Cricut is excited to announce their partnership with Riley Blake Designs

New Quilting BFFs: Cricut and Riley Blake Designs

August 18, 2017 • Contributor: The Cricut Team

So many of us have fond memories of at least one quilt in our lifetime. Perhaps it's the one that your grandma made for you when you were born and it became a cherished companion that you took EVERYWHERE. Maybe your college roommate made you a special quilt for your wedding that contained little inside jokes. It could have been one that helped give you much-needed comfort while you were ill.

With our new Cricut Maker, you too can be a quilt maker and memory giver if you aren't already! We are excited to be working with Riley Blake Designs to bring you fantastic digitized quilting patterns for any occasion. They have been designing gorgeous prints in many different types of fabric since 2008 and also offer coordinating notions and sewing project kits.

Quilting Simplified

Have you ever been intimidated by the process it takes to start piecing together a quilt? Just cutting out simple squares from each fabric and keeping track to ensure that you have enough can be such a chore. If you are trying to use a paper pattern, imagine pinning, cutting, and unpinning many times until you have enough.

Riley Blake Designs is making it so much easier by digitizing lovely quilting patterns that tell the Cricut Maker exactly how many pieces of each fabric you will need and how to lay it out on the mat. Use the attached assembly instructions that they have included with each project and you'll be on your way to sewing it all together in a flash!

We can't wait to see which Riley Blake Designs patterned quilts you will create with your Cricut Maker! Here are a few of the patterns that we already have up to help get you inspired:

Making a quilt for a special wee one that is coming into your life? Try one of these baby quilt patterns, like the Around the Block Baby Quilt. If you were doing this by hand, you would have to worry about cutting out up to 7 different prints per block - whew!

Point them in the right direction with the Arrows Baby Quilt.

Keep it simple and sweet with the Around We Go Baby Quilt.

Sip hot cocoa and read a good book while nestled under the Big Star Throw.

Keep warm while you wrap your holiday gifts with the All Wrapped Up Throw.

Which one of these did you like best? Do you have a favorite Riley Blake pattern or print? Tell us in the comments below!

This tropical housewarming party will make you think you're on vacation.

Summer Celebrations With Cricut

July 26, 2017 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hi everyone, it's Jess from Everyday Party Magazine and I am *so* very excited to be here today sharing a round up of some of my favorite summer celebrations!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an afternoon with friends, or even shark week, there is something for everyone in this roundup.

Watermelon First Birthday

The first party is a sweet Watermelon 1st Birthday party by Jen T. by Design. Jen used her Cricut to create so many sweet elements from this party!

Magical Unicorn Party

The second party is a darling Magical Unicorn Party by Love the Day. Lindi made the enchanting sprinkle paper backdrop with her Cricut, and I could not be more in love with it!

Ice Cream Party

I am drooling over this fun Ice Cream Party from Make Life Lovely. Laura used her Cricut to embellish wooden ice cream spoons(!!!), make invitations, and so much more!

Shark Week Party

Stay out of the water!!! SHARKS!! I LOVE hosting our annual Shark Week Viewing parties, and I always create party favors and decor with my Cricut.

Mermaid Grotto Party

Every little girl has dreamed of being or seeing a real mermaid, and Rachel from Fawn Parties made it a reality for some lucky little ladies with this Mermaid Grotto themed party. She used her Cricut to customize party favors and decor!

Red, White, and Blue Party

I love the patriotic decor Jordan created for her festive backyard red, white, and blue party.

Tropical Housewarming Party

This Tropical Housewarming Party by Sweetly Chic Events is the housewarming party everyone dreams of having! It's full of bright tropical colors and personalized details!

Summer Cocktail Party

I wish Charynn and I were neighbors in real life...because, who wouldn't want to be invited to this charming summer cocktail party?!

I hope you're inspired to host your own Summer Celebration soon! Be sure to follow Cricut and these fab party girls for more entertaining inspiration!

Comment below and tell us which party is your favorite!

One beach essential you can make with a Cricut is a beach memory jar

Cricut Essentials for a Day at the Beach

July 19, 2017 • Contributor: Jennifer Rizzo from Jennifer Rizzo Designs

When heading to the beach, you want to make sure you don’t leave anything behind! We have a round up of a few beach essentials, customized with your Cricut machine, to make your time in the sand as fun as it can be!

Sand Buckets

Cute sand buckets can be customized using a Cricut

First of all, grab your gear! You can use this bucket tutorial from Sew Woodsy design to make these personalized beach buckets so the kids can have hours of fun building sand castles, collecting shells, and not fighting over whose bucket belongs to whom! One of my favorite things to do at the beach is comb the sand for the prettiest shells. I could spend hours just walking and collecting.

Love & The Beach Bag

I also love having a super cute tote to pack my beachy things, like sunscreen and extra sunglasses, and books. This super cute DIY canvas tote is a great project to pin from the Cricut Design Space since it’s the perfect way to carry all of your goodies and looks stylish too! It also makes a great gift for that beach lover!

Patterned Water Bottle

Make your own patterned water bottle

Another important thing about hanging out in the sun all day is drinking lots of liquids! This fun patterned water bottle will help keep you hydrated! It’s a great way to sip on lemonade or any other fun drinks you like!

Beach Towel

Add flair to your beach towel

Check out this project for the perfect beach towel made with Cricut iron-on glitter in gold. It’s cute to use at the beach, and at home in your bathroom.

Beach Memory Jar

When your day is done and you are packing up to head home, make sure you grab a few extra handfuls of sand (or at least save what you shake out of your beach blankets) and make this awesome beach memory jar. It’s a great way to preserve those last fleeting moments of summer, and a fun project for the kids! You can find the project in Cricut Design Space.

Which summer beach project above do you think you are most likely to make? Let us know below in the comments!

Those are just a few essentials for a day at the beach and summer fun! For more fun and inspired ideas, you can find me at

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