Top 10 Ways to Say “DIY Love You”

February 2, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Social Media Specialist Shelby Jones

V-Day is fast approaching and the pressure is on to send the perfect message to your loved ones to show them you love them … but not in just the typical chocolates and roses kind of way. We’ve got our top 10 favorite ways to say “DIY Love You” … just go with it guys it’s Valentine’s Day so of course we had to be super cheese!

Besides the fact that it’s totally adorable – this banner is perfect for a subtle touch of lovey dovey without trying too hard!


Sheet Music Heart Garland by Bespoke Decor.

Sometimes the best nights are the cozy nights in! Stay in, get those pj’s on and have a movie night for two!



Movie Night Ticket by The TomKat Studio. Make it in Design Space!

Please cue the heart eye emojis! Is this clutch not perfect for your hot date night?! Show the world your taken! Or if you're looking to celebrate with the gals, they've got a super cute #single pouch too! 


#Taken Pouch by Oleander and Palm.

Nails deserve love too!  Don’t forget to give yourself a fresh mani! Betcha never thought to use vinyl on your nails - this is nail art at its finest!


V-Day Nail Art by JGoode Designs. Make it in Design Space!

#Mantlepiecegoals – seriously we could just stare all day! Part of the fun of Valentine’s Day is filling your home with pinks, reds, chocolate, and of course heart everythings!


V-Day mantle project by Crafting Chicks.

This has to be our favorite Valentine we have EVER seen! Take your gal pals out to lunch and gift them what is soon to be their favorite card they have ever received.


Vintage Pin-up Girl Card by Rob & Bob. Make it in Design Space!

Send your littles off with a kiss, a hug, and the cutest handmade tees you ever did see! ... we might need twinner shirts for our self as well!


Modern kids V-Day shirts by Lemon Thistle.

Search no more for the perfect Valentine’s for your kids to give to their friends! We love a classic punny Valentine and these are perfect!


Owl V-Day card by Cricut Designer. Make it in Design Space

Because nothing says, “I love you” quite like a giant heart piñata does. Okay … this one might be a faux piñata, but still we are completely obsessed and we MUST add this to our DIY list immediately!


Faux V-Day Piñata by Artsy-Fartsy Mama.

One of our favorite totes of all time – because the most important thing of all is to love yourself!


Love Your Selfie Tote by Cricut Designer. Make it in Design Space

Feeling inspired? Pick your favorite show to binge watch and get crafting! You still have 12 days to get all your Valentine’s projects done! Share your projects with us – just use the hashtag #CricutMade and tell us what you're making in the comments below!


Creative Spotlight: Kim Byers of Celebration Shoppe

January 26, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Kim Byers of Celebration Shoppe is one of those bloggers who always has the perfect project at the right time. Not only is she an inspiring maker, blogger, stylist, wife and mom, but she also finds time to design incredible Cricut cartridges and best-selling images. We’ve featured her here before (see that blog post) because she’s just that fabulous, but we wanted to check in again to see what she’s working on now. And, of course, she had some amazingly perfect project ideas ready to share with us for a jump-start on Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1-5) or anytime the mid-school-year crunch hits!

We’re curious about the journey of your blog. How did you get started on it, and what have you learned along the way about keeping it current with fabulous ideas?

I started my second career, designing paper goods, about eight years ago. As part of that process, my social media and blogging career was born. It was the best way to promote my designs in the marketplace. Since then, I’ve since fallen in love with blogging and with my readers. Blogging can be very personal and having great friends to take along on that journey is key. As for inspiration and keeping my articles current, I do watch the industry trends. However, I watch what is being discussed, liked and shared in my communities of paper goods, party and food even more. Those places are where you find the “next” industry trend. Those are the projects and ideas that real people are commenting on and reacting to.

We’re thrilled to be focusing on one of your DIY teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. Do you have a favorite teacher who made an impact on who you are today?

I had many amazing teachers growing up, and each influenced me in their own way to work hard and dream big for all the things I want out of life. Honestly though, it is my sons’ teachers and the teachers I’ve become friends with as an adult that make me want to go that extra mile throughout the school year. In addition to all the boys’ teachers, I have five friends who teach various ages and each has shared heartfelt stories about the day-to-day struggles and triumphs they encounter in the classroom. Teaching is a difficult career, one that requires a lot of passion, love and hard work. If I can do something small throughout the school year, not just during Teacher Appreciation Week, to encourage them, then I want to do that for them. The crafts in my Rule the School cartridge are easily personalized, too. There’s nothing like personalization to make someone feel extra special.


Kim Byers Project Image

This personalized tote bag designed by Kim is sweet enough to be used inside or out of the classroom. Filled with thoughtful treats, it’s an A+ gift for every deserving instructor. Find out how to make it here

We’re always intrigued about the inspiration behind a project like the one above. Can you tell us how it came about?

I noticed that my youngest son’s teacher was in need of a new tote so I used the apple and apple core designs in my Rule the School cartridge to make her a personalized glitter iron-on tote. I filled it with little bits of encouragement like the large red candies, coffee mug, post-it notes and a few other goodies.

What do you appreciate most about using a Cricut for a project like this?

My Cricut allowed me to take a seemingly ordinary gift--a bag of candy and a tote--and make it special and thoughtful. In just minutes, I was able to add my son’s teacher’s name to fabric and paper with one machine and a printer. The tote was only $4 and with less than a fourth of a roll of glitter and white iron-on, I made the tote for about $8. Buying a personalized tote would have cost me at least $20. I was then able to personalize and craft the other items in the tote as well. The entire project didn’t’ take long, and his teacher was so grateful for the thought and work that went into it.

Check out a few more projects that use Kim’s Rule the School cartridge….

This easy Print Then Cut tag can be used on nearly any kind of goodie and is extra fun because it’s personalized. Find it on Kim’s blog.


Kim Byers Project Image

Of course, we can’t forget the kids! This personalized DIY backpack is created with printable fabric. Discover how to make one for your favorite student here on Kim’s blog.


Kim Byers Project Image

Check out some of our other favorite school projects from Kim in Design Space here

What other projects are you working on now?

Right now, I’m designing some fun projects for Valentine’s Day. I love a great pun and it’s the perfect holiday for it! This year I’m designing some die-cut cards that should make the kids smile. In the old days, I would be cutting or punching out shapes for hours. Now, I can just load my designs to my Cricut Explore Air 2 and cut, or Print Then Cut, my designs in minutes!

Thanks, Kim! We love how easy you’ve made it to personalize items for the unique people in our lives. We can’t wait to see what you design next!

Check out Kim’s blog at blog.thecelebrationshoppe.com. Have you found happiness at the Celebration Shoppe? Show us by sharing on social #CricutMade!



Your Guide to The Ultimate DIY Teen Room

January 23, 2017 • Contributor: Heidi Moore of Idieh Design

Is your teen's room in need of a makeover? We've got some stunning inspiration for you! We came together with stylist Heidi Moore, of Idieh Design, J-14 Decorate Magazine, and hayneedle.com to makeover the room of teen actress, Jenna Ortega. To see the full makeover story from Jenna's perspective, head over to J-14 Magazine, or pick up J-14 Decorate Magazine in stores... you'll see some amazing Cricut DIY projects that will be available on Design Space this week! 

Heidi, the brains behind the contemporary DIY room design, came up with the concept, color palette, and furniture arrangement to transition Jenna and her sister Aliyah's childhood bedroom into a more modern and grown-up space for the girls. We are so inspired by Heidi's versatile designs, which is why we sat down with her so she can share more on her inspiration, motivation, and vision when it comes to creating home décor. 

What was your first reaction when you heard you’d be designing for a teenager’s space?

Honestly, a little nervous, but also very excited! My teen years are long gone and I knew I had to find a way to tap into what it’s like to be a teen again. My first step was checking out Jenna’s personal style on social media. After a quick glimpse, I quickly realized she was a mini me in terms of style. She can rock any style of hats (ME TOO!), she’s a fan of black and white (classic & chic!), and she has a little quirk mixed in with pure adorableness. I immediately felt at ease as I knew it would be a breeze to connect with Jenna’s style as it, in many ways, was a reflection of my own.

Talk us through your style profile and how that translated to this room.

Jenna is a teenager with a heart of gold, lots of style, and charisma beyond her years, so I knew I wanted to add a ton of spirit & energy to the room to match her bubbly personality. Also, I remember how during this stage of my life, I was searching for my identity, my confidence & the idea of self-love and it was really important to me that Jenna & Aliyah’s room be a place where the girls feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin. Therefore, it was high priority to sprinkle affirmations throughout the room such as "Messy Hair, Don't Care" and "Hello, gorgeous!" to remind them just how unique & adored they are. And, because they are in their early teen years, I wanted to challenge myself to find a way to design & create a space that could grow and transform with them. I did this by focusing on a sophisticated design foundation & then added touches of whimsical and fun to still keep the room feeling young at heart.

Hello Gorgeous

What is your method for inspiration when it comes to color and design?

At my core, I adore a black and white combo with pops of color and I’m always up for ways to mix patterns & textures to add depth and dimension. For this particular design, the focal point for inspiration came from the gorgeous rug from hayneedle.com. I instantly fell in love with the colors & textures of the rug and that jump started my design direction. I also thought about what teen girls like to do in their room and that’s what inspired the reading nook with the bean bag & the vanity for getting ready.


Check out the super cool style board Heidi made for the room before it was executed:

Idieh Design Style Board

What was your favorite Cricut DIY project in this room? 

Hmmm ... I’ll have to go with the wall decal of “Messy Hair, Don’t Care.” I’m a huge fan of hats and when I came up with idea, I knew I would have to implement it in my own bedroom. (And, I loved being able to add a little surprise for Jenna by leaving one of my signature Heart Black Hats in the display before the big reveal.) I love how it’s not only visually funky & artistic, but also very functional. Is it just me or does anyone else struggle with keeping all those hats in order?!

Messy Hair Don't Care Image

What was the coolest Cricut hack you learned when executing the design? 

Most definitely the use of Heat N’ Bond to convert some amazing fabrics into pieces that could then be easily attached to surfaces with just the touch of an iron. I’m always of fan of mixing patterns and textures and the Heat N’ Bond allowed me to transform a basic duvet into a work of art. I simply ironed the Heat N’ Bond to each of the shapes the came together to create the heart duvet and then ironed them onto the comforter. The Heat N’ Bond made it possible to quickly attach the unconventional materials and turn them into some funky room decor (& art!) by only using some heat ... and some patience.

Duvet Image

Tell us which Cricut material is your favorite to create with? 

Oooo ... this is such a tough one as there are so many favorites. I’m quick to find ways to utilize the vinyl as I love the versatility of it and that it’s only temporary, making it easy to switch out if your mood or style changes. I used vinyl for the “Messy Hair, Don’t Care” wall decal, the Hidden Heart wall installation and the “Hello, gorgeous” mirror decal. A close second would have to be the adhesive foil. It has such a sophistication and high-end feel to it that allows you to take a basic form and elevate it to become a statement piece. I used the gold foil to transform a basic black lamp shade into a geometric focal point of the room.

What was your biggest challenge in designing this space?

I learned A LOT. I think the biggest challenge was not being able to see the room until showing up a few days before the shoot. Let’s just say, Tim Gunn’s saying of “Make it work!” was the motto of the weekend. When designing a space there are so many factors to consider: materials, dimensions, spacial relations, shelves that can’t be removed but you didn’t know that until you arrived. You get the point. But, that’s what makes design & style so exciting and worthwhile. It’s through these unexpected limitations and obstacles that emerge your best & most creative ideas! (Not to mention, with the ease & versatility of a Cricut, it made it a breeze to make these changes on the spot and whip up a new idea, if needed.)

If you could give design advice to a parent looking to redesign their teenager's room what would it be?  

As I did with Jenna’s room, I think it’s important to think about how the room can transform with your daughter as she goes through such a life-changing stage in her life. Teen girls’ interests and hobbies change so much during those adolescent years and by focusing on a classic and timeless foundation (color of the walls, furniture, bed frame), it allows the design of the space to naturally transform with their style without having to completely redo their room every few years.


Another Room Image

I think we can all agree Heidi did an incredible job designing this contemporary teen room. The color palette alone has us with major hearts in our eyes! For more room inspiration from Heidi, make sure to check out our new Cricut home decor page and you might get a chance to win a style session with her ... along with your own Cricut Explore Air 2 bundle, and a shopping spree up to $2,000 on hayneedle.com! You can re-design your teen's room or give your room a new style. So what are you waiting for?! Make sure to sign-up!

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