“Meet the Maker”: Anna Griffin’s Favorites – Handmade for Mom

May 2, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

As we were planning our Meet the Maker features, one of the first people on our list was our long-time partner, designer Anna Griffin. Since launching her remarkable brand in 1994, Anna has translated patterns evocative of old-world style into modern, mix-and-match design and become a household name among crafters and decorators.

Fueled by her passion for antique textiles and prints, Anna has created gorgeous content and cutting files for us, including the Anna Griffin® Content Bundle for the Cricut Explore® Air. Her elegant style lends itself perfectly to projects for the most important woman in our life: Mom. We were thrilled when Anna spoke with us from her studio in Atlanta, Georgia about her earliest memories of crafting, the philosophy that drives her company and her favorite picks on Design Space.

Tell us a little bit about the women who influenced you growing up.

I grew up next door to my Grandmother Hallie, so I’d see her daily and she was the most inspirational person in my life. She was of that generation that did everything from scratch: she cooked without recipes and she crafted without measuring! She was an incredible mentor because she taught me that I could do anything.

My mother was another source of inspiration. She taught my sister and me every craft known to man at our kitchen table. When she died eight years ago, I found myself stepping into her role for my sister and trying to bring our mother’s luster to holidays and to life in general.


Do you remember making any cards or gifts for your mom or grandma?

Well, I sure remember a gift that my grandmother handmade for me! It’s a decoupage children’s table that she covered with vintage Alice in Wonderland cutouts. She used her little fingernail scissors—there was no Cricut back then—and put about ten layers of varnish on it. I still have that table today.


That story is a lovely segue into my next question: can you talk a little bit about your “old made new” design philosophy?

Renovation is in my blood. I’ve renovated ten old houses and one of them is now my home. The hand of the past is applied to every part of what I’ve done as a designer. I update with color and patterns to make something historic feel fresh and new. I love the details that came before all of us—that’s the thing that lights me up.


Now that you’ve shared some of what motivates you as a Maker, can you show us some of your favorite DIY projects for mothers that are in Design Space?

Let me start by saying that “handmade” and “Mother’s Day” go together like peas and carrots. Your mom is going to be the person who appreciates it the most.

This is my favorite DIY card from the
Anna Griffin Lovely Layers Cartridge:

It’s the Lovely Layers Rose card,
and it’s perfect for spring.

The rose is big, bold and beautiful…
just like Mom!


Who wouldn’t be moved by the opulence of this card? Replace “Thinking of You” with “Mom” to make a creation of elaborate layers.

I would make these DIY tags to adorn the gift for Mom on her big day.

Gold Embossed Tags
add a touch of real luxury.

Shop this project:
Cherry Blossom Embossing Folder

Making a DIY gift for Mom has never been easier using the Cricut Explore Air and the Anna Griffin Washi Sheets:

Mom's heart will be aflutter for our Butterfly Magnet Board.


Thank you so much, Anna!
See more from Anna by visiting her website or visit her personal Cricut page.

Keep an eye out for more posts from our new "Meet the Maker" series!

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