Cheers y'all wedding favors

Create These Cheers Y’all Wedding Favors for Your Special Day

February 20th, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Wedding season is quickly approaching, and if you are anything like I was, you want to DIY all.the.things for your wedding. Maybe you want to save money, maybe you can’t find anything that fits your wedding vision…either way, you need to get DIY’ing right away!

Cheers y'all wedding favors

I like to give meaningful and useful party favors…but they also need to fit the theme.

Hand-lettered script is super popular right now, so I asked my friend Pineapple Paper Co to write Cheers Y’all, and I uploaded it to Cricut Design Space. Just right-click on the words below and save so you can upload too.

Cheers y'all text image

1: Edit the Image

Edit the Cheers Y'all Image

Once the script has been uploaded to Design Space or you have created your own cut file, size it to fit your object, and send it to the machine to be cut.

Since one of the favors is a bottle opener, I needed the text to be longer than wide. In order to make the text longer, I sliced the text image and moved the Y’all next to the Cheers instead of under it.

2: Mirror, Cut and Weed Design

Cut out your design

I used Cricut Iron-on Lite for both favors, so I had to mirror the cut.

After the text was cut, I weeded it and placed one onto the can koozie and the other on the bottle opener.

3: Press the Iron-on

Adhere your iron-on

Now I was ready to use my EasyPress to apply the iron-on. I went with Iron-on Lite for the bottle opener because I bought an inexpensive stainless steel one, and outdoor and traditional sticky vinyl tends to fall off of stainless steel. This was the first time I tried using iron-on on metal and I am hooked!

I used a Cricut Protective Sheet when I pressed the can koozie. They can melt fairly easily, so I wanted to make sure there was an extra layer between the koozie and the EasyPress. I pressed it for 30 seconds at 330*.

Adhere your iron-on

Next, I used the EasyPress to apply the Iron-on to the bottle opener. I didn’t use the protective sheet for this because I wanted to be able to see what and where I was pressing. But be very careful, because the metal will get extremely hot. I set the EasyPress to 350* and pressed it for about 30 seconds. {One area needed a few more seconds}

These are such fun favors for any party and only take a few minutes to make!

If you wanted a different saying, what would you put? Comment below.

DIY Candy Pouches

DIY Candy Pouch Favors Using Cricut Deluxe Paper

January 18th, 2018 • Contributor: Jen Causey from Something Turquoise

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! My name is Jen Causey and I’m the resident wedding expert for Cricut. I’m the creative gal behind the wedding blog called Something Turquoise and one of our most popular projects for favors or small gifts are these candy treat pouches. So, I decided to use Cricut’s amazing, Deluxe Paper to create 4 brand new designs that you can use for bridal shower or wedding favors, for Valentine’s, for kids treats or any occasion requiring a treat.

Since Cricut makes SO many different styles of deluxe paper, the theme can come straight from their papers. From superhero to modern graphics and from foil embossed to pearl - the sky is the limit!


Supplies needed for candy pouches

1: Choose Your Paper

Pick out the Deluxe paper for your candy pouches

Here I’m using the new Foil Embossed Pink/White because I thought it would be perfect for weddings or Valentine’s Day. When making these treat pouches, you really want to use a sturdy cardstock like this or else they won’t hold their shape.

2: Cut Out Your Project

Cut out your pouches


Cut out your pouches
Cut out your pouches

Let your Cricut work its magic! Visit this link to choose between my four treat pouch designs, choose your favorite or make all four. Set your material to Deluxe Paper and you’re good to go. There is a circle, heart, star, and hexagon. The scoring blade is essential for this project as it makes the folding step SO easy.

3: Remove Cuts

Remove pouches from mat


Remove pouches from mat


Remove pouches from mat

Carefully remove the cut pouches from the cutting mat and keep on cutting!

4: Fill Bags

Put the candy in the treat bags


Put the candy in the treat bags

Fill your 3” x 4” treat bags about 3/4 full and staple to seal.

5: Assemble Candy Pouches

Put the candy pouches together


Put the candy pouches together

Fold your treat pouches on the score lines. Then with the bottom of the treat pouch on the table, prop the candy bag inside, then staple to the front of the treat pouch.

Add your favorite scrapbooking adhesive to the underside of the top flap and fold over to finish the pouch. Adorable and so easy!

Put the candy pouches together
Put the candy pouches together

DIY Candy Pouch Favors Using Cricut Deluxe Paper

Finished candy pouches

I’m excited to see you creative Cricut users create these treat pouches so make sure to share them on social and tag @something_turquoise and @officialcricut!

Finished candy pouch favors
Finished candy pouch favor
DIY First Christmas Ornaments

DIY Our First Christmas Ornament

November 23rd, 2017 • Contributor: Jen Causey from Something Turquoise

Celebrate your first Christmas in true creative style by making your own custom “our first Christmas” ornament using your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore. All you need is a blank ornament and a few different colors of vinyl… choose the perfect hair, flower, and fashion to build a darling little portrait to hang on your tree.

Our first Christmas ornament
Our first Christmas ornament
Our first Christmas ornament

This project would also be a lovely gift for the newlyweds in your life. These three designs are waiting for you to personalize in Design Space… so half the work is already done for you! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


  • Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Vinyl
  • Cricut Weeding Tools
  • Blank Christmas Ornaments
  • Spray Paint

1: Choose a Design and Personalize

Pick which image you want to use for your design

Visit this link to personalize one of my ornament designs. Click the “Color Sync” tab in the layers panel to make sure that each element is labeled the correct color.

2: Prep Your Vinyl

Get your vinyl pieces ready

Cut the appropriate amount of vinyl for each layered color of your ornament design. Since there are so many different colors and cuts for this project, doing this step ahead of time really helps with organization.

3: Cut & Weed Vinyl

Cut your vinyl out


Cut your vinyl out

Let your Cricut work its magic!

4: Prepare the Ornament Blank

Get your ornament blank ready for your design

Prep your Christmas ornament blank. I used cheap wood blanks and spray painted them with metallic paint. You can use wood, ceramic, glass or even cut an ornament out of chipboard!

5: Apply the Vinyl

Put the vinyl on the ornament blank

Since these designs were super detailed with small intricate pieces I decided to hand place them instead of using transfer tape, but you can use it if you’d like. Pull up the Design Space canvas to see what color vinyl layers on top of each other and follow the pattern to create your custom design.

Apply the vinyl
Apply the vinyl
Apply the vinyl


Use the hashtag #cricutmade to show us your ornaments!

Tips for attaching fonts in Cricut Design Space

3 Tips For Attaching Fonts in Design Space

September 22nd, 2017 • Contributor: Jen Causey from Something Turquoise

Working with fonts; the sizing, the tracking, and the line spacing can be a bit of a daunting task when you don’t know where to start. So today I’m sharing a fun little screen video of my three favorite tips for attaching and working with scripty fonts. You might have seen me around here before, I’m Cricut’s resident wedding guru, Jen Causey and I’m the turquoise-crazed owner and maker of Something Turquoise, a wedding blog that celebrates the DIY bride.

Using scripty fonts for weddings is always on trend but whether you’re planning a wedding, or just making a pretty sign for your home, I think these simple tricks will make all the difference when designing your projects using script style fonts!

I use a few of these techniques in both of these tutorials on making vinyl wedding signs:

It Was Always You Sign
She Said Yes Sign

What is your favorite script font to use? Comment below!

Thank your bridal party with these champagne bottle favors

Items To Cricut-ize For Your Bridesmaids

July 28, 2017 • Contributor: Jen Causey from Something Turquoise

I feel confident in saying every single bride wants her wedding to be truly personal and ultra special. Want to know how to make that happen? Simple: make things yourself! Or in other words, buy some really cute stuff and personalize/customize the heck out of it using your amazing Cricut!

My name is Jen Causey and I’m the turquoise-crazed owner and maker of Something Turquoise, a wedding blog that celebrates the DIY bride, back again with another wedding inspired post for you! Today we’re diving in deep and swooning over fabulous things you can personalize for your bridesmaids!


From getting ready shirts and sweatpants to tank tops, hats, and even robes. Brand your besties with their bridal party placement or your wedding logo - because you’re only going to get married once! Cricut’s iron-on material is going to be your best friend for these projects!

DIY Bride Tribe Hats by Something Turquoise

DIY Gold Foil Bridal T-shirts by Design Dazzle

Custom Robes by Shades of Pink Boutique on Etsy, $34


From personalized wedding shoes and clutches, to nail stickers and custom jewelry boxes. Personalize that special accessory that they will be using on your wedding day...or something they can add to their everyday look! Vinyl and iron-on will work great for these ideas!

DIY Monogrammed Jewelry Box - make it now in Design Space!

DIY Bridal Party Shoe Stickers by Something Turquoise

DIY Monogram Purse - make it now in Design Space!

Useful Things

From cell phone covers to tote bags and can koozies to darling little favors. Make your bestie something they will actually use, maybe even over and over… because every time they use it they will think of you! Vinyl and iron-on will work great for these ideas!

DIY Diamond Phone Cases by Lia Griffith

DIY Bridal Party Can Koozies by Something Turquoise

DIY Personalized Party Favors - make them now in Design Space!

Home Items

From towels and hangers to coffee mugs and wine glasses! Make your gals something special that they will display in their home and think of you! Vinyl and iron-on will work great for these ideas!

DIY Bridal Party Hangers by Coastal Kedler

DIY Personalized Wine Glasses by Happy Go Lucky

DIY Bachelorette Party Towels by Something Turquoise

Which bridesmaid gift do you plan on making? Let us know below in the comments!

Customizing Cricut Make It Now Projects

July 7, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team Member Beth Kingston

Do you love Cricut Make It Now projects as much as I do? In just a few minutes I can create a gorgeous project from start to finish – even when I’m not feeling super creative. When I AM feeling creative I love to customize Make It Now projects to create my own, and the possibilities are endless! Today we’re turning a wedding table number placard into a sweet mirror that would be perfect for a nursery or any room in your home.

We’re also introducing the BRAND NEW Cricut BrightPad! This newest release from Cricut has changed the way I feel about weeding vinyl and it is going to change the way you create!


Supplies Needed For Make It Now
Supplies Needed For Make It Now

In this quick video we’ll go through the steps of selecting a Make It Now project and customizing it to fit your needs.

Once you’ve cut your vinyl, peel away the outer excess vinyl and then it is time to weed!

Remove the vinyl and backing from the mat and place on top of the BrightPad. Flip the switch – and voila! Look how clear the cut lines are and how easy they are to see!

Make It Now Project Tutorial

Tip – use a piece of washi tape to hold your project down on the BrightPad while you are weeding.

Cricut Project Tutorial

Weed your project, then apply transfer tape.

Peel off of backing, then use a scraper to adhere vinyl to mirror.

Cricut Project Tutorial

Peel off transfer tape.

Cricut Project Tutorial

Add embellishments as desired.


The NEW Cricut BrightPad is available on now and is going to open up project possibilities like never before. All those intricate projects you’ve been afraid to try – now Cricut makes it easy! I’ll also be presenting the BrightPad on HSN during 24 Hour Craft Day on HSN where you’ll have your choice of all four colors to match your Cricut Explore Air 2! Join me on my Facebook Page (link below) for show times and some fun throughout the day. Hope you will join me!

Let’s stay connected!






This Romantic Cake Topper Is Everything For Your Wedding Events (Tutorial)

June 14, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Manager Lauren Duletzke

If you’re a bride in the last months before your wedding, I know exactly how you’re feeling (I got married in 2016 so I’ve been through it)…


Stress GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


You’re thinking about all the last minute details and where to get the decor you need, spending a ton of money on that decor, and you’re not sure if it’s going to look exactly like what you want, unless, of course, you’re a bride-to-be with a Cricut.

Brides write to us all the time with samples of one-of-a-kind place cards, cute wedding signs, props, menus, even centerpieces! Cricut can seriously make your life easier when it comes to making the beautiful decor that you really want for your wedding day.

Today’s tutorial is in honor of the June bride. It’s an amazing wedding cake topper that one of our internal Cricut designers, Dezi Moss, made that is oh-so-romantic and importantly, easy-to-make.

I’m hoping it will give you some inspiration and confidence that you can DIY for your wedding without spending a ton of time!

You can change out the materials to match your wedding color palette, using anything from basic cardstock to adhesive foil for a little glam factor.

I’m going to use this gorgeous glitter cardstock, because glitter is my favorite color…

Now let’s cut out the “Make-It-Now” project:

(... and by “Make-It-Now” it means the project is already pre-designed and ready to cut for your in Design Space!)

1. Go to (this is where all the design magic happens with Cricut).

2. Click “New Project” in the right-hand corner and you’ll be in a new canvas.

3. Click “Projects” in the left-hand design bar.

4. Search for “Cake Toppers” in the search bar and click the “Happily Ever After” project.


Design Space


5. Then click “Make It” in the bottom right-hand corner (TIP: Make sure you review the size of the pre-made projects, because you do have the ability to customize it depending on the size of your cake by choosing “Customize”).

6. When you click “Make It” you’ll go to the next screen where you’ll see 3 digital mats on the left-hand corner that have your designs ready to cut (two of the mats are for cardstock and one is for poster board).


Design Space


7. Before you start cutting, make sure to replace your standard blade with the deep cut blade by opening the “B” housing on your Cricut - it’s super easy, just flip the “B” flap open and insert your deep cut blade and close the flap. Next, you will need to load your physical mats with your material: first the cardstock, then the poster board. You’ll want to use a light grip mat for glitter cardstock (or cardstock) and a standard or heavy grip mat for poster board. Cricut cardstock comes in 12x12 in. and 12x24 in. sizes, so all you’ll have to do is line it up your material with the 12x12 in. built-in rulers on your mats, as seen below.

Cricut Mat

*This is a picture of what our LightGrip mats look like, the StandardGrip is green and the HeavyGrip is purple.

8. Load your glitter cardstock in first and make sure the dial on the right-hand side of your Cricut machine is set to “Cardstock+” - you can also use the “Custom” setting and choose “Glitter Cardstock” on Design Space. When you load your mat, align the top sides with the slits (parallel to the rubber rollers) on the base of the Cricut, press the double sided arrow on the right-hand side of the machine to load your mats in (this make sure it’s secure and ready for cutting), and then the Cricut“C” will start blinking… press the “C” and your cut will start!

9. Repeat the same steps for the poster board, making sure that your dial is set to “Poster Board.” To do this, set the dial to “Custom” and a drop-down menu will appear in Design Space. Choose the “Poster Board” setting. (TIP: I decided I wanted glitter cardstock on the back and front of my cake topper design so I used the “mirror” option in your cut view on Design Space so that it would flip my design… you’ll see shortly in the images below… this design prompts you to layer your cardstock for a thicker topper.)

10. After your pieces are cut, it’s time to assemble! Flip your mat over (so the card stock is facing down) and carefully roll your mat off your cardstock and poster board (this helps avoid bending for thinner materials).


cake topper


*See how my cut on the right is flipped… I will apply that to the back of cake topper!

11. Apply glue to each side of the poster board layer (TIP: glue adhesive spray works best for this type of project because it give you an even stick so your cardstock doesn’t bubble. You can find adhesive spray in any major craft store or online. Also, make sure to stand at least 1 ft. back for a more even spray… if you spray to close it can cause a build of the glue)

12. Apply the cardstock to both sides of the poster board.


cake topper


13. With a tiny dot of hot glue or glue dots, apply each dowel to the back of your cake topper.


cake topper


14. And voila! Place your cake topper into your cake… it’s really that easy. All you have to do is to put it on your beautiful cake (as seen in the header of the my post).


cake topper


I tried to make this tutorial as specific as possible for anyone who has never used a Cricut machine before (e.g., using Design Space or loading material on to Cricut mats). Once you’ve used Cricut a couple times making projects becomes easier, and you could likely make and assemble this project in just under 20 minutes. It’s the perfect quick craft for any wine night during wedding planning!

As a former bride giving advice to all of you new brides out there, do yourselves a favor and get a Cricut for your wedding planning process. You can make this amazing cake topper project, and so much more, in no time. Put it on your shower registry, it’s so worth it. It would have made my bridal life so much easier… <3


Tips For The Mountain Bride

May 12, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Weddings can be gorgeous in any setting; the trick is to find a locale that reflects the style and personality of the couple walking down the aisle. But there’s something unexpectedly romantic about nuptials that take place in a mountain setting: the incredible vistas, rustic details (like the Cricut table number project pictured below), and endless wildflower possibilities… we could go on and on.


Table Number

We recently attended the Mammoth Lakes Event & Wedding Expo in California’s stunning Eastern Sierra mountains. In addition to sampling the baked goods (lavender blueberry cake bites are our new favorite treat), and feasting our eyes on gorgeous floral arrangements, we also attended a presentation by Green Fox Events & Guest Services called “Tips for a Successful Mountain Event.” And, wow, did we learn a lot!


The main fox at Green Fox, Sandra DiDomizio, had one key message that we think is pretty brilliant: “Know what you don’t know.” And with this mantra, she is suggesting that you put your big day into the hands of a local expert who knows the ins and outs of your specific wedding location. Here are some things to think about if a mountain wedding might be in your future:

Altitude. The town of Mammoth Lakes has an elevation that is 11,000 feet. This may not affect you or your guests, but it can sometimes result in headaches, exploding make-up containers, fallen cakes, and difficulty keeping candles lit. (Who knew?) Moreover, the effects of alcohol can be strengthened at high altitude, and that may not be a good thing when it comes to the groomsmen… or wacky Uncle Alan…. or your future mother-in-law.


Mountain wedding


Remote locations. Saying “I do” surrounded by a field of poppies or at the top of a ski run can be incredible, but the logistics need to be pondered by someone who knows what questions to ask. Will the power shut down if the temperature drops below a certain degree? Will the D.J. be able to fit his equipment into the gondola that will take him to the mountaintop? Do you need a government permit to hold your ceremony next to the hidden stream?


Mountain wedding


Wind and other elements. Yes, the photographs of the brides with their veils blowing gently in the breeze are beautiful, but there are other things to consider. For instance, will the reception tent stay put? Are wearers of short skirts doomed to a day of clutching their hems? Will the sound system be affected? And perhaps the most important question of all: what does this mean for your hair?


Mountain wedding

Knowledge is comfort,” says DiDomizio, and she’s right. Know what you don’t know, consult with a local expert, and you’re sure to be the ultimate mountain bride!

Love the table number project pictured in this blog? Visit Design Space and make it today!

Green Fox Events and Guest Services provide clever, resourceful, eco-conscious wedding and event planning in California’s Eastern Sierra region. Learn more about them at: Show us your favorite mountain wedding projects: #CricutMade

So You Want To Start An Etsy Shop?

April 26, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

This creative business owner has all the inspiration you need.


Starting an Etsy shop - Stacie Gonzalez


Cricut loves creative people, and Cricut loves small businesses. And when small business owners use their Cricuts on creative projects? Well, that’s just a perfect storm!

This week, we’re shining our User Spotlight on Stacie Gonzalez, owner of the Etsy shop Rose Crown Co., which is filled with fun-loving, giftable graphic tees, drinkware and accessories. So sit back, relax and keep reading to learn more about Stacie and her charming, whimsical and sometimes downright inspiring projects. 

Stacie, we love what we see in Rose Crown Co. Tell us more about it.

Thank you! I strive to make items that will prompt happiness or motivate you to conquer the day every time you look at them. Whether you’re gifting your best friend, mother, a soon-to-be bride or treating yourself, there are many fun creations in the shop that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 


We couldn’t agree more. Here are some favorites...


Starting an Etsy shop - Mugs

How have you used your Cricut to grow your business?

 So far I mainly use my Cricut for cutting the vinyl decals of my designs. I would like to start using it to add personalized cards to extend my warm wishes to every bride that lets Rose Crown Co. be a part of their celebration and start of their new chapter.


Here are some of Stacie’s wedding projects...


Hats - starting an Etsy shop
Bags- starting an Etsy shop
Mug- starting an Etsy shop

How long have you been a Cricut fan?

I purchased my Cricut machine in June of 2016; it was sort of my “treat yo’ self” item after graduating with my BS in Marketing from the University of South Florida in May. Little did I know when I bought it that I would start my own business just a month later! In July of 2016, Rose Crown Co. was open.


Bags- starting an Etsy shop

What are your favorite aspects of the Cricut?

How can I pick just one? That’s like trying to choose the best ice cream when you have at least three or four favorites, so you pick the one that sounds the best in that moment! I use the cutting feature the most, but I love all the different options and endless crafting possibilities. I am still shocked by how much the Cricut machine can do, and yet I still have so much to learn. I love that I’m able to create my own designs and upload the images into my Cricut Design Space with no fuss at all. I feel like every month I see new projects, and I’m blown away!


Bags- starting an Etsy shop

Do you have any creative tips for other business owners like yourself?

 Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and just have fun crafting your heart out! If you are using your Cricut for a business, then I advise you to designate time for yourself because, after all, you are a creative and you need that time to feed your soul. I try to always make sure to have a few hours a week to enjoy creative time to work on projects for my home, to make items for personal wear or for gifting to family and friends.  


Mug- starting an Etsy shop

Great advice, Stacie. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and projects with us.

Love Stacie’s projects? (And who wouldn’t?) Her shop is just a click away:

And if you're a business owner who uses Cricut as a tool, let us know by filling out this form! You might get a chance to share your story and we love hearing from you. #CricutMade


The Most Adorable Cricut-ed Wedding Ever

April 25, 2017 • Contributor: Jen Causey from Something Turquoise

As Cricut’s resident DIY wedding guru, it’s my job to share all things Wedding + Cricut with you and boy do I have something EXTRA special to share today! My name is Jen and I’m the owner and maker of Something Turquoise, a wedding blog that celebrates the DIY bride. Along with sharing DIY projects, advice articles, trending styles and all around creative wedding ideas, a huge part of what we share are real DIY weddings. Photographers, wedding planners, and brides send creative weddings to us to publish on our website, based on the fact that the couple has DIY-ed something for their special day. It could be the invitations, flowers, seating cards, anything really, big or small.

When Shea and Sam’s wedding came across our desk it dropped our jaws and knocked us off our chairs. Shea did an amazing job incorporating her gold glitter + black and white stripe theme throughout their entire day, literally from start to finish. From her stunning bridesmaid dresses and over the top flowers, to all of her fabulous Cricut projects - her wedding day was truly one-of-a-kind. Below are my favorite elements that she used her Cricut Explore Air to create…


All images courtesy of Roger Ellsworth with E.P. Love Photography.


dress tag

Bridesmaid Dress Tags

When you have three bridesmaids and one Maid of Honor, and they’re all wearing the same dress, a few in the same size - how do you tell them apart? With darling personalized tags of course! How cute are these hanger tags she made for herself and each of her besties!? All that’s required is a little cardstock!


Easel escort cards

Easel Escort Cards

OMG. Seriously dying over these escort card easels! What a labor of love! First Shea painted the mini-canvases a soft green and a few of the wooden easels got a coat of gold spray paint. Then she cut hearts and arrows out of gold vinyl to be the “art” on each canvas. Tags with each guests name and table assignment were glued on the backside. Well done!


Faux Chalkboard Signs

Faux Chalkboard Signs

Such a fun element! Shea wanted a chalkboard feel, without worrying about the chalk design rubbing off so she created “faux chalkboard signs” using black cardstock and matte white vinyl!


Gold Table Numbers

Gold Table Numbers

No DIY wedding would be complete without DIY table numbers! Shea used canvases, easel photo frames and gold vinyl to mimic the look of her escort cards. The gold and green numbers really pop against all the other table decor.


Guitar Guest Book, OMG right!?!

Guitar Guest Book, OMG right!?!

Can you say, most creative guest book ever? Shea actually took the logo from their wedding invitations and uploaded it to Design Space to create and cut the logo for the guitar! Then all their guests signed it with Sharpies! Such a unique keepsake!


Sweetheart Table Decor

Sweetheart Table Decor

I’m obsessed. Shea’s vision and execution was superb and it shows in every aspect of her event, especially the sweetheart table! She created the banner and a few other elements on the table using her trusty Cricut.


Dancing Shoes Tags

Dancing Shoes Tags

SO cute! She provided comfy flip flops for late night dancing, just in case the pain of wearing fancy shoes was going to hold anyone back from cutting a rug. She communicated the size of the flops by cutting out S, M, L, letters!


Aren’t her and her besties just adorable!?! …and that reception dress! Gold glitter heaven!

Aren’t her and her besties just adorable!?! …and that reception dress! Gold glitter heaven!

I’m sure this crafty preview of Sam and Shea’s amazing wedding day is leaving you wanting more and I’m excited to share that I have more for you! Follow this link to stop by Something Turquoise where we published her entire wedding including a short highlight film too!