400 beautiful fonts
  • Thousands of Ready-to-Make Projects
  • Priority Member Care Line (50% less wait time)
  • 10% savings on all product purchases on, including machines, accessories, materials, and more – including sale items!
  • 10% savings on premium licensed fonts, images, and ready-to-make projects from brands like Disney, Simplicity, and Anna Griffin

If you sign-up for the Cricut Access Premium subscription you get two additional exclusive features:

  • Up to 50% savings on licensed fonts, images, and ready-to-make projects
  • Free economy shipping on orders over $50

With Cricut Access Premium, you can create incredible ready-to-make licensed projects in Design Space for up to 50% off, including festive favorites from Anna Griffin.

What Cricut Access subscription is right for me?

We want to make sure you pick the right subscription for you. If you Shop all the time and want to use more licensed content, like Disney and others, the Cricut Access Premium subscription is the right option for you. You will get all of the benefits and so much more.

If you are crafting all of the time using Cricut Access content but are not interested in licensed content, we recommend the Cricut Access Annual subscription because you will not have to worry about reassessing your options for a year.

If you are someone who prefers to go month-to-month because you’re not sure how often you will use Cricut Access content, the Cricut Access Monthly subscription is a great option for you.


What if I currently have the Fonts subscription (either monthly or annual)?

You are automatically upgraded! Moving forward, Cricut will no longer offer the Fonts subscription plan.

If you are currently Fonts subscriber (monthly or annual) you have been automatically upgraded to Cricut Access Monthly or Annual, whichever matches your current plan, at no additional cost. You will be able to access all your fonts plus all of the great images for the same price as your current subscription, until you cancel or change your plan.

To celebrate all of our new Cricut Access digital images, we have exciting promotions on Cricut Access pricing that you can see on Make sure you check it out!

If you love Cricut Access as much as we do, encourage your crafty friends to sign-up! Share this post with them if you think Cricut Access will make their craft experience so much more fun. #CricutMade

Cricut Access Update

37 thoughts on “What’s New in Cricut Access

  1. I would like to search through my saved projects using keywords like cards, Christmas, Halloween, home decor, etc. Or I would like to be able to search through my saved projects by the name I have given the project. Currently I can only search through the ready to make projects.

  2. When I got my Cricut Maker, I didn’t realize I had to access a computer! Luckily I am staying at a residence and I have access.
    Then you charge if I want to do projects!
    I think it is hard to learn, there isn’t even a book!
    I wish I had never bought it!
    Linda Seals

    • I am sorry that you are having problems. If you have a smartphone, we have apps available that allow you to design and cut. We do also have many free images and projects, and you can also upload your own images.

    • No, you can sign up for a free account. There are some free images, fonts, and projects, and you can upload your images too. The Access subscription gives you the ability to have over 50,000 more images available for your designs.

  3. Will Cricut continue to have new cartridges??? There are so many good reasons to keep selling them. Please?????

  4. If you have project saved and you had access then you no longer have access do you them have to pay to make your saved projects?

  5. I wish you had a Canadian site that sold your products in Canadian dollars. I get dinged all the time with additional charges ?.

  6. So to use this you dont need all the cartarages to plug in..?? I would love to do the monthly one but i need to.know just how it works.

  7. Goodmorning
    I just joined my membership yesterday and it took the standard monthly off my card 2 times and then on today I cant use it.

  8. I Absolutely love Cricut design space, im new to the cricut scene but im learning very quick. The question I have is why you guys dont have a bigger selection for ? bowling. Im on a league and I make shirts for my team, but theres not a lot of bowling images.

  9. I just purchased the Cricut Explore Air 2. However, my computer is not wireless or Bluetooth capable. What do I need to do to use this machine. I cannot afford a new computer so is there a simple fix?

    • Debbie, you can link your physical cartridge to Design Space, and use them there. Then you won’t have to have the physical cartridge again. Unless….you have an older machine that you can still use them with. I have a little over 400 physical cartridges. I linked almost all of them to Design Space. I kept my cartridges though, since I have other older Cricut machines I love to use them with. I do love having my cartridges all available in Design Space though!

  10. I’m trying to do planner stickers,but have a cricut expression,Can I use it on any website of yours to create them since Cricut craftroom was removed? I’m confuse from silhouette studio and cricut design and design studio?

  11. Hi! I was wondering if I downloaded the app on my iPad would I still b able to use a pc with my Cricut explore air 2 I just got it for Christmas and not really sure what I’m doing. Just want to be sure doing both won’t cause problems saving projects. Our pc is windows 10. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Yes, you could do that. I usually design on my laptop, for instance, and then use my phone to go cut it out next to my Cricut. If you save your project, you will be able to access it inside the app if you are signed into the same account.

  12. I have a Explore Air 2 and just got the maker can they both be used on the same computer? If not what do I need to get to run my maker?

    • Hi. They both run off Design Space, so if your computer has been working fine for your Explore Air 2, you’ll be all set to use your new Maker. 🙂

  13. I have a quesiton.
    Is it possible to use the image of design space commercially?
    How can i check if some are possible?

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