DIY Tailgate blanket for your next game day

Celebrate Game Day With This DIY Tailgate Blanket

September 18th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

Are you all ready for football season?! It’s here and I feel like people are readier than ever to pack up their cars and head to tailgate!

With the weather cooling off, I thought it would be fun to share an easy peasy project that not only is cute but also useful! And I used my brand new 10" x 12” EasyPress 2 which made this project even quicker! Win, win, all around!

1: Cut Your Materials

Here is the link to the project in Design Space. Click that to get started. Feel free to customize the project to your specific needs before you make it! The large “touch down” design will take up two full 12" x 24" mats. Make sure you mirror your image.

If you have never done an iron-on project, check out this post for an awesome tutorial!

2: Weed Your Design

DIY Tailgate Blanket

Now that you have cut your design, weed or pull away the extra pieces from your design. You will be left with the mirror image of your design.

DIY Tailgate Blanket

Pro tip: refer back to your canvas so that you do not miss any pieces. I hate when I think I got all of the insides of my letters out, I iron it on, and then notice that the inside of my “o” is still there! It is such a common craft fail! Thankfully these letters are so big, they were fairly easy to weed.

3: Determine Your Settings

DIY Tailgate Blanket

Have you checked out our new Interactive Quick Reference Guide?! Honestly, I am obsessed! Bookmark that site now! This guide allows you to choose the type of iron-on and base material you are using and then gives you step by step instructions on what to do.

Now you will never forget those important details!

Set your EasyPress 2 to 305 and the timer to 30 seconds. In a couple of minutes, you will be good to go!

4: Preheat

DIY Tailgate Blanket

As the Interactive Guides shows, we need to preheat our base material! There is a common misconception that in order to be successfully pre-heated it needs to be warm to the touch when you apply your design. That is not the case.

The goal here is to remove any moisture out of your material and smooth out all of the wrinkles from your surface. If it is cool to the touch by the time you place your design, that is totally okay!

Place your design on to the blanket. Arrange your words on your blanket by referring to the image on the canvas.

5: Press

DIY Tailgate Blanket

Cover your design with your protective iron-on sheet and then press your design. Note the time and temperature on the machine in the photo below are not the recommended settings. Always refer to the interactive guide to determine your settings based on the iron-on and material you are using!

As a reminder, for my project with SportFlex iron-on on my polyester blanket, I set my EasyPress 2 to 305 degrees and my timer to 30 seconds.

DIY Tailgate Blanket

Before you remove your liner, flip your blanket over and press the back. Peel the liner off and enjoy your big blanket!

We can’t wait to see your finished project! Don’t forget to share them on your Community Profile!

Happy crafting!

Karley Hall


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DIY Tailgate Blanket for your next game day event
Tailgate Hate for Game Day

DIY Game Day Hat

September 11th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Design Team Manager Dezi Moss

Football season is coming up quick! Pick your favorite teams colored hat, do a quick iron on and be prepared for games all season!

1: Open Project Instructions

Begin by opening Cricut Design Space using this link to the project, Game Day Hat. This project makes one hat decal.

2. Cut Materials

Cut out your iron-on using the Cricut Maker.  Don’t forget to mirror the image!

3: Weed

DIY Game Day Hat

Use a sharp hook Cricut® Tools Weeder tool to remove the negative spaces from the iron-on liner. Do not remove the design that is on the plastic backer.

4: Transfer Your Design

DIY Game Day Hat

Align and place the design on the hat. Place a tailor’s ham to fill out the inside of the hat. This will make it easier to iron around a curve. Use a Cricut EasyPress or household iron and heat for the designated time.

DIY Game Day Hat

Wait for the liner to cool and slowly move it away from your hat.

DIY Game Day Hat

Isn’t that easy? Now you are ready to cheer on your favorite team all fall long.



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Labor Day Party Invitation

Entice Guests With These Labor Day Backyard Party Invitations

August 24th, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hi there! I am savoring the last few long summer nights and relaxed evening schedules before the frenzy of hockey seasons and back to school schedules really kick in. Each year, we host a small Labor Day party to bid farewell to our summer fun and begin the routines of a new school season.

We are hosting another backyard party again this year, but since a lot of our group of friends have kids moving off to college this year, I wanted to make it a little more special. I handmade paper invitations and envelopes to deliver to our guests.

Labor Day Backyard Party

Paper crafting is not usually a project I will willingly sign up for, but I really wanted to make an impact with these invitations!

This summer has been all about the sea, and beach for me, and I wanted to end the summer at the beach with a seaside party. Unfortunately, the gulf coast of Florida is suffering from terrible red tide, so our sea-inspired party will be in our backyard, miles from the gulf shores.

Labor Day Backyard Party

Supplies to Make Seaside Party Invitations:

1: Decide on Your Party Details

Decide on your party’s details; date, time, and location.

2: Create Your Design

Labor Day Backyard Party

Open Design Space (or use this cut file) and edit the party details for your party. My invitation was a Print then Cut file, so you will need to flatten and attach those layers. I cut the invitation trim and lobster embellishment from coordinating cardstock.

3: Cut Out Invitations and Envelope

Labor Day Backyard Party

Print the invitation(s). Apply the cardstock to the cutting mat, and send the design to your Cricut to cut.

4: Weed the Cardstock

Labor Day Backyard Party

Remove the excess cardstock from the design.

5: Assemble

Labor Day Backyard Party


Labor Day Backyard Party


Labor Day Backyard Party

Assemble the invitations. I ran the blue trim through the Xyron Creative Station and placed it on top of the Print then Cut invitation.

Next, I added one lobster to the invitation with adhesive craft foam. The second lobster was also run through the Xyron Creative Station, and applied to the white card stock circle.

Then, the circle was run through the Creative Station and set aside to embellish the simple red envelope.

Labor Day Backyard Party
Labor Day Backyard Party
Labor Day Backyard Party

Once the cards and stickers were finished, I assembled each envelope and placed an invitation inside. I wrapped the envelope with cute gingham ribbon and added the cardstock circle sticker to the front.

6: Deliver Invitations

Labor Day Backyard Party

Deliver the invitations, and be ready to have the most amazing evening with friends!

Head over to the blog for more party inspiration and Cricut DIYs!

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Make These Patriotic Tees for the Fourth of July

Celebrate the Fourth With These Patriotic Tees for the Family

July 2nd, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

One of my favorite things about having my Cricut machines is the ability to create custom shirts for my family with very little effort.

Patriotic tees

We recently found a few bottles of tie-dye powder when we were cleaning out the junk drawers at our house, and the boys asked if we could make tie-dye Fourth of July shirts like we did several years ago.

They decided on the tie-dye style (There are style guides and directions in the packaging) and we dyed their shirts. Next, we wrapped them in Saran Wrap and left them overnight.

In the morning, I rinsed them with super hot water and washed them by themselves in a hot water wash cycle. This set the dye.

Now, I could have left the shirts like that and they would have been fine, but I wanted to add a little patriotic flair to them.

Patriotic tees
Patriotic tees
Patriotic tees

I picked out several patriotic designs from Design Space and let the boys choose their favorites. Once I knew they style they wanted, I sized each one to fit the shirts and cut them out with my Cricut. {Don’t forget to cut shiny side down, and mirror the image}

Once the designs were cut, I weeded each one and preheated my EasyPress. {Cricut’s EasyPress guidelines are here}

Patriotic tees

I folded the shirts in half and pressed a light crease in the center. Then, I repressed the shirts flat and pressed the designs on to each shirt.

Patriotic tees

My boys have perfectly patriotic shirts, and we are ready for the 4th! Will you be making patriotic shirts for your family?

Patriotic tees
Patriotic tees

You may also like this fun shirt and bag I made for an upcoming trip we have planned.

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4th of July Pool Party

Fourth of July Backyard Pool Party Essentials

June 21st, 2018 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Makes

Hey Cricut buddies! Kayla here from Kayla Makes to tell you that, in my opinion, there is nothing better than a pool party surrounded by family and friends! It's even more fun when it's a patriotic filled July 4th celebration. Today, I'm showing you 3 easy DIY's you can craft up for a backyard pool party on Independence Day.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Import, Ungroup and Attach

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Most of the time, whether you're using a design from Design Space or one you've purchased elsewhere, the elements will be grouped together. Ungroup them by clicking the ungroup button in the top right. You can get this SVG file from LoveSVG.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

To keep everything in place on the cutting mat, attach elements that are the same color by selecting them and clicking attach.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Now when the design is cut, everything will remain exactly where it appeared on the canvas.

Cut, Weed, and Transfer

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Once each color has been cut, use your weeding tool to weed the designs.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Apply transfer tape to the largest part of the design (blue for the one I'm using) and transfer each element onto the tray. Use the scraper tool to burnish over the design.

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Drink Koozies With Iron-on

Drink Koozies With Iron-on

It takes less than 10 minutes to whip up a bunch of patriotic drink koozies!

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

All you need is a roll of iron-on and a handful of blank can holders. I'm using Cricut's Iron-on in white so I purchased red and blue can holders to stick with the patriotic color scheme.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

You can filter through the designs in Design Space by selecting Categories then choose a season, holiday or event. I browsed through the patriotic category and chose two designs I liked. The flag is Design ID #MF1BDE and the Independence Day phrase is Design ID #M472C9.

Place the iron-on on the mat, shiny side down and be sure to turn on the mirror function before cutting.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

After weeding, center the design on the can holder and press with the EasyPress for 30 seconds. I set mine to 320 and it worked well.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

These are so fun and so easy!

Kraft Board Sparkler Holders

Kraft Board Sparkler Holders

Okay, so these may not be a necessity but they are super fun! Make a bunch and fill a cute basket with them so guests can light up the night. Or, they can take them home as a party favor.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Start by cutting down a sheet of Kraft Board to 8.5 x 11. I used my trusty Cricut Portable Trimmer. Load the Kraft Board into your printer and print the sparkler holder designs.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

After printing, place the printed page on the cutting mat and watch the magic happen. The machine will read the registration box and cut around the images.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

To finish them off I attached a couple of sparklers to each one with a piece of glittery washi tape!

I think kids and adults alike will love these!

What kind of things will you create for Independence Day? Tag us online with #cricutmade!

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl
Canada Day Crafts with a Cricut

Get Ready for Canada Day with Cricut

June 27th, 2018 • Contributor: Sarah Desjardins from The Simply Crafted Life

It seems every crafty blog and Instagram account is currently gearing up for July 4 by covering everything in red, white, and blue. However, I’m here to remind you that your Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines can be your best friend to help prepare for another red and white holiday: Canada Day.

July 1st is the national holiday for Canadians, and I’m here to show you some fabulous ways to celebrate using your Cricut machine. (And who says it’s just for July 1st anyway? I would argue that you can leave most of these projects up all year long!)

I created this oar (or is it a paddle?) in Design Space specifically to share with you. It’s easy to create using a map of Canada and the slice tool, but you can visit Design Space and the project will be completely ready to create. Just hit Make It! The new premium permanent vinyl will make sure your project lasts for many more Canada Day celebrations.

View this project in Design Space

I am in love with these Canadian themed mugs that I spotted on Love Create Celebrate. She used the new Cricut removable vinyl, which means you can create a new design for each holiday without having stacks and stacks of mugs. (Although can one ever have too many mugs?)

Lemon Thistle shared this home decor project, which uses iron on and wood to showcase some of Canada’s cities. I love the hand-lettered design, which is a cut file she offers for download.

I shared this Canadian themed project over at my blog, The Simply Crafted Life. It was my first time making a reverse canvas, and I used the red iron-on foil. Mine is sized for a 8x10 canvas, but you can customize it to the size of the canvas you wish to use.

Another Canadian wall decor project that I love comes from PMQ for Two. She used paint and rose gold adhesive foil to create this Coat of Arms display. It incorporates each of the provinces and territories, plus gives an unexpected pop of color. Change up the colors to match your home decor and you have a fabulous, year-round art piece.

If you’re having a party this Canada Day, or even a sports gathering to cheer on your favorite Canadian team, you’ll definitely want to check out this post from Woman in Real Life. I love how she incorporates the maple leaf into all of the little details.

And of course, you’ll need some Canadian swag to get yourself ready for those parades. Any of the above designs can be used on t-shirts, bags, hats, or other accessories that you can wear, but if you need more inspiration, Hello Creative Family is sharing thirteen SVG files that she created especially for Canada Day.

And finally, Brooklyn Berry Designs shared this Parks Canada logo tee that sparked my inner child. It reminds me of so many heritage commercials when I was younger! Using your EasyPress will make the application process so much easier, and in no time at all, you’ll be ready to celebrate.

Now if these projects don’t inspire you to cover all of the things in red maple leaves, I don’t think anything will! I can’t wait to get started on my own projects, although the hardest part will be deciding which one to make first!

How are you celebrating Canada Day?

Permanent vinyl patio party tour

Throw a Patio Party This Summer With Our Permanent Vinyl and More

June 19th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

Can you believe it is June?! Where has this year gone?

The sun has been out in Utah recently and I feel like it is the perfect time to throw an outdoor party! Lucky for you, we have done all of the planning, and now you can recreate this cute party quicker than ever.

You can find TWELVE new projects loaded in Design Space so you can customize this scene to your specific party needs. And as if that isn’t enough, Cricut’s very own project designers will walk you through how they created three projects with the new Premium Permanent Vinyl!

I am going to make a confession, I am not the hostess with the mostess. I have never thrown an outdoor party so when we were tasked with creating this cute outdoor scene, I had to channel my party throwing mom! She hosted amazing parties for us growing up and now throws over the top parties for her friends and family… specifically for my niece. With my mom in mind and lots of inspiration from Cricut’s project designers, we came up with some fun décor, accessories, and outdoor activities.

Creating a Bar Cart With Your Cricut!

When designing any party or scene, we often decide what furniture will fill the space and go from there. We decided to set the scene with chairs, side tables, and a drink cart of some sort! We landed on Adirondack chairs and a bar cart and now agree that these are summer essentials that every patio party needs. We then considered what projects not only would transform the space into a colorful fiesta but would also be useful to have at a party!

On the bar cart, we started with our big décor pieces. If you missed it, Cricut just announced the new Scoring Wheel and it is pretty amazing. To show off the Scoring Wheel and the precision cutting of the Cricut Maker, we brainstormed several different paper vase ideas that were brought to life by the illustrators.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

I absolutely love how they turned out. We used real glass vases inside each paper vase so that our flowers wouldn’t wilt. What I love about this project is that you can use old jars that don’t match, cut out these incredible vases, place your glass jars inside, and bam! Now you have a cohesive set of vases in the colors of your party!

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

You can’t have a bar cart without some booze! We wanted to create a new, fresh twist on mimosas. While I am sure you have seen several “Mimosa Bars,” have you ever seen juices this fun? These big, bright juice labels will inspire your guests to create the perfect mimosa concoctions. And when they have had one or two drinks, the labels will still be large enough for them to read! 😉

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

We even included frosted vinyl cups and drink stirrers to give your guests’ drinks even more pizzazz.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

And if mimosas aren’t your thing, we thought of a craft for that too! These cute koozies will keep your beer or soda cold (and cute) for the entire party.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

Two DIY Yard Games That Everyone Needs!

With drinks and food covered, we thought about different activities for our guests. We decided a large tumbling tower (tutorial here) and matching image game would be fun for all ages. We opted to pick up some large blocks, but you could easily cut down some 2 x 4s! Our permanent vinyl worked great to dress up the games. If they get dirty or wet, the vinyl will hold up just fine!

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

While we thought the matching game would be fun for kids, it seemed like the big kids enjoyed it too! You can go crazy with this game and make as many pairs of matching images as your heart desires.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

To add to the competitive nature of the games, we created some fun prize boxes for our winners. I feel like the packaging may have been cuter than the prize!

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

With the Scoring Wheel, just think of all the possibilities!

Extra Décor Pieces

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

With the Knife Blade and Scoring Wheel announcements, don’t forget about the Rotary Blade! We created these fun Summer Star pillows to add some color to our party with the new Riley Blake fabric sampler packs.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

Now that our party looked perfect, the final touch was an accessory to wear to the party. We found this adorable vinyl tote and added permanent vinyl to it to match our party theme. It is absolutely perfect for the pool or beach.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

Lastly, we created some coasters using Cricut Chipboard and the Knife Blade to protect our cute outdoor furniture.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

We had a total blast designing this party and cannot to see how you all recreate our projects. Have you seen the new project sharing feature?! If you have not, check out this article. Once you are done with your project, share them on Pinterest or Facebook and tag us so we can ooh and ahh!

Links to All Projects:

Happy Crafting!

Karley Hall

Tumbling towers tutorial and other yard games

Tumbling Towers and Other Essential Yard Games

June 16th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Designer Meagan Patterson

We mentioned earlier how much fun these simple outdoor games added to our outdoor party and now we’ll show you step-by-step how to recreate one of them for your own stylish summer party.

Our new Premium Vinyl – Permanent is the perfect way to create your outdoor games for long-lasting results! Did you know it is water resistant?

Okay, let’s get to crafting! First, you’ll need these essential materials.

1: Open Project Instructions

Begin by opening Cricut Design Space using this link to the project, Tumbling Tower Game. This project makes 6 different flowers. We used one flower for each block.

Once you’re in the cut screen, feel free to duplicate the project to as many as you need. For this project, we need 53 flowers, one for each block. By rounding up we duplicated the project 9 times.

2: Cut the Vinyl Pieces

Cut the vinyl pieces for the Tumbling Towers game

Design Space already has already separated each image to the correct mat. All you need to do now is place the vinyl face up on the mat and begin cutting.

Once each mat is done cutting, remove the vinyl from the mat. I find it easiest to cut around each flower image using my scissors to separate them before moving on to the next steps.

3: Weed the Vinyl Pieces

Weed the vinyl pieces for the tumbling towers

Remove all the negative excess from each flower cut.

Once each layer is successfully weeded, begin assembling each flower. Use a small piece of transfer tape as well as your scraper tool to layer each image to create your flower. Reference the Design Space image to replicate the flowers.

4: Transfer the Vinyl Flowers

Transfer the vinyl flowers for the tumbling towers game

Once each flower is layered and assembled it is now time to transfer it to one end of each block. Transfer tape and your scraper tool are your best friends with this project so don’t forget to use them!

Now let’s let the games begin!!

DIY Tumbling towers game

We also had such a blast making and playing this adorable matching game! A few of our friends got so distracted with all the cute images that they didn’t bother to take away their matches once they found them! Ha ha, we took that as a compliment!

Yard games

Here is the link for the Design Space canvas with instructions and materials. We really hope that you enjoy it!

Yard games

But don’t let the fun stop there! With the summer sun shining be sure to check out these awesome yard game ideas made by some of our fun friends here at Cricut!

Yard games
Yard games
Yard games

We can’t wait to see how you customize these yard games to fit your outdoor vibe! What other yard games have you created? Don’t forget to tag us so we can celebrate the summer sun with you!

Make life beautiful!

Make this Earth Day banner for your celebration

Celebrate Nature With This Earth Day Banner

April 10th, 2018 • Anna Rose Johnson, Cricut Digital Content Manager

This planet we live on is a pretty special place. It protects us, it nourishes us and it renews itself each year—allowing us to enjoy different types of beauty each season. Earth Day is our opportunity to give back to our home.

This year, I wanted to celebrate Earth Day with my family by teaching them the small things we can do to keep our Earth clean. My littles and I went outside and scoured our yard for twigs, fallen branches, and other greenery.  Along the way, we also picked up pieces of trash, paper, etc and put it in our recycle bin. I was able to explain to them what recycling is and why it is important.

Earth Day banner

Once our yard was clean and our bag was full of twigs, we headed inside and made a banner from our finds. Want to celebrate Earth Day with this fun banner? Make it now!

Supplies You Will Need:

Pillow fight supplies

1: Gather Natural Supplies and Cut Out Banner

Gather twigs and greenery from your yard. Be sure to pick up a few pieces of trash along the way! Then head inside and prepare your Cricut by placing the pen into accessory clamp A. Cut the brown paper bag down to fit on a 12”x12” mat.

Open up the project file in Cricut Design Space™. Click “Go” to write and cut banner pieces from the brown paper bag.

2: Glue Flora to Banner Pieces

2: Glue Flora to Banner Pieces

Using the pen lines as a guide, glue twigs, branches, etc onto the brown paper banner pieces.

3: String Banner Pieces Together

String Banner Pieces Together

String a length of jute through the pennants spelling out EARTH and another length through DAY. (Space the letters to your preference.)

The banner turned out really cute and my littles had a blast making it with me. I was able to teach them something and remind myself to take care of this beautiful hunk of rock we live on.

Anna Rose

Note: This lovely project is from our archives. Happy Earth Day!

How will you be celebrating Earth Day? Let us know in a comment below.

Lucky Chucks for St. Patrick's Day

Make Your Chucks Lucky for St. Patrick’s Day

March 5th, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hi everyone! It’s officially March, so I can break out all of my clovers and rainbows!! For real though, I’m probably the worst ever when it comes to wearing green on St. Paddy’s Day...this year I want to make it a little easier on myself, and still rock my mom blogger uniform. (AKA jeans or khaki shorts, a t-shirt, and Chucks, the nickname for Converse)

My oldest works at a shoe store and gets a killer discount on Chucks for me, so I have more now than I’ve ever had...which is what led me to today’s simple, albeit unconventional, St. Patrick’s Day DIY.

1: Measure Shoes

Measure the spaces on your shoes


Measure the spaces on your shoes

Measure the space for your design. I decided to add iron-on to the back of the shoes and the tongue.

Measure the spaces on your shoes
Measure the spaces on your shoes

2: Create Your Design

Open Design Space and create your design (or use this cut file) and size it to fit your shoes. I used Anna’s Fancy Lettering - Carson font for the text.

3: Cut Out Design

Send the image to your Cricut to cut. Don’t forget to mirror the cut and cut the iron-on shiny side down if you are using traditional iron-on)

4: Weed Iron-on

Weed your iron-on

Weed the Iron On, and place it on your shoes as a “dry run” to check placement.

5: Remove Tags and Preheat EasyPress

Remove the tags on your Chucks


Remove tags on your Chucks

Preheat the EasyPress to 360* and remove the tag from the tongue on your shoes using the Cricut Sewing Tools if you choose to place iron-on there.

6: Apply Iron-on to Tongue

Apply Iron-on to Tongue

Weed the Iron On, and place it on your shoes as a “dry run” to check placement.

7: Apply Iron-on to Back

Apply Iron-on to Back

If you choose to add text to the “spine” of the shoe, carefully heat the shoe, add the iron-on, and press it on. This will require a second set of hands...wearing oven mitts.

8: Rock Your Chucks

Wear your new lucky Chucks

Sham-ROCK St. Paddy’s Day in your awesome new Chucks!

Have you ever used iron-on on your Chucks? Show us using #CricutMade on social media!