Lia Griffith will be speaking at Mountain Make-a-Thon

Mountain Make-A-Thon Speaker Spotlight – Lia Griffith

June 22nd, 2018 • Cricut Events

We are so excited to share the spotlight on our third featured speaker, Lia Griffith. Lia is a true mastermind paper crafter. We can’t wait to learn from and be with Lia Griffith while she speaks to us about her inspiration. On Monday night Lia will be hosting an intimate discussion about her path to entrepreneurship and empowerment on how to find your dreams. During the days,  she and her team will be teaching at our Mountain Make-A-Thon. Come get hands-on experience with the world's most talented group of paper floral and fauna makers.

This is a rare opportunity to be around a true force and make incredible flowers come to life from paper!  If you haven’t already you can grab your tickets to the Mountain Make-A-Thon here. We wanted to share a little bit more about Lia and some of her amazing projects she has created with her Cricut.

We got to ask Lia a few questions about where she finds her inspiration in crafting.

What is your favorite DIY hack/trick?
We have so many here in the studio! I think one of my favorites is the one I use when I make blooming branches or plants. I like to repurpose a dry twig or branch found in my yard or out in nature. I'll then use hot glue to attach my paper leaves and flowers into the branch - perfect!

Where do you find your greatest DIY inspiration?
My greatest inspiration is always nature. Not only do I turn to nature to help me design a new flower pattern, I find that a walk through the forests in Portland, or a trip out to the wild Oregon coast will ignite my creativity with ease.

What is one crafting supply you can’t live without?
I would hate to be without paper! My business started with a simple paper rose design and, although we now share projects using all kinds of materials, I still adore the feeling I get from working with paper. Since I discovered the Cricut explore a few years back, my love for paper crafting has only increased. I get to make paper bouquets and 3D projects that were inconceivable before I purchased my first machine! But I do have to say, now that we can cut other materials with the Maker, felt is slowly becoming my new favorite!

What is your favorite project you have created?
I have always loved my crepe paper gardenias. When we launched our own line of crepe papers back in 2016, I spent a lot of time designing and making with this wonderful new material. The double-sided crepe that I use for these gardenias feels like silk and with a little gentle curling, the petals just ooze elegance and charm. I love how simple they are to make as well - really anyone can make this gorgeous paper bloom!

What sparked your interest in crafting?
Growing up in a family where we made everything has definitely been the greatest inspiration in my life. My Dad made our house, we canned our own food, made our own clothes and everything in between! I didn't appreciate it at the time, but as I grew up and started to discover more about myself and my passions, I began to realize how DIY and craft is something that feeds my soul. I feel so lucky to be able to have created a business out of something I love so much!

Lia Griffith - Mountain Make-a-Thon

Lia has a way with creating the most lifelike blossoms. The way she adds texture and life to paper is amazing - we can’t wait to learn some of her tips!

Lia Griffith - Mountain Make-a-Thon

Her projects are always beautifully thought out and the colors she chooses are always so perfectly presented, they can’t help but make you smile.

Lia Griffith - Mountain Make-a-Thon

Aren’t these paper projects just jaw-dropping?! These mini cacti are absolute perfection! If you want to see more of Lia’s favorite projects you can check them out here.

Lia Griffith - Mountain Make-a-Thon

Lia Griffith is an internationally renowned DIY designer, crafter, photographer, stylist and big dreamer. After realizing the demand for her unique paper flower designs, Lia launched her handcrafted lifestyle blog in the Spring of 2013. Offering stunning DIY projects, printables and inspiration in paper, felt, fabric, leather and more, Lia soon saw her website flourish and now inspires millions worldwide to reconnect with their creativity every day.

We can’t wait for Lia to be at the Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon!  Grab your ticket to come learn from Lia here.

Anna Griffin Mountain Make a Thon Speaker Spotlight

Mountain Make-A-Thon Speaker Spotlight – Anna Griffin

June 20th, 2018 • Cricut Events

If you have been a long time Cricut fan you know the paper crafting expert herself, Anna Griffin!  We are so excited to announce that Anna Griffin will be at the Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon! We cannot wait to host her on our main stage for the Tuesday Morning General Session!  She will be answering all of your questions in a live Q&A, give you a few amazing tips and tricks on her favorite crafting secrets, and hear her latest holiday trend forecast.  Not only do you get to hear from Anna on stage, but she will be teaching two classes as well.  Her scoring tricks are always awe-inspiring, and she will be walking you through a hands-on project.  If you’ve dreamed of meeting Anna and making projects with her – and learning her favorite Cricut crafting moments too! – don’t wait to pick up your ticket to the Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon. Have you gotten your tickets? If not, be sure to grab them here so you can meet and craft with Anna and all of us here at Cricut.  Now, we want you all to get to know Anna a little better.

We asked Anna a few questions about crafting and where she gets her inspiration!


Anna Griffin - Mountain Make-a-Thon

One thing Anna is known for is her amazing card creations and how she adds layers to all her projects so beautifully!

We love this project for the warmer months - there is something so fresh and fun about it!  You can make your own here.


Anna Griffin - Mountain Make-a-Thon

Another project we love from Anna is this beautiful rose framed art!  The layers have us drooling! You can make this project here.


Anna Griffin - Mountain Make-a-Thon

For over two decades, Anna Griffin has remained a recognized authority when it comes to translating exquisite patterns evocative of old world style into modern, mix-and-match designs. Griffin launched her eponymous company in 1994 by creating one-of-a-kind, handmade wedding invitations. This was followed by an industry-changing line of “imprintable” invitations with a custom look.

The rapid expansion into paper product categories like stationery, gifts, crafts, and fabrics has inspired her company’s success and remarkable growth. Since 2012, the designer’s vast archive of beautiful designs has allowed the company to seamlessly introduce thousands of licensed designs for Cricut.

A household name among crafters, quilters, and TV shoppers, the Anna Griffin brand is synonymous with intricate patterns and high-quality products. Her love of antiques, textiles, and prints combined with an “old made new” design philosophy remains constant – it is all beautiful in the making.

We love all things that Anna creates and we can't wait to learn from her at the Mountain Make-A-Thon. If you haven’t gotten your tickets and you want to learn from Anna get your tickets here.

Mountain Make-A-Thon Speaker Spotlight: Erica Domesek

June 18th, 2018 • Cricut Events

Can you believe we are down to just 42 days until the Mountain Make-A-Thon?! We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.

One of the things we are most excited about is our keynote speaker, DIY expert, Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This ... She will be inspiring all of us with her DIY journey and how creating beautiful projects herself has changed her life. You can still get your tickets here. For now, let us introduce you to Erica!

Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This

We had a couple questions we wanted to ask Erica about her DIY journey! Check out what she had to say:

1 – What is your favorite DIY hack/trick?

I am a big believer in cutting corners no matter what I'm doing. Something I try to pass along is that I tell people to keep/store their markers / Sharpies upside down so they last longer. The ink can tend to dry out faster if you store them with the tips pointed up.

2 – Where do you find your greatest DIY inspiration?

Everywhere! Shopping, Magazines, scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. Inspiration is all around. Things with a beautiful design that stop you in your tracks and make you think -- wait, I should or can make that beautiful thing!

3 – What is one crafting supply you can’t live without?

An amazing and sharp pair of scissors.

4 – What is your favorite project you have created?

I can't say I have a favorite. That is like asking someone to pick their favorite child. However, things in the home are near and dear to me -- so any artwork or creative storage that I designed that is displayed in my home makes me happy.

5- What sparked your interest in crafting?

I have been designing, tinkering, crafting, basically just living a creative life for as long as I can remember. It’s something that was instilled in me when I was young. My family was very artistic and always encouraged me to embrace art and design at a young age.

I tried everything as a kid -- working with clay, stained glass, pottery, jewelry making, sewing, you name it! I am a big believer that if you give a young mind the tools and access to be creative at an early age, it will give them skills to last a lifetime (and of course make them smile).


Erica’s creations are so inspiring and we know you will love hearing more from her. She’s a pro at taking everyday items and turning them into jaw-dropping, eye-catching masterpieces. Check out some of our favorite projects that she has created!

Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This

We love Erica’s take on taking simple things and turning them into beautiful creations like these Dip Dyed Rope Vases.

Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This

She has such a great way of adding extra flair to everyday items like this embroidered map.

Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This

Her projects are so simple yet sophisticated and we LOVE easy DIY! This pom pom table runner has our hearts! You can check Erica out on her Instagram for her more of her latest inspiration and project creations! @psimadethis

Erica’s Bio … Erica Domesek is the founder of the innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) lifestyle brand P.S.- I Made This, which launched in 2009. She has been a distinguished expert in the areas of design and style as well as a leader in brand marketing for 12 years. Her personal mission is to inspire and encourage people everywhere to embrace the concept of crafting the life they want.

Her success in connecting with the American consumer, specifically the Millennial demographic, has allowed her to create strategic partnerships with innovative companies ranging from Microsoft, American Express, Gap, Coca-Cola, Express, Mercedes-Benz, AOL, Ford, Lacoste, Express, Levi’s, and many more.

She has helped develop and execute hundreds of successful digital and experiential programs with top-tier brands looking to align themselves with connected and passionate audiences.

Domesek has appeared on The Today Show, Rachael Ray, The Martha Stewart Show, E! News, Fox Business News, and as a judge on TLC’s Craft Wars. She currently stars in the TLC Digital series Erica in the House. Her work has been featured in issues of Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, The Wall Street Journal, Self, Elle, Teen Vogue, and more.

Her first best-selling, globally published book “P.S. – I Made This…” was released in 2010, and her second book “P.S.- You’re Invited…” was released in September 2013.

Over the years, Erica has been a longtime mentor to female entrepreneurs and college students seeking advice on careers in media and creative arenas. She has dedicated her voice to leading organizations such as Charity Water, Pencils of Promise, PS Arts, Art of Elysium and Indego Africa. Erica’s passion in lending her guidance and support to people who ultimately want to live their best life celebrate major milestones and moments, all while inspiring the next generation of thought-leaders and change-makers is truly what she lives for.

We are looking forward to learning and being inspired by Erica at the Mountain Make-A-Thon on July 30th - August 1st. If you haven’t snagged a seat for the Mountain Make-A-Thon you can grab your tickets here.

If you are excited about the event, be sure to share this post below!

Scoring wheel for the Cricut Maker

Seeing Double? Meet Scoring Wheel and Double Scoring Wheel for Cricut Maker

June 18th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Team

Introducing the latest in Cricut Maker’s expandable suite of tools: Scoring Wheel and Double Scoring Wheel! For all you paper crafters, home decor enthusiasts, prototypers and 3D makers, these tools will make your DIY dreams come true: magically make crisp folds with thick, thin and coated materials.


Make Amazing Dimensional Projects

We’ve designed two new Scoring Wheels that let you add dimension to any project. Make everything from cards, gift tags, and name plates with Scoring Wheel to boxes, 3D structures, jewelry and wall decor with Double Scoring Wheel.

  • Scoring Wheel makes a deep single-line score perfect for uncoated light materials like crepe paper, light cardstock and even acetate.
  • Double Scoring Wheel creates two deep, parallel score lines that are ideal for coated, heavier materials like poster board and cardboard.

With up to 10X the pressure of our best-selling Cricut Explore family of machines, Cricut Maker + Scoring Wheel makes crisp creases in one pass for pro-level precision on every possible crease-and-fold project. You’ll no longer have to worry about whether your score lines are deep enough, and you can say goodbye to cracks when folding coated materials.

Here are some beautiful celebration projects to get you inspired that you will be able to access in Design Space in the coming weeks.

Scoring wheel release - 3D cardstock to-go boxes

3D cardstock to-go boxes

Scoring wheel release - Light cardstock geometric vase

3D acetate treat holders

Scoring wheel release - Light cardstock invitations

Light cardstock invitations

Scoring wheel release - Light cardstock geometric vase

Light cardstock geometric vase

More Tools. More Materials. More Possibilities.

Score more materials such as acetate, glitter cardstock, foil poster board, kraft board, mulberry paper and even heavy cardstock, to give you a few examples. The full materials list will be posted soon on

When we launched Cricut Maker, our vision was to bring you a new technology that expands the boundaries of what you can make.

From the innovative Rotary Blade, which cuts unbacked fabric, to Knife Blade, which gives you precision cutting on heavier materials like balsa wood and leather, we’ve been working tirelessly to deliver on our promise to give you more Cricut Maker tools.

This is why we’re excited to announce today Cricut Scoring Wheel, a new tool -- in fact two new tools!

Scoring wheel release

Scoring Wheel is here

Scoring wheel release - Light cardstock invitations

Cricut Maker's expandable suite of tools

Scoring Wheel is a tool designed specifically for Cricut Maker; it is not compatible with the Cricut Explore family (or earlier) of machines.


Scoring wheel release - Light cardstock invitations

Achieve amazing scoring projects like these 3D paper vases with Cricut Scoring Wheel


Availability & Pricing

You can see Scoring Wheel in action with one of our favorite makers, Anna Griffin, -- and buy it -- for the first time on HSN on Tuesday, July 10 at 10:00 p.m. MT. Check out the Official Cricut Facebook page for more details on the airing. We’ll also post more about the airing on our blog!

Scoring Wheel and Double Scoring Wheel will be available on end of July, and on other major craft and fabric retailer websites beginning in August. Watch for it in stores in the fall. Packaging options include:

  • Scoring and Double Scoring Wheel Tips and QuickSwap™ Drive Housing (for interchangeable tool use) will be available for $49.99 MSRP
  • Scoring Wheel Tip + QuickSwap™ Drive Housing will be available for $39.99 MSRP
  • Double Scoring Wheel Tip will be available separately for $19.99
  • Scoring Wheel Replacement Tip (single) will be sold on only for $19.99

Sign up here to get updates on when Scoring Wheel is available on


Help With Scoring Wheel Projects

We’ll have helpful FAQ and videos on how to use Scoring Wheel and Double Scoring Wheel available on soon. You can also make all of the projects from this blog post in Design Space in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned to the blog for more Scoring Wheel project inspiration, tutorials, and news.

We can’t wait to see what you make.

Permanent Vinyl Release

Make Your Projects Last With New Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Permanent

June 8th, 2018 • Contributor: Shelby Jones, Cricut Social Media Specialist

As the temps warm up we all seem to migrate outside which means more places to craft up some projects!  We have something that will weather the hot temps, the dishwasher, and even the day to day heavy use! We are so excited to bring your our new Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Permanent!

Cricut Premium Vinyl Permanent Release

If you’re looking for something that you can change up more often don’t worry we got you covered!  We also are excited to bring you Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Removable.

Cricut Premium Vinyl Permanent Release

Let’s get into the details of exactly why we are SO excited for these two new products!

Both of our new permanent and removable vinyl lay flat on your cutting mat without tunneling or bubbling. You'll weed with ease and apply with awe. Even complex designs effortlessly lift from the carrier sheet for a perfect application.

Our permanent vinyl is water-resistant and UV-resistant, Permanent Premium Vinyl, lasts up to three years, even in the great outdoors. It cuts great on all Cricut cutting machines!  Is your mind spinning with project ideas like ours is?! Start shopping the vinyl here.

Cricut Premium Vinyl Permanent Release

What makes the Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Removable so special? It gives you ultimate flexibility and stays removable for up to two years without residue. Perfect for your projects like wall decor or other home projects! Start shopping the vinyl here.

Cricut Premium Vinyl Permanent Release

We are so excited to get crafting with our new Premium Vinyls!  We want to know what are you going to make.

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Come to the 2018 Cricut Mountain Make-a-Thon

Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon Classes!

June 7th, 2018 • Cricut Events

We are thrilled to offer a variety of classes from paper-crafting to sewing to learning how to start your own Etsy business! We have over 35 classes on the schedule with over 100 sessions! Feel free to schedule up to 12 classes. Make sure you review the list below to see all the classes we plan to offer and get signed up as soon as possible (class sizes are limited). If you haven't signed up for the event be sure to sign up here.

We can't wait to see you! If you have any questions please email the Events team at



Uptown Foil Invites for Less - Tisa Jackson

  • Love the look of foiled invites and announcements but not so in love with the price tag? We will create shiny-foiled wedding invites, baby shower announcements, graduation announcements, or party invites for any occasion. These projects are quick and easy, get ready to grab your Cricut and get started!

Create Your Signature Paper Style - Cori George

  • Make your paper-crafting projects instantly recognizable by creating your own signature style! You'll discover tips and tricks for creating a cohesive look and feel to all of your projects, and you'll get started crafting your own Signature Style Guide.

Layers of Disney Characters Demystified - Paulette Trent

  • In this class, you will learn how to paper piece your favorite Disney characters in the Cricut Image Library. Paulette will teach you the differences between the base layer and the shadow layer, how these images are designed, and how that matters when layering.

Cardmaking 101: Open Up the World of Cards and Envelopes - Karley Hall

  • Learn and master the base of all papercrafting! We will show you the how-to of creating basic cards and envelopes working with pens and scoring tools! Gain confidence in your design skills to be able to create a library of cards for any occasion.

Cardmaking 201: From Flat to Fab - RitaMarie Cavicchio

  • You've seen the 3D Box Cards, but how in the world are they made? Let us show you how to work with 3D projects to create cards that are not only fun to make, but fun to give!

Cardmaking 301: Twist & Shout - Debbie O'Neal

  • Tired of making the same old flat card, but you're not quite sure where to start? In this class we will dive into the latest trends in card making including what's hot for images, materials, and card styles. You will make a fabulous interactive twist card for you to take home. Come join us to take your card making to the next level.

Party 101: Simple, Small Details - Jordan Hansen

  • Be the hostess with the mostest by creating completely unique parties from start to finish. Jordan will help you create the picture perfect party by working with fonts and images within Design Space by using the scoring and writing features with your Cricut Maker.

Party 201: Adding Texture & Dimension - Julia Groves

  • Come learn how to make the perfect themed party decorations using your Cricut, Cuttlebug, Easy Press, and a color printer. See the newest party decorations trends and how to decide which decorations best fit your event. This class will take your decorations to the next level using embossing, vinyl, iron-on, and Print + Cut.

Thinking Outside the Mat - Kristen Johnson

  • Do you feel restricted by the size of your Cricut mat? Let Kristen teach you how to use your Cricut and mats to create projects on a larger scale for your next event or party. Join us to learn how to create larger than life paper projects as well as vinyl designs that go well beyond the boundaries of your mat.

Pretty Printables for Every Day - Lorrie Nunemaker

  • Bring a world of color to your projects with the Print Then Cut. Learn how to print your images and then watch your Cricut machine cut them exactly how you want them! Create the personalized monogrammed stickers that will have just the right amount of pattern!

Fabric Arts

Design Your Own Quilt Block Like a Pro - Carolina Moore

  • Learn how to use Cricut’s existing quilt block pieces as well as basic shapes in Cricut Design Space to create custom cut files for your quilting projects. You’ll leave the class having created several quilt designs which you can cut and stitch at home.

Say Yes to Embroidery! - Amy Chappell

  • Adding hand embroidery details can take a project from great to amazing! Learn tricks to use in Design Space to help you create an embroidery project you'll love.

Sewing Made Easy - Heather Paulsen

  • Learn tips and tricks for sewing with knit fabric to create professional looking projects every time.

Put the Sew in Housewares - Sarah Unthank

  • Learn how to create beautiful pillows that perfectly coordinate with your style with basic sewing skills and your Cricut Maker.

Stitching Smarter - Kim Coffin

  • Is it hard to find time to complete a sewing project? Learn how to save time and sew more efficiently with the Cricut Maker.

Mermaid Madness - Kim Coffin

  • Are you a part of the mermaid craze? Come learn make a Mermaid and see how fun and easy mixed media project can be! You will complete a mermaid stuffie and give her some glitter finishes that are sure to make anyone’s day a little brighter.

The Case of the Amazing Zipper - Audrey Fixation

  • Does sewing a zipper intimidate you? By the end of this class, you'll feel confident doing it and have a cute phone case to take home.

A Gentleman's View on Sewing - Mike Aspinall

  • In this invaluable session, Mike from The Crafty Gentleman will demystify the secrets of finding, adapting and creating sewing projects with the Cricut Maker. He’ll guide you through every step towards the perfect finished project – with plenty of tips and advice along the way. Whether you’re an experienced sewer or just getting started, you’ll leave this session with the confidence to take on any sewing project that Design Space has to offer.


An Iron-On for every Fabric - Angie Holden

  • Want to create flawless Iron-on projects? In this class, you'll learn which Iron-on is best for which material and how to mix and match your Iron-on like a pro.

Cover Your Bases - Heidi Kundin and Cheryl Spangenberg

  • Are you ready to take your Iron-on skills to the next level? Learn advanced tips and tricks for how to use Iron-on with unique base materials including wood, metal, glass and much more.

All About the Base - Stephanie Paxman

  • Want to use Iron-on on more than just T-shirts? Learn how to use Iron-on on wood and more!

Jump into the Reverse Canvas Craze - Lindsey Fekitoa

  • You've seen them everywhere, join us to make your own reverse canvas to take home!

How to Design for Patterned Iron-On - Beth Kingston

  • You've seen our Patterned Iron-on, now learn how to create designs perfect for it.

Ironing Out the Wrinkles - Erica Dietz

  • Learn how to create your design in Design Space, which Iron-on to use for your project, and how to find the correct temperatures and techniques when using the EasyPress.

Say Anything! - Jessica Bailey and Sarah Skaggs

  • Learn how to combine words, numbers, and images to create the perfect tee for any occasion.

Mixing Up Your Iron-on Color Palette - Pam Dana and Sydney Andersen

  • Everything you need to know about all the different Iron-on types Cricut has and when you should use them.

Outfit your Family Friends and Team: Sizing for all Sizes - Natalie Shaw

  • Learn how to take one design and use it for a variety of sizes. Perfect for team shirts and family reunions!


Taught by Cori George, Chelsea LaVere, Jessica Turley, Emily Pettiford, Charynn Olsheski and Michelle Edgemont

  • Get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques for capturing your projects and sharing with the world. Learn about lighting, perspective, angles, using filters, propping, styling and much more!

Craft Business

Business 101: So You Want to Start An Etsy Business - Anna McNamara, Jessica Turley, and Emily Pettiford

  • Learn the fundamentals of starting and building your Etsy own business from a panel of pros.

Business 201: From Fledgling to Flourishing - Beth Kingston, Sydney Andersen, and Jessica Helgren

  • Feeling stuck on getting your business going? A panel of pros discuss best practices to help your Craft business build momentum from good to great.

Business 301: Crash Course in Podcasting - Stephanie Kendron

  • Looking to take the next step with your business with starting a podcast? Advanced class to learn the ins-and-outs of engaging with crafters using this engaging medium.

Design Space Mastery

  • Intro to Design Space (Browser) - Brooke Berry
  • Intro to Design Space (Mobile) - Brooke Berry
  • Fun With Texts and Fonts (Browser) - Stephanie Kendron
  • Fun With Texts and Fonts (Mobile) - Stephanie Kendron
  • Mastering the Tools in the Layers Panel (Browser) - Katie Clark
  • Mastering the tools in the Layers Panel (Mobile) - Katie Clark
  • It Cuts Like a Knife - Sarah DesJardins
  • Advanced Project Designing: Start to Finish - Melody Lane
  • Advanced Project Designing: Start to Finish - Carole Prevost


Ready to join us?! Click here to get your tickets to the Mountain Make-A-Thon!

DIY Leather Luggage Tags with Cricut Knife Blade

Cool Materials You Can Use With the Knife Blade

May 24th, 2018 • Contributor: Mariah Leeson from Giggles Galore

Hello Cricut friends! It’s Mariah from Giggles Galore and like you, I am so excited about the arrival of the Cricut Knife Blade. I’ve been playing around with my Knife Blade for about a month now, and I've been having lots of fun trying out all kinds of new projects and materials, it's amazing what this new tool can do!

Today I thought it would be fun to talk all about the different kinds of cool materials you can cut with the Knife Blade. The Knife Blade was specifically designed to cut thicker materials that cannot be easily or successfully cut with other machines or blades. But, before we talk materials and projects there are a few important details we need to discuss.

First, the Knife Blade is for use with the Cricut Maker™ only and requires the use of Design Space® software on a desktop or laptop.

Second, when using the Knife Blade it is not recommended for cutting images or details smaller than ¾”.

Finally, it's important to note that thicker materials require multiple cut passes with gradually increasing pressures to cut through successfully. This means that Knife Blade cuts will take significantly more time than when you are cutting thinner materials with other blades. The duration of the cut will vary depending on the size and intricacy of the images being cut, so make sure you remember to plan ahead and be patient.

Cricut Knife Blade

Ok, now let's talk about all of the cool materials you can use to start making your own one-of-a-kind projects. The Knife Blade is capable of cutting the following approved materials:

* Balsa wood, up to 3/32”

* Basswood, up to 1/16"

* Tooling leather, up to 7 oz

* Garment leather, up to 5oz

* Cricut® Chipboard, 2mm

* Matboard, 2-ply or 4-ply

* Craft foam, up to 3mm

With all of these fun materials the possibilities for party decorations, home decor, and gifts are endless. Let's take a closer look at some of my favorite materials and what you need to know before you begin.


The Cricut Knife Blade can be used to cut both garment leather and tooling leather.  What's the difference you ask?  Garment leather is often softer and more flexible than other types of leather because it has been treated with softeners.  Cricut offers a variety of garment leathers in 12" x 12" sizes.  Tooling leather is stiffer and may have patterns or designs worked into the leather using leather tools.  The key is to look for leather with a uniform even surface.

When cutting leather you need to use a StrongGrip mat and use a brayer to create a firm bond between the material and the adhesive surface. Be sure to tape down all four edges of your material to the mat, blue painters tape works great.  I made DIY Leather Luggage Tags with both the Cricut garment leather and tooling leather and they both cut beautifully with the Knife Blade.


This is one of the materials I couldn't wait to try with the Knife Blade.  I think this is one of the most versatile materials that can be used for everything from custom cake toppers to home decor.  I just know you are going to love creating projects with chipboard so let's talk about what you need to know before you get started.

The Knife Blade works with 2 mm Cricut chipboard, which is made of high-grade materials and specifically designed for use with the Knife Blade. The maximum size of cut for chipboard projects is 10.75" x 10.75" and the cut can't be smaller than 3/4".  Just like the leather you need to use a StrongGrip mat and tape the top and bottom edges of the material to the mat.  Once it is done cutting, before you remove the mat you will want to examine your project by pulling up a corner or edge piece to make sure all pieces have been completely cut, if not Design Space will allow you to select and add one more cut pass to complete the cut.

One of the things I love most about the chipboard is how you can personalize your design for any occasion by covering it in paper or paint.  If you plan to paint your chipboard make sure you paint it with an acrylic sealer, Modge Podge or Gesso first.  I used one coat of spray paint to finish off this simple patriotic anchor cake topper and love how it turned out.

Balsa Wood and Basswood

Balsa Wood and Basswood

When I first learned about the Knife Blade and heard that you would be able to cut wood my mind was blown.  Just like the chipboard, I can see lots of versatility with this material, especially when it comes to creating on-trend home decor.  I can't wait to create my own one-of-a-kind gallery wall, just like this one the creative team at Cricut designed and made.  Just look at that incredible basswood World Art!

Cutting balsa wood and basswood is easy with the Knife Blade, but here are a few important things you need to know.  Boards should be single pieces and not composite pieces or pieces that have been glued together.  Look for wood with no bow or warp and minimal blemishes like knots.  You can purchase and use wood with 1/32", 1/16" or 3/32" thickness. You will want to place the wood on the StrongGrip mat with the grain running either horizontally or vertically and be sure to tape all edges of the material to the mat.

In addition to these approved materials, I've also been experimenting with other cool materials including mat board, plastic sheets, cardboard boxes and cork board.

What type of materials are you most excited about trying with your Knife Blade?

New Fonts That Have Our Heart

Fonts That Have Our Heart

May 16th, 2018 • Contributor: Shelby Jones, Cricut Social Media Specialist

Fonts are getting all the heart eyes from me lately!  Seriously - the project inspiration is ENDLESS! And I will be the first to admit the time I spend picking the perfect font for my projects...sometimes takes longer than making the actual project (which I am totally fine with scrolling through dreamy fonts).  I have rounded up a few of my new favorites that are exclusive to Cricut and all Cricut Access members!

Ps - if you don’t have Cricut Access or know what it is you may want to click here to learn what all the rage is about.

Alright let’s do this!  Allow me to introduce:

Biofreeze font

I can’t fully explain it, but does anyone else crave a slurpee when looking at this font? Bio Freeze is sure to be a top used font for my Summer projects.

Babette font

Babette you pretty little thing you!!! Wedding season is upon us and I can’t wait to get creating some perfect wedding DIYs for my friend's upcoming wedding! Isn’t she beautiful?

Sailor Tattoo font

Sailor Tattoo is to get that perfect tough gal tattoo look without ever having to sit in the parlor!  I used our Curve tool to add a little extra something to this design and I think it would be great on a custom tee!

Girly Stencil font

Girly Stencil will give you that extra girly flair for all your little girl’s projects. Would this be the cutest to personalize a book bag or beach bag?

High Tide font

High Tide is the perfect way to add a bold statement to your DIY project. Support your local sports teams with this bold but simple font.

Little White Lies font

Little White Lies is a simple thin stroke font that has such a fun feel!  Try it on your next children's project!

Rusty font

Rusty! Our perfect worn and loved farmhouse feel of a font!  This would be perfect to use on your home decor and those rustic signs that we are all loving lately!

Rosalind font

Rosalind has my heart for its simplicity! I see a lot of personalizing...everything in my very near future!

Agincourt Com font

This just in - Agincourt Com will be your new favorite when wanting to make a statement!  Don’t you think?

Marguerita font

Cinco de Mayo just happened and I can’t help but think how perfect the Marguerita font would fit into a festive party scene. Invites! Food labels! Placecards! It’s fiesta time!

These are just a few of the favorites that have just been released but you know there’s more! Jump into Design Space right now to check out these other newbies:

  • Bendigo
  • Cabarga Cursiva
  • Zaragoza Std
  • Tiger Rag
  • Flip Flops
  • Chicken Scratch

I want to hear what your favorite new font is and what project you have your eye on to create with the perfect font!

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Martha Stewart will be making Cricut projects on QVC

Cricut And Martha Stewart Make Celebrations Together on QVC

May 14th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Team

Cricut is coming to QVC! Last month, we announced our exciting partnership with Martha Stewart by offering a beautiful Vanilla Pearl Cricut Explore Air 2™ Martha Stewart special edition machine and matching Basic Tool Kit, sold exclusively at Michaels. With Cricut tools and Martha Stewart inspired projects and images in Design Space, now you can make any celebration like Martha.

Martha Stewart Special Edition Cricut Air 2

What’s better than seeing projects made by Martha? Martha making the projects live! On Thursday, May 17 at 8:00pm E.T. Martha will be on QVC making a variety of celebrations projects using her Cricut and Design Space. Be sure to tune-in for special pricing on her Cricut bundle.

Not only will you get to see Martha’s beautiful Cricut Explore Air 2 machine in action, but you’ll also get to see a variety of projects from a pineapple party, perfect for summer, to home decor and embellished fashion. Martha and her team will be using different materials from cardstock to iron-on and vinyl so you can see how to cut intricate designs with Cricut assemble them into amazing projects.

Here is a sneak peek of some of some of the projects and inspiration you’ll see from Martha on QVC.

Pineapples are all the craze right now in DIY, which is why you will love this Martha Stewart pineapple-inspired party.

Pineapple Party Garland

Martha Stewart Pineapple Party Garland

All you need is cardstock and Martha’s ready-to-make Pineapple Party Garland project to get the perfect decor for your summer party.

Pineapple Party Invitation

Martha Stewart Pineapple Party Invitation

Grab some vinyl and cardstock in your favorite colors to create this adorable Martha Stewart Pineapple Party invitation. Your guests will love it.

Colorful Wall Rosettes

Martha Stewart Colorful Wall Rosettes

Outfit your pineapple party with some matching Martha Stewart Wall Rosettes to add texture and color to your decor. All you need is cardstock in your party colors to achieve this project with Cricut.

If you’re loving these Martha Stewart party projects as much as we are, again, make sure you tune in on Thursday, May 17 at 8:00pm E.T. to see Martha making on QVC. You can also visit the QVC website to check out the Cricut Explore Air 2 Martha Stewart bundle at a special price.

We can’t wait for you to join!

10 things you should know when using the Cricut Knife Blade

Let’s Get Technical! How to Cut with Knife Blade: 10-Things Inquiring Minds Need to Know

May 4th, 2018 • Cricut Team

You have your Cricut Maker™ and recently bought Knife Blade – let’s get cutting. Here you’ll find a few key things – 10 to be exact – you need to know about working with Knife Blade and your Cricut Maker. You could also learn these tips from our video.

1. Calibrate your Cricut Maker for Knife Blade

Before you do ANYTHING, you must calibrate your Knife Blade. Do this first so that your machine recognizes the Knife Blade Drive Housing and executes the best cuts. It’s easy, Design Space® walks you through every step. Just click the account menu and select “Calibration” and follow the on-screen prompts. You may have to upgrade your firmware (this means your Maker), and this only takes a few minutes as well. If you like, you can read more about it here.

2. Always Use Your Desktop or Laptop for Knife Blade Projects

Due to longer cut times that require a Bluetooth™ connection, Knife Blade projects need to be done in Design Space on your computer, not your iOS or Android device (phone, tablet, etc.). Knife Blade is not compatible with these devices.

3. And, 4! Speaking of Using Your Computer … A Couple of Tips

Always use Design Space in a Google Chrome browser, and importantly, always in a dedicated window – try to avoid opening additional tabs. If you absolutely must use the web while working with Knife Blade, open a new window.

While you’re at it, make sure you turn OFF Sleep Mode on your computer. Since Knife Blade projects can take some time, it’s important to make sure your computer doesn’t Pause Out while cutting your project.

5. Tape Your Material to Your Mat

Cricut Maker and Knife Blade cut with 10-times more force than Cricut Explore®. The mat’s adhesion isn’t necessarily going to be sticky enough to hold the thick or dense types of materials you’ll be tackling with Knife Blade.

When prepping for a cut, you’ll use tape to secure your material on the purple (StrongGrip) mat. Blue Painter’s Tape or masking tape works just fine. Start with the left corner and then tape all four sides ... not just the corners. Tape to within 1-inch from the edges; this is what’s going to help hold your material in place. If you think you need to tape the corners, you can do that, too.

6. Slide Those Star Wheels Over

The little white wheels on the roller are called star wheels, and if you are cutting thick materials they could make indentations. Move them to the right so that this doesn’t happen to your design.

7. Keep Cuts Larger Than 3/4” (0.75 of an Inch)

Take a good look at the size of the pieces your design requires and make sure they are greater than 3/4 of an inch. The Knife Blade is not an intricate cut blade and may not be able to make those finely cut or small pieces.

Also, make sure any lines that you cut are at least the width of a pencil. This is important to get clean lines, and not run the risk of breaking your blade.

8. One Word: Time

Knife Blade makes cuts in multiple passes. Depending on the depth of the material – and the size and complexity of your design — cuts can take some time, so plan on it. Once the blade makes its first pass, it will estimate the number of passes the cut will take. Design Space is nifty and will count down each pass right before your eyes.

9. Add One More Pass

When a Mat, or design, is almost done cutting, Design Space will prompt you to check the Cuts. Take a look and see if your design is complete and ready to come off the mat. If the design isn’t cut all the way through, you can tell Design Space to make another pass. Just press the “Go” button.

10. Resume Your Project

If your machine stops due to debris from cutting, a minor defect in your material (like leather that has natural flaws), or the blade just seems to be stalled, look to see if the Cricut “C” button is flashing. If it is, then brush off the debris, press the C again and it will resume cutting.

That's it! We can’t wait to see what you make. Please be sure to share your creations on Facebook or Instagram and tag us. Good luck!