Permanent vinyl patio party tour

Throw a Patio Party This Summer With Our Permanent Vinyl and More

June 19th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

Can you believe it is June?! Where has this year gone?

The sun has been out in Utah recently and I feel like it is the perfect time to throw an outdoor party! Lucky for you, we have done all of the planning, and now you can recreate this cute party quicker than ever.

You can find TWELVE new projects loaded in Design Space so you can customize this scene to your specific party needs. And as if that isn’t enough, Cricut’s very own project designers will walk you through how they created three projects with the new Premium Permanent Vinyl!

I am going to make a confession, I am not the hostess with the mostess. I have never thrown an outdoor party so when we were tasked with creating this cute outdoor scene, I had to channel my party throwing mom! She hosted amazing parties for us growing up and now throws over the top parties for her friends and family… specifically for my niece. With my mom in mind and lots of inspiration from Cricut’s project designers, we came up with some fun décor, accessories, and outdoor activities.

Creating a Bar Cart With Your Cricut!

When designing any party or scene, we often decide what furniture will fill the space and go from there. We decided to set the scene with chairs, side tables, and a drink cart of some sort! We landed on Adirondack chairs and a bar cart and now agree that these are summer essentials that every patio party needs. We then considered what projects not only would transform the space into a colorful fiesta but would also be useful to have at a party!

On the bar cart, we started with our big décor pieces. If you missed it, Cricut just announced the new Scoring Wheel and it is pretty amazing. To show off the Scoring Wheel and the precision cutting of the Cricut Maker, we brainstormed several different paper vase ideas that were brought to life by the illustrators.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

I absolutely love how they turned out. We used real glass vases inside each paper vase so that our flowers wouldn’t wilt. What I love about this project is that you can use old jars that don’t match, cut out these incredible vases, place your glass jars inside, and bam! Now you have a cohesive set of vases in the colors of your party!

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

You can’t have a bar cart without some booze! We wanted to create a new, fresh twist on mimosas. While I am sure you have seen several “Mimosa Bars,” have you ever seen juices this fun? These big, bright juice labels will inspire your guests to create the perfect mimosa concoctions. And when they have had one or two drinks, the labels will still be large enough for them to read! 😉

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

We even included frosted vinyl cups and drink stirrers to give your guests’ drinks even more pizzazz.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

And if mimosas aren’t your thing, we thought of a craft for that too! These cute koozies will keep your beer or soda cold (and cute) for the entire party.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

Two DIY Yard Games That Everyone Needs!

With drinks and food covered, we thought about different activities for our guests. We decided a large tumbling tower (tutorial here) and matching image game would be fun for all ages. We opted to pick up some large blocks, but you could easily cut down some 2 x 4s! Our permanent vinyl worked great to dress up the games. If they get dirty or wet, the vinyl will hold up just fine!

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

While we thought the matching game would be fun for kids, it seemed like the big kids enjoyed it too! You can go crazy with this game and make as many pairs of matching images as your heart desires.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

To add to the competitive nature of the games, we created some fun prize boxes for our winners. I feel like the packaging may have been cuter than the prize!

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

With the Scoring Wheel, just think of all the possibilities!

Extra Décor Pieces

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

With the Knife Blade and Scoring Wheel announcements, don’t forget about the Rotary Blade! We created these fun Summer Star pillows to add some color to our party with the new Riley Blake fabric sampler packs.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

Now that our party looked perfect, the final touch was an accessory to wear to the party. We found this adorable vinyl tote and added permanent vinyl to it to match our party theme. It is absolutely perfect for the pool or beach.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

Lastly, we created some coasters using Cricut Chipboard and the Knife Blade to protect our cute outdoor furniture.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

We had a total blast designing this party and cannot to see how you all recreate our projects. Have you seen the new project sharing feature?! If you have not, check out this article. Once you are done with your project, share them on Pinterest or Facebook and tag us so we can ooh and ahh!

Links to All Projects:

Happy Crafting!

Karley Hall

Tumbling towers tutorial and other yard games

Tumbling Towers and Other Essential Yard Games

June 16th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Designer Meagan Patterson

We mentioned earlier how much fun these simple outdoor games added to our outdoor party and now we’ll show you step-by-step how to recreate one of them for your own stylish summer party.

Our new Premium Vinyl – Permanent is the perfect way to create your outdoor games for long-lasting results! Did you know it is water resistant?

Okay, let’s get to crafting! First, you’ll need these essential materials.

1: Open Project Instructions

Begin by opening Cricut Design Space using this link to the project, Tumbling Tower Game. This project makes 6 different flowers. We used one flower for each block.

Once you’re in the cut screen, feel free to duplicate the project to as many as you need. For this project, we need 53 flowers, one for each block. By rounding up we duplicated the project 9 times.

2: Cut the Vinyl Pieces

Cut the vinyl pieces for the Tumbling Towers game

Design Space already has already separated each image to the correct mat. All you need to do now is place the vinyl face up on the mat and begin cutting.

Once each mat is done cutting, remove the vinyl from the mat. I find it easiest to cut around each flower image using my scissors to separate them before moving on to the next steps.

3: Weed the Vinyl Pieces

Weed the vinyl pieces for the tumbling towers

Remove all the negative excess from each flower cut.

Once each layer is successfully weeded, begin assembling each flower. Use a small piece of transfer tape as well as your scraper tool to layer each image to create your flower. Reference the Design Space image to replicate the flowers.

4: Transfer the Vinyl Flowers

Transfer the vinyl flowers for the tumbling towers game

Once each flower is layered and assembled it is now time to transfer it to one end of each block. Transfer tape and your scraper tool are your best friends with this project so don’t forget to use them!

Now let’s let the games begin!!

DIY Tumbling towers game

We also had such a blast making and playing this adorable matching game! A few of our friends got so distracted with all the cute images that they didn’t bother to take away their matches once they found them! Ha ha, we took that as a compliment!

Yard games

Here is the link for the Design Space canvas with instructions and materials. We really hope that you enjoy it!

Yard games

But don’t let the fun stop there! With the summer sun shining be sure to check out these awesome yard game ideas made by some of our fun friends here at Cricut!

Yard games
Yard games
Yard games

We can’t wait to see how you customize these yard games to fit your outdoor vibe! What other yard games have you created? Don’t forget to tag us so we can celebrate the summer sun with you!

Make life beautiful!

Quick Dollar Spot vinyl project

Make This Quick Vinyl Project Featuring Target Dollar Spot Items!

May 22nd, 2018 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Hi! It’s Jenny from Everyday Jenny. Today I’m sharing a quick vinyl project that you can make using some fun items from the Target Dollar Spot!

I don’t know about you, but I always have to check out what’s new in the Dollar Spot because there’s always something I need. Usually, I leave with quite a few things. But that’s okay because everything’s at least $5 or under.  At least that’s what I tell myself! From small gifts to home decor there are so many things you can easily personalize and add to with your Cricut.

I found these cute wooden serving spoons that will be great for summer parties. I also couldn’t resist this cute pineapple (you can’t beat $3!). I added some fun sayings with vinyl.

1: Measure Your Items

Measure your items for the vinyl Dollar Spot project

Measure your serving spoons so you can decide on the right size to make your design in Cricut Design Space.

2: Create Your Design

Create the design for your Dollar Spot vinyl project

Open Cricut Design Space and create your design with your desired sayings. I loved “Dig in!” and “Party Time”. I used the Cricut font Karley for my words.

*To change up the look of the font a little bit we added some uppercase letters. I ungrouped them and change the sizes of my uppercase letters to closer fit the size of the lowercase letters.

3: Cut Out Your Vinyl

Cut Out Your Vinyl for the Dollar Spot vinyl project

Place your vinyl on the StandardGrip (green) mat. Select which type of vinyl you are using from the materials list. Make sure your fine tip blade is loaded into your machine and cut out each mat.

Make sure to pin this post to try later on!

4: Weed Your Vinyl

Weed Your Vinyl

Carefully remove the excess vinyl from your words using your Cricut weeding tools. Don’t forget the tiny pieces inside letters.

5: Apply Transfer Tape

Apply Transfer Tape

Cut a piece of transfer tape to fit your vinyl. Remove the paper backing from the transfer tape and place it on your vinyl. Use your scraper tool to press the tape on the vinyl.

6: Apply Your Vinyl

Apply Your Vinyl

Flip over your vinyl design and remove the paper backing, leaving the transfer tape and vinyl. Place the vinyl on your item and use your scraper tool to apply it.

Apply Your Vinyl

Carefully remove the transfer tape and your item is finished! Now you have a fun and unique serving spoon for summer parties!

Apply Your Vinyl

*Remember to carefully hand wash your serving spoons (I usually don’t wash all the way up the handle to keep them looking perfect.)

Apply Your Vinyl
Apply Your Vinyl

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Apply Your Vinyl
We All Scream for Ice Cream Cake Topper

Use the Knife Blade for This We All Scream For Ice Cream Cake Topper

May 17th, 2018 • Contributor: Kim Byers from The Celebration Shoppe

Hey, Cricut friends! Kim Byers from The Celebration Shoppe here to chat about the new Cricut Knife Blade! This amazing new tool is a game changer for crafters like me who love to cut thick materials like chipboard, matboard, foam, basswood and balsa wood.

We All Scream for Ice Cream Topper

I make a lot of party decor with my Cricut Maker, like cake toppers, banners, treat bags, favor tags and more. The new Knife Blade is perfect for durable crafts like these that you want to use again and again. Did you see my 4th of July cake topper?

July 4th Cake Topper
For my We All Scream For Ice Cream cake topper, I used chipboard and painted it. For this patriotic cake topper, I used Cricut printable vinyl, then adhered it to chipboard. I love how the patriotic cake topper is sturdy and has all the design of print then cut! Join me for the complete 4th of July cake topper tutorial!

Ice Cream Cake Topper Supplies

To make this cake topper you'll need:

Ice Cream Cake Topper Tutorial

  • Step 1 - Design Space - Open the project linked above and size the design. My cake is an 8" round, double layer, so I made my cake topper 7" wide.
  • Step 2 - Prep Mat - Knife Blade projects require a strong grip mat (purple). And they require you to tape down the edges of the material you're cutting.
  • Step 3 - Start Cut - Move the Maker star wheels (those little wheels that grab the mat) to the right. Connect your computer to your Cricut Maker machine and start the cut. (Note: Knife Blade projects cannot be managed from your mobile device due to the length of time they can take.) This project could take up to 20 passes and 2 hours to complete depending on how new your blade is. You can check around pass 16, and if the blade is fairly new your cut might be done.
July 4th Cake Topper
  • Step 4 - Stay Near - I recommend staying near the project while it's cutting. When I see an edge in tight spots that wants to pop up, I pause my cut and trim away the excess with small scissors or pull it out with a weeding tool.
  • Step 5 - Paint - I like to spray paint cake toppers. I use several light passes (in a well-ventilated area) and then end with a glitter spray so they sparkle.
  • Step 6 - Attach Dowels - Using a hot glue gun, attach two food-safe dowels to the backside of the cake topper.
July 4th Cake Topper

It's that easy to make a cake topper with the Cricut Knife Blade!

July 4th Cake Topper

Browse My Cricut Cartridges!

I'd love for you to browse all of my Cricut cartridges. Maybe you'll find something to inspire your next Cricut craft!

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Summer drink holders and coasters

DIY Drink Holders + Coasters for Summer Nights

March 26th, 2018 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Hi! It’s Jenny from Everyday Jenny. Today I’m sharing a fun summer project you can make with iron-on and your Cricut EasyPress.  I chose Cricut’s new SportFlex Iron-on for the drink holders because they are slightly stretchy and it works great because of its flexibility.

These can holders and coasters will be perfect for those summer nights coming soon. There’s nothing better than relaxing with friends and sipping an ice cold drink!

1: Create Your Design

Create the design for your summer drink holders and coasters

Open Cricut Design Space and create your design for your can holder and your coasters. The Cricut Design Space library has lots of fun images you can add. I think some pineapples or watermelons would be fun additions! There are also some premade sayings if you search “Summer”.  I used the font Cricket for my words.

What saying will you put on your koozie? Be sure to share with #CricutMade so we can see!

2: Curve Your Text

Curve the text for your design

A fun new feature in Cricut Design Space is the ability to curve your text! I thought it would be fun to have curved text for my coasters. Simply select the text you want to curve, and use the Curve Text button slider to curve it exactly how you like it.

3: Cut Out Your Iron-on

Cut Out Your Iron-on

Once you have your design finished, click on Make It. Select SportsFlex Iron-on from the Materials list. Place your iron-on on the StandardGrip (green) mat liner side down. Don’t forget to mirror your image.

4: Weed Your Iron-on

Weed Your Iron-on

Carefully weed the excess material from your words using your weeding tools.

5: Press on Your Design

Press on Your Design

Make sure to check the recommended settings online for your EasyPress.  There are different settings if you are using the EasyPress mat or a towel. Preheat your EasyPress and warm up your can holder.

Uneven surfaces can be a little trickier to press. For the best results, you want to get your surface as flat as possible. One idea is a to use different sizes of wood blocks to make your surface flat. I was able to press my drink holder by having the uneven bottom piece stick out from the EasyPress, leaving the top flat.  

Place the words on your can holder and apply the heat. Test a small corner of your design and gently lift the liner. If the liner does not peel easily, reapply heat.

Peel off the liner.

Press on Your Design

Press your coasters with your EasyPress following the same steps. These are a lot easier to press because they are already nice and flat.

Now you’re ready to enjoy those summer nights!

Finished summer drink holders and coasters
Finished summer drink holders and coasters

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Celebrate your grad with this graduation lei

Use This Graduation Lei to Commemorate That Special Moment

April 27th, 2018 • Contributor: Dezi Moss

It is graduation season, which means your kid is growing up! Are you sad, happy, scared, or ecstatic? However you’re feeling, show some love and school spirit by hand crafting a Hawaiian lei for your graduate! I am a BYU fan, so I chose the colors blue and white. Pick whatever colors represent your school best.

1: Cut Cardstock

Cut the cardstock for the lei

Click here to open the “Graduation Lei” project in Cricut Design Space™. When the project opens, read through the instructions and click “Make It”.

Follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space™ to cut the rosettes from cardstock. The project file creates 55 rosettes for a 43" lei.

2: Fold on Score Line and Glue

Fold on Score Line and Glue

After you have all the rosettes pieces cut out (I know, it took forever!), separate each strip into piles of three. Fold each strip on the score lines like an accordion. Glue the tab of one strip to the edge of the second strip.

Now glue the second tab to the edge of the third. Last, glue the third tab to the edge of the first strip. You should now have a ring made from three accordion strips.

3: Create Rosette

Create Rosette

Lay the ring flat on your work surface, scalloped edge facing down. Push the straight edge down toward the center until the rosette lies flat on the desk. Hot glue a ring to each side of the center of the rosette. Make sure you do not glue over the hole in the center. 

4: String Your Lei Together

String Your Lei Together

After you have made all of the rosettes, thread them onto the ribbon. I strung mine in this pattern: 1 silver, 3 blue, 1 silver, 5 white, repeat sequins.

Tip: If your ribbon frays, try wrapping tape around the edge, similar to an aglet at the end of a shoelace.

String Your Lei Together

Tie the ends into a bow, and there you go! A lei full of school spirit. Happy graduation!

Happy graduate with lei

- Peace & Love

*Note: This is another great project we brought back from the archives. Happy crafting!*

Show us your graduation leis with #CricutMade on social media!

Cheers y'all wedding favors

Create These Cheers Y’all Wedding Favors for Your Special Day

February 20th, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Wedding season is quickly approaching, and if you are anything like I was, you want to DIY all.the.things for your wedding. Maybe you want to save money, maybe you can’t find anything that fits your wedding vision…either way, you need to get DIY’ing right away!

Cheers y'all wedding favors

I like to give meaningful and useful party favors…but they also need to fit the theme.

Hand-lettered script is super popular right now, so I asked my friend Pineapple Paper Co to write Cheers Y’all, and I uploaded it to Cricut Design Space. Just right-click on the words below and save so you can upload too.

Cheers y'all text image

1: Edit the Image

Edit the Cheers Y'all Image

Once the script has been uploaded to Design Space or you have created your own cut file, size it to fit your object, and send it to the machine to be cut.

Since one of the favors is a bottle opener, I needed the text to be longer than wide. In order to make the text longer, I sliced the text image and moved the Y’all next to the Cheers instead of under it.

2: Mirror, Cut and Weed Design

Cut out your design

I used Cricut Iron-on Lite for both favors, so I had to mirror the cut.

After the text was cut, I weeded it and placed one onto the can koozie and the other on the bottle opener.

3: Press the Iron-on

Adhere your iron-on

Now I was ready to use my EasyPress to apply the iron-on. I went with Iron-on Lite for the bottle opener because I bought an inexpensive stainless steel one, and outdoor and traditional sticky vinyl tends to fall off of stainless steel. This was the first time I tried using iron-on on metal and I am hooked!

I used a Cricut Protective Sheet when I pressed the can koozie. They can melt fairly easily, so I wanted to make sure there was an extra layer between the koozie and the EasyPress. I pressed it for 30 seconds at 330*.

Adhere your iron-on

Next, I used the EasyPress to apply the Iron-on to the bottle opener. I didn’t use the protective sheet for this because I wanted to be able to see what and where I was pressing. But be very careful, because the metal will get extremely hot. I set the EasyPress to 350* and pressed it for about 30 seconds. {One area needed a few more seconds}

These are such fun favors for any party and only take a few minutes to make!

If you wanted a different saying, what would you put? Comment below.

DIY Pizza Valentines

Use Your Cricut to Write Out These Adorable Pizza Valentines

February 6th, 2018 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Hi! It’s Jenny from Everyday Jenny. Have you tried writing with your Cricut? Today I’m showing you how to use Cricut fonts and pens to write.

Cricut has a great variety of pens that come in fine-point, medium-point, calligraphy and even glitter. They also come in all the colors of the rainbow. I have the Ultimate Fine Point set and love all the colors, but this Seaside Pen Set is calling my name too!

I created this cute pizza Valentine using my Cricut pens and Cricut fonts in Design Space.


Supplies for pizza Valentines

1: Create Your Design and Choose a Font

Create the design for your pizza Valentine

To create this design, I inserted a rectangle and then inserted my text. (You can open my design here.) To change your font, click on the text box, and the font selections will appear.

There are two styles of fonts you can use. Fonts that do not have a writing style will only be the outline of the text. Fonts with a writing style will draw a single stroke design.

You can easily filter your fonts to find ones with a writing style.  First, select Cricut fonts in the bar along the top. Then click on Filter on the right-hand side and select Writing Style. Now you can choose your font. The one I used is DonJuan.

2: Change Alignment and Spacing

Change the spacing and alignment for the pizza Valentines

Once you have selected your text, you can adjust the alignment and letter spacing. Decreasing the letter spacing is especially important if you choose a cursive style font and want the letters to connect.

I used the center alignment for my text and kept the letter spacing the same. Then I selected everything and duplicated it to make multiple copies.

What’s your favorite Cricut font to use? Let me know in the comments below.

3: Change Your Font Color

Change the color of your font

To use multiple pen colors, you will need to change your pen color on your design. This tells the machine to pause and allows you to switch out pens.

Click on your text layer and click on the colored circle. A panel will appear with all the color options and you can choose your color.

4: Attach Your Font

Attach the font for your pizza Valentines

This is a very important step! You need to make sure to attach your font to your layer so that it will write exactly as you have it on your design screen.

Select your text layer and the rectangle and select the Attach tool. Repeat with each Valentine.

5: Cut Out and Write Your Design

Make your pizza Valentines

Now you are ready to make your design. Click on “Make It” and select your material. Follow the onscreen prompts to insert the correct color pen into Clamp A on your machine.

Draw your pizza Valentines

Press the Go button on your machine and watch it work its magic! The machine will pause between pen colors to allow you to insert the next color. Once it has written all the text, it will cut out your design.

Carefully remove your paper from the mat. Attach your erasers using some glue dots and you are all done! You now have some colorful and fun Valentines to enjoy and share. Just make sure you don’t leave them in a place where your dog can get to them or a few might end up getting eaten. I’m not speaking from experience or anything...

Happy crafting!

Finished pizza Valentines

What project are you going to use your Cricut pens with? Be sure to pin this project to try!

How to Write with your Cricut
Galentine's Day invites

Galentine’s Day Invites That Leslie Knope Would Love

February 5th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Do you all have some fun plans?

If you are anything like me and my husband, we kind of gloss over Valentine’s like it is just any other day. Our anniversary is next month and as much as I love being spoiled, celebrating both is a little much for me. Well, that is what I tell him… I think my real reason is that I love using Valentine’s to celebrate my friends!

Galentine’s Day is a super popular alternative to celebrating with your significant other. Back in my single days, I’m pretty sure this euphemism hadn’t been coined yet. I certainly like it much better than single awareness day because even us married girls can celebrate Galentine’s!

I created this super easy Galentine’s party invite by using my Cricut® Maker. Let’s get started!


For the shirt below:

I designed this project for Cricut® Design Space. If you click here, you will be taken to the project. Click the Customize button to make it you own! Bonus- if you have an Access subscription, this project is free for you!

2: Edit Your Text

Edit your text

Double click on the text at the bottom of the invite and edit it as necessary. If you need to edit the main text on the invitation, you can delete my text and use the font “Chloe” to type your own sentiment.

3: Flatten Your Image

Flatten the image in Design Space
  • If you want to convert multiple layers to print together, you can use the Flatten tool from the Layers panel.
  • Highlight the white background of your invitation and all the text on top of it. You can do this by holding down the shift key and selecting each layer. Or you can hold down the shift key and drag your cursor over all the layers you wish to flatten.
  • Once they are all highlighted, select the Flatten tool located at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Note- When your layers are properly selected, they will be highlighted in a darker gray.

4: Prepare to Print

Get ready to print your invitation

Once you are satisfied with your invitation, click Make It. This will take you to a preview of your Print then Cut as well as all your other cut previews.

If your image was properly flattened, your invitation will appear with an added cut sensor marking (rectangle outline).

5: Print

Print our your Galentine's Day invite

On the next screen click, select your machine from the drop-down menu. Then click "Send to Printer" to open the Print Then Cut dialog. An image bleed will automatically be applied to the image(s) so that there is no white border left once the cut is complete.

Print the page using your home printer, then place the paper on the Cricut cutting mat and feed it to the Cricut machine. The machine will scan for the sensor marking then cut around the image with precision.

Note: At this time, the default material size for Print Then Cut is 8 ½ x 11", and cannot be changed. Colored materials or materials containing any kind of pattern may interfere with the cut sensor marks being read by the Cricut Explore machine. We recommend using an Inkjet Printer and 8 ½ x 11" white materials for all your Print Then Cut projects with Cricut Explore. The Cricut Maker, though, can Print Then Cut on light to medium colored papers.

6: Assemble

Put your Galentine's Day invites together

After you finish cutting the rest of your layers, assemble using the Ready-to-Make directions. Admire your cute and sassy invitation!

If you need something to wear to your event, head over to this project and whip up this snarky top.

Fall in Love - Fall Asleep shirt project

I can’t wait to see what you make to celebrate with your girls!

Make sure to tag @officialcricut and use #CricutMade in all your Galentine’s project creations!

Tune into our Facebook Lives and YouTube Lives to see me and other Cricut employees share all of our Cricut tip and tricks. Can’t wait to see you there!

Karley Hall
Senior Project Designer at Cricut

Make your own fabric banner

Easy DIY Fabric Banner using the Cricut Maker

January 23rd, 2018 • Contributor: Tiffany Hayter from OC Vintage Charm

Fabric banners are so popular for just about any event. Birthday parties, photography props, weddings, home décor, you name it! They are easy to make but cutting fabric can be so tedious and make your hands ache.

The Cricut Maker has just made your life so much easier with the rotary blade. It will cut perfect each time and now you can add movement to your banners with different shaped fabric strips. See how I put the Cricut Maker to the test and made this stunning high chair banner for a first birthday party.

Tools + Materials Needed For This Project:

Materials and tools needed for easy Fabric banner

1: Find Images in Design Space

Find your images


Find images for fabric strips

Turn on your Cricut Maker, then search for "border" in Design Space Images. Select M3A0A4 & M3A0CF.

Find your images
Find images for fabric strips

Unlock image and adjust to the desired size.

2: Add a Shape

Add a Shape


Add a shape

From Shapes, add a square, unlock the image and adjust to the desired size.

3: Change Color & Duplicate

Change the color


Change the color
Duplicate the images

Change images to the same color and duplicate to utilize 12x24 mat.

4: Cut Fabric

Cut out your fabric strips


Cut out your fabric strips

Cut 12x24” fabric piece and place on the mat. You may want to use a brayer to make sure fabric is smooth on the mat. Insert Rotary blade, set Cricut Maker to fabric type and cut.

Remove fabric pieces from the mat. (Don’t throw away the scrap fabric! You can use this to add depth and variation to your banner).


5: Repeat Step 4 With Additional Fabric Types

Cut out more fabric strips

Continue until the desired amount of fabric is cut.


1. Gently peel up delicate fabric by pulling up a tiny piece of the corner with your spatula or tweezers.

2. Use a lint roller on fabric mat to remove strings or debris.

6: Start Creating

Put your fabric banner together

Cut ribbon to the desired length. Layout your fabrics in the order you would like them on your banner and start tying them to the ribbon.

7: Complete the Project

Finish up your fabric banner

Complete the banner by cutting off the excess tied fabric and create dimension by adding layers in your banner. You can also angle the tips of the fabric ends.

Finish up your fabric banner
Finish up your fabric banner
Finish up your fabric banner

Following these easy steps will help you create an amazing fabric banner for any theme and occasion. Since I can use my Cricut Maker to cut fabric and cardstock, I was able to make the cursive ONE to add the finishing touch. This adorable high chair setup is now ready to be covered in cake!

When would you use a fabric banner like this? Let us know below!