Tips & Tricks: Using Cricut Metallic Iron-on

January 10, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Meagan Patterson

Metallic iron-on can be really tricky to use and nothing is more frustrating than having your perfectly designed project ruined as you carefully peel away that protective plastic! So I am here to walk you through the tricks that I use to avoid that wrinkled look.
First you’ll choose the project you’d like to create. I chose the Lord and Lady pillows used at a Victorian inspired wedding reception. You can find this amazing design on Design Space HERE!

Next, be sure that you lay the SHINY side down of your Cricut Metallic Iron-on (I used it in Espresso). 

Once your design is cut it’s time to remove all the excess iron-on. Sometimes, separating the two layers at the corner can be tricky so I opt for using my Cricut Weeding Tool to puncture the top layer and then pull up the corner to start the process of weeding.

TIP: Feel free to be as rough as you’d like as you remove the iron-on! It’s pretty hardy stuff and is a great way to get out any of that pent up energy.

Intricate projects can be a little confusing on what part of the design needs to stay and what part needs to go so I have a process that I use. It goes like this: Out. In. Out. Another way to remember is Remove. Keep. Remove. You just repeat this process until your entire project is weeded!

The prep is probably one of the most important steps.  Heat up your iron to the “wool” setting or if your iron is labeled with numbers instead of textiles I use the setting in-between 4 and 5. You then need to heat the area where the iron-on design will be placed.

When the design is correctly situated, lay your press cloth over and begin pressing. AVOID moving iron back and forth or in a circular motion. Simply press and hold iron in one spot for around 20 seconds, lift iron and move on to the next area. Repeat this process until entire image is pressed.

TIP: It is also a good idea to flip the project over and heat the area from the back. I feel that this helps the iron-on to last longer.

After the entire area has cooled COMPLETELY, test a corner to make sure the iron-on has adhered properly. If it starts to lift with the plastic, replace and return to previous steps until you are able to easily lift the plastic from your project.

Patience really pays off when it comes to using metallic iron-on. Not only will your projects look professionally done but also you will feel proud of the creation you produced! Now go make it and tell us what you think of this tutorial in the comments! 

Cricut AIr 2 Mint Machine

In Case You Missed It – 2016 Round-Up – Part 1

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What could be more romantic than a winter wedding? Picture it: a crackling fire, rich colors, savory treats and—perhaps best of all—glowing in the comfort of knowing that your budget is being helped by the off-season prices.  If you say “I do” to winter nuptials, be sure that your guests feel warm and welcomed. Below are some of our favorite ways to ensure that this happens!

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In Case You Missed It

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The Perfect Honeymoon Package

© Sandals Resorts

September 19, 2016 • Contributor: Melissa Allen

Imagine yourself on the trip of a lifetime. You always have a refreshing drink, meals prepared by a gourmet chef, sand and surf just yards from your doorstep, and the love of your life by your side. Each and every detail has been taken care of, leaving you to relax and enjoy each other's company in one of the world's finest resorts.

To celebrate your love, and our big wedding story kickoff, Cricut will be sending one lucky couple on a Luxury Included® honeymoon getaway by Sandals Resorts.

Sandals Resorts offers two people in love the most romantic vacation experience. With 15 stunning beachfront settings on the beautiful islands of Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, The Bahamas, Barbados & Grenada, Sandals Resorts offers more quality inclusions than any other resort company on the planet.

© Sandals Resorts 

The winning couple will receive a romantic 4-day/3-night Luxury Included® Vacation, which features luxurious accommodations, unlimited 5 Star Global Gourmet Dining, premium-brand beverages (featuring wines by Mondavi Twin Oaks and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum), daily and nightly entertainment, an array of land activities, aqua centers including snorkeling and scuba diving (for certified divers), and more! The stay also includes all gratuities, Wi-Fi, and airport transfers, because—at Sandals Resorts—love is all you need!

Don't forget to enter the Luxury Included® Vacation giveaway here by Sunday, September 25th for your chance to win!

For more information, call 1-800-SANDALS or visit online at SANDALS.com.

Share the love! Post photos of your honeymoon memory projects with #CricutMade.

Cricut Wedding Reception

One Couple’s Wedding Journey: The Reception

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It’s Your Story. Make It Personal.

The vows have been made. Parents cried. Friends grinned. A flower girl tossed handfuls of rose petals and watched them dance in the air. And now that the single most important moment in their lives has been celebrated, it’s time to see how our fabulous Cricut couple, Hailey and Brent, made the most of their DIY Reception. Incorporating all those details that made their Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding truly one-of-a-kind, their Reception brought in their more playful sides and gave everyone a chance to relax and enjoy the day. It was truly a dream come true….

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