Tutorial: Easy Party Projects

January 30, 2017 • Contributor: Beth Kingston of Kingston Crafts

Beth Kingston of Kingston Crafts here – and today I’ve got two quick and easy projects using the same image! One of the best things about Cricut is the ability to turn any image in Design Space in to a variety of projects using different materials. Using this hooray image from TomKat Studio (exclusive to the Gold Cricut Explore Air at Jo-Ann) I've created two projects that are perfect for any party - a cake topper and a customized serving plate! Each project took less than 15 minutes...which is perfect since I pretty much wait until the last minute to prepare for any occasion. ;)

Cake Topper Supplies

Run gold hooray (gold side up) through Xyron machine.

Lay chipboard hooray right side up on your work area and lay lollipop sticks on the h and the y as shown.


Hooray Image

Remove gold hooray from backing and gently adhere to chipboard, matching up edges as you go.


Hooray Image

Stabilize lollipop sticks with liquid adhesive and let dry.


Hooray Image

Add your topper to your cake ... and get ready to paaaaaartay!


Hooray Image

To create the serving plate, simply cut the same image using Cricut Gold Window Cling. Easy to apply, easy to remove, now you can have customized serving dishes for any event!


Hooray Image

Hooray Image


Creative Spotlight: Kim Byers of Celebration Shoppe

January 26, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Kim Byers of Celebration Shoppe is one of those bloggers who always has the perfect project at the right time. Not only is she an inspiring maker, blogger, stylist, wife and mom, but she also finds time to design incredible Cricut cartridges and best-selling images. We’ve featured her here before (see that blog post) because she’s just that fabulous, but we wanted to check in again to see what she’s working on now. And, of course, she had some amazingly perfect project ideas ready to share with us for a jump-start on Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1-5) or anytime the mid-school-year crunch hits!

We’re curious about the journey of your blog. How did you get started on it, and what have you learned along the way about keeping it current with fabulous ideas?

I started my second career, designing paper goods, about eight years ago. As part of that process, my social media and blogging career was born. It was the best way to promote my designs in the marketplace. Since then, I’ve since fallen in love with blogging and with my readers. Blogging can be very personal and having great friends to take along on that journey is key. As for inspiration and keeping my articles current, I do watch the industry trends. However, I watch what is being discussed, liked and shared in my communities of paper goods, party and food even more. Those places are where you find the “next” industry trend. Those are the projects and ideas that real people are commenting on and reacting to.

We’re thrilled to be focusing on one of your DIY teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. Do you have a favorite teacher who made an impact on who you are today?

I had many amazing teachers growing up, and each influenced me in their own way to work hard and dream big for all the things I want out of life. Honestly though, it is my sons’ teachers and the teachers I’ve become friends with as an adult that make me want to go that extra mile throughout the school year. In addition to all the boys’ teachers, I have five friends who teach various ages and each has shared heartfelt stories about the day-to-day struggles and triumphs they encounter in the classroom. Teaching is a difficult career, one that requires a lot of passion, love and hard work. If I can do something small throughout the school year, not just during Teacher Appreciation Week, to encourage them, then I want to do that for them. The crafts in my Rule the School cartridge are easily personalized, too. There’s nothing like personalization to make someone feel extra special.


Kim Byers Project Image

This personalized tote bag designed by Kim is sweet enough to be used inside or out of the classroom. Filled with thoughtful treats, it’s an A+ gift for every deserving instructor. Find out how to make it here

We’re always intrigued about the inspiration behind a project like the one above. Can you tell us how it came about?

I noticed that my youngest son’s teacher was in need of a new tote so I used the apple and apple core designs in my Rule the School cartridge to make her a personalized glitter iron-on tote. I filled it with little bits of encouragement like the large red candies, coffee mug, post-it notes and a few other goodies.

What do you appreciate most about using a Cricut for a project like this?

My Cricut allowed me to take a seemingly ordinary gift--a bag of candy and a tote--and make it special and thoughtful. In just minutes, I was able to add my son’s teacher’s name to fabric and paper with one machine and a printer. The tote was only $4 and with less than a fourth of a roll of glitter and white iron-on, I made the tote for about $8. Buying a personalized tote would have cost me at least $20. I was then able to personalize and craft the other items in the tote as well. The entire project didn’t’ take long, and his teacher was so grateful for the thought and work that went into it.

Check out a few more projects that use Kim’s Rule the School cartridge….

This easy Print Then Cut tag can be used on nearly any kind of goodie and is extra fun because it’s personalized. Find it on Kim’s blog.


Kim Byers Project Image

Of course, we can’t forget the kids! This personalized DIY backpack is created with printable fabric. Discover how to make one for your favorite student here on Kim’s blog.


Kim Byers Project Image

Check out some of our other favorite school projects from Kim in Design Space here

What other projects are you working on now?

Right now, I’m designing some fun projects for Valentine’s Day. I love a great pun and it’s the perfect holiday for it! This year I’m designing some die-cut cards that should make the kids smile. In the old days, I would be cutting or punching out shapes for hours. Now, I can just load my designs to my Cricut Explore Air 2 and cut, or Print Then Cut, my designs in minutes!

Thanks, Kim! We love how easy you’ve made it to personalize items for the unique people in our lives. We can’t wait to see what you design next!

Check out Kim’s blog at blog.thecelebrationshoppe.com. Have you found happiness at the Celebration Shoppe? Show us by sharing on social #CricutMade!



Spotlight on the Crafter: Lydia Nordhoff of Lydi Out Loud

January 19, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Know someone whose excitement for crafting always makes you want to sit down and try something new? For us, that’s Lydia Nordhoff of Lydi Out Loud. Her blog is just filled with fun, fresh ideas to try out, from Cricut creations to crowd-pleasing recipes. We sat down with her for a quick chat about the motivation behind her site.
Lydi Out Loud

What inspired you to start your blog?

Before I started my blog I felt like I had lost my creativity. I’ve always loved to create but was working so many hours for my job that I hadn’t made time to do so. I started the blog as a way to hold myself accountable to uncovering and nurturing my creative side. Honestly, I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to find that part of myself after ignoring it for so long, but it will still under there.

How has your Cricut machine changed your crafting?

My Cricut has not only changed my crafting, but my gift giving, my decorating and even my parties! It’s completely changed my approach to creating; any random found object has the potential to become a Cricut project. I also love how accessible crafting with Cricut is for any level crafter. It’s crafting meets lifestyle. See Lydia's craft workspace in the header! 

What is your favorite feature to use on your Cricut?

Hmm, that’s tough! It’s like asking me to pick a favorite child. Since I just did it, I’ll go with Print then Cut. I’ve been using that feature to make stickers and created some fun luggage tags with printable vinyl.

Are there any trends in the world of DIY that you are particularly excited about?

I’m loving the planner trend and all of the fun DIY planner accessories. I’ve always been a paper planner lover; I mean is there anything more satisfying than physically checking something off of a to-do list? I think not.

What are you working on right now?

I always seem to have two or three things I’m working on, but one of my favorites right now is planner clips I’m making with Cricut poster board. I also just made the football favor boxes on Design Space® for a party, and they are so cute!

These favor boxes are sure to score big at Super Bowl parties. Designed to look like their favorite pigskin, they’re easy to make with a quick run over to Design Space!

Lydia’s came out amazing! She’s a huge Buckeye fan, but her game day ideas work for any team out there. Check out her blog post, including the favor boxes, here

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Lydia! We can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2017.

Do you love following Lydia, too? Show us your Lydia-inspired creation at #CricutMade!

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Baby Tie

In Case You Missed It – 2016 Round-Up – Part 2

December 29, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Our Cricut blog team has so much we’re thankful for in 2016. Not only were we surrounded by amazing and inspiring projects on a daily basis, but we got to interact with some of the most talented makers out there. As we continue our review of the year that was (find the first part here [add link to Part 1 blog]), we just couldn’t help reflecting on a few more highlights.

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Jaren McConnel

Meet the Maker: Jeran McConnel
Oleander and Palm Thanksgiving

November 8, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

One glance at a recent Jeran McConnel project and we knew we had to have her back for another Meet the Maker profile. (If you didn’t read our last post with her, you can check it out here). We were so pleased that the creator of Oleander and Palm, a lifestyle blog focused on simple California living, had the time to chat with us about her latest creative endeavors, holiday plans and childhood Thanksgiving memories.

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Meet the Maker Anna Griffin

Meet the Maker: Anna Griffin
Anna’s Christmas Cards & Embellishments

November 2, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Halloween has come and gone, so you know what season it is now: holiday card time! Whether you’re still planning this year’s project or have everything signed and sealed and are just editing your mailing list, there’s a good chance this subject is on your mind. We know that there’s no one better to chat with about paper crafts than maker maven Anna Griffin. (If you haven’t read our past interviews with Anna, you can check them out here and here. We’re grateful that she found the time to chat with us from her studio in Atlanta about her most recent appearance on HSN, Christmas memories and her favorite projects from the Anna’s Christmas Cards and Embellishments Cartridge.


Thank you, Anna, for once again being part of our Meet the Maker series.  We know that you’ve been busy, especially with the recent unveiling of the Cricut Explore Air 2. Can you tell us a little bit about that?
Of course! I’ve been a part of Explore launches for the past two years as a lead demonstrator, and the recent HSN launch of the new machine was maybe even more exciting. Because of the advances with the Cricut Explore Air 2, I can craft with confidence and make with momentum. It’s twice as fast, so you can become two times more productive. You have twice the time to be creative! It’s an honor for me to be a part of the Cricut family with these launches. I feel like the drum major leading a parade!


And it’s quite a parade—more than 10,000 machines were sold that day!
Yes, it was the biggest crafting day in the history of HSN. I’m still on a high! It was like winning the crafting lottery, because people who bought the machine also got Cricut Access for a year. There’s never been another offer quite like that. It was a once-in-a-blue-moon situation, and showed the true partnership with HSN and Cricut to give their customer such an extraordinary offer. Everyone watching was as enthusiastic as I was. The four color choices were such a hit!


And there’s another incredible Cricut option as well, isn’t there?
HSN is exclusively offering an Anna Griffin-branded machine. I didn’t think that would ever happen!

Anna Griffin Machine

There’s no better compliment to an Anna Griffin Cricut than your cartridges, which were used to create the DIY paper crafts we’ll be focusing on shortly. Can you talk a bit about this?
Today, we’ll be focusing on six projects from the Anna’s Christmas Cards and Embellishments Cartridge: there are three cards and three scrapbook pages. It’s so fun to see the design elements come to life. You can scale them up for a big impact, and if you scale them down, you can cut more. I used a lot of glitter paper to accent the pieces and make them pop. They’re sparkly, like Christmas lights.


Clearly, you agree that the first day of November is not too early to be talking about Christmas cards.
For a professional like myself, it’s never too early to be thinking about holiday cards! This industry is a lot like fashion: you must stay ahead of the season, so I’m already thinking about 2017.  I look for Christmas inspiration year-round.

And everyone who loves making DIY cards, whether they’re a professional or not, knows the reality that paper projects take time. It’s an incredible luxury to have the Cricut to help: you just click a button to make what you see!


Let’s get clicking then!


Anna’s stunningly detailed Holiday Flourish card.


Here’s what you need for this DIY card craft.


What is the list of materials needed?

  • Cricut Explore® machine
  • Cricut Design Space™ software
  • Cricut® 12” x 12” Standard Grip mat
  • 2, 12”x12” Holly patterned cardstock. Trim 1 sheet to 7”x10” and fold to 5”x7” card.
  • 2, 12”x12” Red glitter cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Red cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Light red cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Dark green cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Light green cardstock
  • 1, 12”x12” Green glitter cardstock
  • 1, 4”x6” Photo
  • 2 Journaling Tags
  • 2 Sentiment Stickers
  • 3 Large red pre-tied bows
  • 1 Small red pre-tied bow
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Foam adhesive


The Holiday Flourish project can be adapted into an incredible scrapbook page.


Shown here are the materials needed for the DIY scrapbook page.


And your instructions for the card and the scrapbook page?

  1. Cut
    Follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space™ to cut images from cardstocks.
  1. Assemble
    Adhere layers together using foam adhesive.  Attach layers to 5”x7” holly card and 12”x12” holly layout with double-sided adhesive.

    Attach photo, sentiment stickers and journaling tags to layout and card.



Pictured here are the materials laid out for this project.


What will we need to make this holly, jolly piece?

  • Cricut Explore® machine
  • Cricut Design Space™ software
  • 12” x 12” Standard Grip Cricut® mat
  • 1, 12”x12” Holly patterned cardstock. Trim to 7”x10” and fold to 5”x7” card.
  • 1, 12”x12” Holiday patterned cardstock
  • 1, 12”x12” Green glitter cardstock
  • 1, 12”x12” Ivory glitter cardstock
  • 1, 12”x12” Silver cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Dark green cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Green cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Light green cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Red cardstock
  • 1, 3.5”x3.5” Photo
  • 2 Sentiment Stickers
  • 1 Small red pre-tied bow
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Foam adhesive


The beautifully intricate Holly Swirls scrapbook page.


And here’s a look at the scrapbook materials.


Instructions for the Holly Swirls projects:

  1. Cut
    Follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space™ to cut images from cardstocks.
  1. Assemble
    Adhere seven small red dots to berries design on backside of green holly cut out.  Attach green holly cut out to light green holly layer with double-sided adhesive.  Adhere these layers to green glitter holly layer with double-sided adhesive.  Repeat with second holly cut out.Adhere holly cut outs, sentiment sticker and red pre-tied bow to card.
  1. Assemble Scrapbook Layout:
    Adhere holiday patterned doily to 12”x12” dark green cardstock with double-sided adhesive.

    Assemble and adhere 3 tonal green holly branch layers together with double-sided adhesive and foam adhesive. Repeat with 5 remaining holly branches.

    Using scissors, cut out the red bow on the large red ornaments design. Cut out the grouped ornaments on one of the small ornaments design and adhere to the large red bow on the scrapbook layout (as shown). Cut out pieces of the remaining ornaments and adhere to the layout with foam adhesive.

    Adhere remaining layered ornaments to layout.

    Attach photo and sentiment sticker to layout.


The Perfect Poinsettia Card is the third design in this trilogy of Anna Griffin paper crafts.


Here are the materials for this project. The detailing is amazing!


The Perfect Poinsettia Materials list:

  • Cricut Explore® machine
  • Cricut Design Space™ software
  • 12” x 12” Standard Grip Cricut® mat
  • 2, 12”x12” Holiday green patterned cardstock. Trim one sheet to 7”x10” and fold to 5”x7” card.
  • 1, 12”x12” Dark green cardstock
  • 1, 12”x12” Green glitter cardstock
  • 1, 12”x12” Light green cardstock
  • 1, 12”x12” Gold cardstock
  • 1, 12”x12” Gold glitter cardstock
  • 1, 12”x12” Pink glitter cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Red Cardstock
  • 2, 12”x12” Medium pink cardstock
  • 3, 12”x12” Light pink cardstock
  • 2, 4”x4” Photos
  • 2 Sentiment Stickers
  • 3 Small pink pre-tied bows
  • 1 Journaling tag
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Foam adhesive


The Perfect Poinsettia scrapbook page adaptation.


And here’s what you need to capture the most wonderful time of the year in a Perfect Poinsettia scrapbook page.


Instructions for the card and scrapbook page:

  1. Cut
    Follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space™ to cut images from cardstocks.
  1. Assemble
    Adhere layers together using double-sided adhesive. Attach to scrapbook layout and card using foam adhesive.

    Adhere sentiment stickers, pink bows and journaling tag using double-sided adhesive.


Christmas cards remain a personal and creative way to keep in touch with loved ones. It’s no mystery why people put so much thought and effort into this annual tradition!


And speaking of traditions, Anna, can you leave us with a few words about your favorite Christmas memory?
When you ask that question, I immediately think of the first Christmas tree I had as an adult. I was living in a New York apartment, and my mother sent me a huge box. Inside were all the ornaments she’d collected for me in my life, starting with the first ones I received as a baby. Every year she added to the collection, and there’s a little bit of everything in there: cross-stitch, noodle art and dough ornaments. They’re still on my tree every year!


Thank you so much, Anna.


To see more of her incredibly elegant work, visit Anna’s website.

Show us your favorite Anna Griffin-cartridge creations! #CricutMade

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Rob and Bob

Meet the Makers: Rob & Bob

October 19, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

They’re the duo who fuses modern and vintage styles with playful sophistication: they’re Rob Blackard and Bob Beidleman, founders of the Rob & Bob Studio, and we’re thrilled to have them return to our Meet the Maker series. (If you missed our first post, you can check it out here). Continuing their mission of creating art that inspires, they showed us some of their recent favorite projects that share the common theme of incorporating fabulous fonts.

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Meet the Maker Anna Griffin

Meet the Maker: Anna Griffin

September 21, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Since the launch of her remarkable brand in 1994, Anna Griffin has been revered by crafters and decorators across the globe. Her elegant style– instantly recognizable with its luxurious patterns and florals– makes all of her projects true works of art. We were delighted to catch up with our talented, long-term partner to learn about three of her favorite card projects and hear about the inspiration behind them. (If you didn’t get the chance to read our first Meet the Maker profile of Anna, please treat yourself and check it out here.)

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Lia Griffith

“Meet the Maker”: Lia Griffith – A Blooming Masterpiece

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There’s an undeniable spark of imagination in the air whenever Lia Griffith is around. Witty, dynamic and terrifically inspirational, she knows how to envision the projects that take our breath away. Back in April, we had so much fun talking with her about Derby fashion in her Meet the Maker article. Now, we’re delighted that this busy lady took some time out of her schedule to tell us what she’s been doing since then. From DIY paper bridal bouquets to the re-release of her classic Cricut cartridge and chatting with Kathie Lee and Hoda, this amazing maker has us captivated by her incredible amount of creativity!

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Beth Kingston

Meet the Maker: Beth Kingston

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