You Asked, We Have Answers: Q&A With The Cricut Product Team

March 7, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Social Media Specialist Shelby Jones

We are getting so excited for all the amazing new features coming in Design Space 3. We know you're all patiently waiting for the release, so in the meantime, we want to answer as many top questions as we can. Below our product team answers some of the most asked questions about Design Space 3 ... 

Why are you coming out with a new color when we need new software?

We have a huge team of engineers working on the next revision of our software - Design Space 3. We have been working for 18 months and we have ambitious goals on the user experience.

The color of a machine is done in factories and these are driven by trends and user demand. There are over 2-3 million projects being done every month and many of those users are looking for new colors to upgrade.

The software is done by a software team and is a major effort. There are over 1200 users externally using Design Space 3. And we are polishing up the experience.

We also plan to do a sneak peek of Design Space 3 during the HSN airing. Once we feel that the software really delivers the enhanced experience that we are aiming for, we will launch.

Thanks and we appreciate your patience. (Ashish CEO)

What things are going to be fixed with the new software?

No more flash! That means no having to go in and update your flash plug in! We know - we are excited too!

Product Search - the ability to search projects within Design Space and Make It Now projects. Your dream project just got a whole lot easier to find!

No more tabs! Everything you need is already on your canvas screen. Ain’t nobody got time for searching through tabs - spend your time creating instead!

Ps - did we mention there will be a sneak peak of the new software on HSN? Viewing party anyone? (Cortney Haymond Product Marketing Manager)

Why do you only ship to US & Canada and why won’t Design Space subscriptions work outside the US and Canada?

Cricut currently services customers through retail partners in the US, Canadian and UK markets. We have been selectively adding other English-speaking countries around the world and are working to enable our subscription in those markets.

We are committed to helping our customers in current markets lead creative lives and will add additional countries when we can deliver the same experience to them. (Dale Pistilli VP of Marketing)

Will the new software work with my current machine?

The new updated Design Space will have the same machine capabilities as the current machine. So for anyone who has an Explore, Explore one, Explore Air, or Explore Air 2 Design Space will work with your machine.

I know some of you may be wondering whether or not you have to purchase a new machine to use the software, if you have a machine in the Explore family you do not. However just like the current Design Space the update will not work with machines that are older than the original Explore. So if you have been looking for a reason the upgrade, let me tell you, this update to Design Space is just the reason you have been searching for. (Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond)

Did we read your mind? Were these the questions you had? Which was your top question that you had?


Trend Watch: Post Holiday Blues Got You Down? Just Add GREEN!

January 5, 2017 • Contributor: Andrea Greco

January, January. For years you have been the end of my party. You are the dead Christmas tree I need to drag to the corner. You are the 5 lbs I have mysteriously gained by routinely replacing my breakfast protein shake with the Starbucks holiday gingerbread loaf. You are the weather that was festive and is now just cold. You are the month with NO DECORATIONS!!! Give me a reason to love you! January? Are you there? Are you even listening to me?  

All right. I could be waiting around for a long time if I'm expecting a response from January proper. So, I’m taking matters into my own hands. I’m turning this frown upside down and I’m going to cheer the heck up. What do I do to get happy that doesn’t involve a 5 lbs box of chocolates and a Netflix subscription?  I refresh my living space. Where am I going for inspiration? Lucky for me, Pantone just released its color for Spring 2017. Meet “Greenery.” It is peppy, hopeful and tropical. This is just the no calorie boost I need to feel like a room without a roof. Click on the image below for more Pantone info! 

Give Your Room a Boost

I love to do little updates throughout my apartment on a regular basis. This is partially because I am a decorator. More importantly, it helps me keep my apartment looking fresh and tidy. When I rearrange vases, I am forced to dust. When I restyle my bookshelves, I recycle magazines and give away books I no longer need. I also am pushed to really look at how things are put together throughout my house and question, “Do I even like this anymore?” I feel like this is a good exercise if you want to keep your home looking up to date and a reflection of who you are right now.

This being said, you don’t have to go crazy with a color trend and spend a lot of money. A refresh can be as simple as replacing your shower curtain or changing your dinner napkins. But, you can also swap out your dining chairs and get a fancy new rug. The good news is, green goes well with a lot of colors. I’ve put together a little guide of some of my favorite product picks in the world of greenery. Let’s shake those January blues and get our green on!

Start In the Kitchen

Kale and Spinach have nothing on these great kitchen finds!

Lasagna dish Crate and Barrel $19.95

Kate Spade tea kettle $50

Kobenstyle casserole $125.00

Oyster dinnerware starting at $65

111 Navy Chair in Grass $330.00

Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Put the power back into your shower with these fun accents!

Urban Outfitters cactus landscape shower curtain $59.00

Zara Home basic apple green towels $4.90-22.90

IKEA risatorp storage basket $12.99

IKEA gladom tray table $29.99

Terrain watercolor votive $20

CB2 page hanging planter $14.95

Anthropologie drawer pulls $8-12

West Elm still acrylic wall art – Spring Botanicals - $199-$269

Crosley Cruiser portable turntable in green $74.99

CB2 century green vase $39.95

Go ahead! Swap out some hardware and put on a record. Let’s get this year started right! I think this may get me through until Valentine’s Day!

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Trend Watch: Drowning in Christmas Clutter?! Make Your House a Veritable Storyland By Creating Holiday Vignettes!

December 9, 2016 • Contributor: Andrea Greco

Christmas!!! Yay!!! Christmas!!! I love Christmas almost as much as I love my dog! (If you know me, you know that is saying something!) So you can imagine, as a person whose life revolves around decorating and crafting, I’ve got some problems. My first impulse is to spaz out and decorate every square inch of my apartment. I want to hang every ornament and bauble I’ve collected since I could utter the word “Santa.”  How do I incorporate the many holiday treasures I’ve amassed over the years without looking like the Mayor of Christmas Crazytown? I’ve found the answer: Vignettes. What’s a vignette? According to Google, a vignette is “a brief evocative description, account, or episode.” Basically, it’s a little story. I like to make little stories all over my home. I have collections of deer, ornaments, elves, beads, garland, bottle brush trees, lights and more. All together, these could be a giant mess. When put together as scenes and collections, my ornaments go from looking like cluttered and junky chaos to artful and thoughtful displays. Well executed vignettes can help your Christmas décor look festive, but contained. The key to a successful vignette is the proper container. When they are contained, they are neat and move-able. Nothing is more frustrating than laboring over a lovely table arrangement only to have to move it because you need space to wrap presents or do crafts or eat dinner or play Yahtzee. I’m going to tell you my three favorite ways to contain a vignette and show my top picks from some of my favorite Pinterest Pinners. Take a look and get inspired to create beautiful Christmas stories with your own holiday treasures.

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Ready! Set! SET! Here Are a Few Tips and Tricks for Setting a Memorable Thanksgiving Table!

November 4, 2016 • Contributor: Contributor: Andrea Greco

Oh, how I love a dinner party. We've all been to memorable ones. There are the kinds that are memorable for good reasons: lively conversation, charming guests, interesting table decor, fun music, tasty food, favorable lighting, etc. Those are the kinds of parties we want to attend. Those are the kinds of parties we want to host!  Then, there are the parties that are memorable for the not - so - good reasons: long, awkward silences, that weird cousin that showed up, paper plates and kid's table status at the age of 24, your uncle's refusal to upgrade his stereo system because his-8-track-player-still-works-and-Slim-Whitman-is-good-listening-for-everyone-so-stop- nagging-me-about-it-already, that Jell-O mold that never solidified, etc... 

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Trend Watch: Hottest Trends in Home Décor from NY NOW

September 2, 2016 • Contributor: Andrea Greco

What is NY NOW? Formerly known as the New York International Gift Fair, NY NOW is one of the largest trade shows featuring new and on trend home and lifestyle products for specialty retail. Visiting this show, one gets a firsthand preview of what will be in stores and on trend for the upcoming year. With over 1000 exhibitors, tackling this show every year can be both an exciting and overwhelming task. Undaunted and armed with both my press pass and a venti caramel macchiato, I entered to doors of the Javits Center and began my day.

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Molten Hot Copper Trends

August 5, 2016 • Contributor: Andrea Greco

Metallics have had a very strong presence in the fashion and home décor marketplace for the past few years. Initially, as far as fashion was concerned, I fought this trend. I rocked my silver Tiffany charm bracelet in 2001 and swore off gold for good! Gold flatware?! That was for grandmas and bad yard sales! Against my mother’s advice, I ended my relationship with yellow tones and “Gold Into Cash” became my new best friend. Well, years later, time, fashion and my opinions have definitely changed. Most of my silver jewelry has been stored away (not sold this time!) and replaced by golds and rose golds. Now, filling in for silver, I’ve invited a new, red- headed bestie. Her name is Copper, and she is fabulous! 

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