Make this Earth Day banner for your celebration

Celebrate Nature With This Earth Day Banner

April 10th, 2018 • Anna Rose Johnson, Cricut Digital Content Manager

This planet we live on is a pretty special place. It protects us, it nourishes us and it renews itself each year—allowing us to enjoy different types of beauty each season. Earth Day is our opportunity to give back to our home.

This year, I wanted to celebrate Earth Day with my family by teaching them the small things we can do to keep our Earth clean. My littles and I went outside and scoured our yard for twigs, fallen branches, and other greenery.  Along the way, we also picked up pieces of trash, paper, etc and put it in our recycle bin. I was able to explain to them what recycling is and why it is important.

Earth Day banner

Once our yard was clean and our bag was full of twigs, we headed inside and made a banner from our finds. Want to celebrate Earth Day with this fun banner? Make it now!

Supplies You Will Need:

Pillow fight supplies

1: Gather Natural Supplies and Cut Out Banner

Gather twigs and greenery from your yard. Be sure to pick up a few pieces of trash along the way! Then head inside and prepare your Cricut by placing the pen into accessory clamp A. Cut the brown paper bag down to fit on a 12”x12” mat.

Open up the project file in Cricut Design Space™. Click “Go” to write and cut banner pieces from the brown paper bag.

2: Glue Flora to Banner Pieces

2: Glue Flora to Banner Pieces

Using the pen lines as a guide, glue twigs, branches, etc onto the brown paper banner pieces.

3: String Banner Pieces Together

String Banner Pieces Together

String a length of jute through the pennants spelling out EARTH and another length through DAY. (Space the letters to your preference.)

The banner turned out really cute and my littles had a blast making it with me. I was able to teach them something and remind myself to take care of this beautiful hunk of rock we live on.

Anna Rose

Note: This lovely project is from our archives. Happy Earth Day!

How will you be celebrating Earth Day? Let us know in a comment below.

You can draw embroidery patterns with a Cricut

Draw Your Next Embroidery Pattern With a Cricut

April 6th, 2018 • Contributor: Jen Causey from Something Turquoise

Hola, Cricut lovers! My name is Jen Causey and I’m the resident wedding expert for Cricut. I’m the creative gal behind the wedding blog called Something Turquoise , but I decided to share something a little silly and creative with you this month, that really has nothing to do with weddings.

I love small embroidery projects. Something to keep your hands busy while you relax on the couch at night. Something to hang up in a special place in your home or something that would be a great gift. So today I’m sharing how the Cricut Washable Fabric Pen can really help aid you in beginner embroidery projects!

Create your own custom hoop design in Design Space and instead of “cutting” with your Cricut, you’re going to “draw” it on fabric with the washable fabric pen as your outline for sewing - it’s fabulous. The pen washes off with water and what you're left with is a lovely handmade piece of decor.

Cute embroidery design drawn with a Cricut

Supplies Needed:

Supplies Needed for Embroidery Patterns on the Cricut

1: Create Your Design

Create Your Embroidery Design in Design Space

Design your simple embroidery scenes using your own graphics or graphics from Design Space. Make sure to change them from a cut file to a “write” file in the layers panel and mark them as using the Washable Fabric Pen. Use these exact designs pictured here by visiting this canvas in Design Space.

2: Adjust Images

Move your images in the Design Space Mat


Move your images in the Design Space Mat

I cut 10” squares of my cotton fabric to sew on, so I moved each design to a new mat before I cut, and also dragged the design to the middle of 10” x 10” so it would be drawn in the middle of the fabric on my mat.

3: Set Your Fabric and Add Pen

Choose your fabric and add the pen

Pick your fabric and insert the washable Fabric pen, then hit go!

Let the Cricut draw your embroidery pattern
Let the Cricut draw your embroidery pattern

Draw! Let your Cricut work its magic!

4: Place Fabric in the Hoop

Place Fabric in the Hoop


Place Fabric in the Hoop

Set yourself up to sew. Place your new Cricut drawn pattern into a 4” embroidery hoop and secure.

Place Fabric in the Hoop
Place Fabric in the Hoop

Then trim away excess material that would get in your way.

5: Sew Your Design

Sew your embroidery design


Sew your embroidery design

Hand sew your darling design by following the outline that the Cricut created for you! This is a wonderful way to make any type of design, whether you’re a beginner or not! From cute pictures like these to words and more!

5: Gently Rinse Away Markings

Gently wash away your pen markings

Under warm water, gently rinse away the pen markings, lay flat to dry and then gently iron. The blue markings disappear like magic!

6: Finish Your Project

Finish your embroidery project


Finish your embroidery project

I spray painted the outer rings of my embroidery hoops and you can do the same if you’d like. Then place your adorable, hand-sewn design back into the hoop and tighten.

Finish your design

Flip over to trim the excess fabric down to the wooden ring. You can glue the fabric in place and even add a layer of felt to the back to finish off the hoop.

I’m excited to see you creative Cricut users create these adorable little mythical hoops so make sure to share them on social and tag @something_turquoise and @officialcricut!

Make these gorgeous agate coasters for your next dinner party.

DIY Gorgeous Agate Coasters for Your Next Dinner Party

March 30th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

Hi everyone!

This month was a super exciting month for us here at Cricut! We got the opportunity to make three mini sets to show off just how powerful and versatile the Cricut Maker is! We designed and created a gorgeous tablescape to highlight projects with foil iron-on, vinyl, and crepe paper! I designed these cute little coasters that double as place cards and favors for our guests. I mean come on—how cute is that?!

If you are looking for something to wow your guests, then this project is for you! I found my coasters online from a variety of retailers. Depending on how big or small you want them, you can find agate coasters in all sizes to fit the budget you are working with! I ended up choosing agate gems that had about a 4-inch diameter.

I used foil iron-on and my Cricut EasyPress to create this project, but if you are more of a vinyl fan, you can use vinyl instead. Iron-on is a more permanent solution, but if you want your guests to be able to peel off their name, vinyl would be a better option.

The other reason I used iron-on is that the liner is already attached to the material; with vinyl, you also need transfer tape. Again—totally a preference thing and I love each material so I included details on how to complete the project with both!

1: Create the Names in Design Space

Create the Names in Design Space

Open Cricut Design Space and choose any font on your computer to begin typing your guests’ names. One of my favorite parts of using my Cricut Maker is that I can use any Cricut or system font in Design Space. I chose a script font and paired it with a thin sans serif font to highlight the elegance of the agate coaster.

2: Cut Out Your Design

Cut out your design

a. This screen shows a preview of your images laid out on the material.

i. Vinyl: If you are cutting your image from vinyl, click the “Continue” icon.

Cut out your design

ii. Iron-on: If you are using Iron-On, click the “mirror” icon on the left side of Design Space. This will horizontally flip your image. When using Iron-on, you will place the shiny side (liner side) down. This way when you flip it over, your image will appeal in the correct orientation. Click the “Continue” icon.

Cut out your design

Choose the material you plan to cut. I chose “Foil Iron-on.” Load your material onto your mat.

i. Iron-on: If you are using iron-on, make sure the mirror option is turned on and your material is placed shiny side (liner side) down on the mat.

ii. Vinyl: For vinyl, place the liner side on the mat so that the color of the material is right side up. Ensure the correct blade is loaded and press the flashing Cricut icon on your machine.

3: Weed Design

After your cut has finished, press the flashing “load/unload” button and remove your material from the mat. Remove the unneeded pieces using a weeder tool. It is usually easiest to move from the inside out while weeding.

4: Transfer Design to Agates

Transfer images to agates

a. Iron-on: Place your weeded names on the agate coasters.

Transfer images to agates

Vinyl: Take your roll of transfer tape and remove the liner. Take the transfer tape in each hand with the adhesive side facing down. Gently place the transfer tape over the images.

Start in the center and move out toward the edges. A craft stick or the Scraper from the Cricut Tool Kit can be used to burnish (rub or polish) the tape onto the vinyl.

5: Finish Application

Finish Application

a. Iron-On:

Use your Cricut® EasyPress, or an iron and press cloth, to apply the gold foil iron-on. Let the plastic liner cool before removing. I used a heat setting of 340° F for 30 seconds. I let the coaster cool down for several minutes before peeling off the liner. Be careful! The coaster retains heat for a while.

b. Vinyl:

Carefully place the transfer tape with vinyl images on a clean and dry surface, making sure the images are straight. Peel the transfer tape away from the vinyl at a 45-degree angle. If the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape, simply burnish the vinyl onto the surface again. Peel the transfer tape away from the vinyl.

Elegant tablescape

I hope you enjoyed this project! Check back to find more tutorials on how to create this stunning tablescape!

Happy crafting,

Karley Hall

Learn how to write in multiple colors by using the Contour tool

Write in Multiple Colors Using the Cricut Contour Tool

March 23rd, 2018 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Hello, my favorite Cricut fans! It’s Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff here to share some out of the box thinking when it comes to using Cricut pens and the Contour tool in Cricut Design Space.

I’m using Cricut’s lovely Glitter Brights Pen Set for this project—have you picked up a set yet? Let me know what you’re using them for in the comments!

Today I want to dive into using the Contour tool in the Layers Panel and how I use it to allow me to write in multiple colors.

The Cricut Image Library has a lot of cute files designed to be drawn using Cricut pens. Because we’re heading into a new season, I’m using this sweet Spring Is Here file (#MCD03BC).

Spring is Here sign

When you import this file, however, it’s just a single draw image.

Spring is Here image

You could change the color, but the entire image changes color. Instead, we’re going to use the Contour tool to change each word to a different color.

Have you used Contour? I love it. The Contour tool basically allows you to delete certain portions of a single image. So to change this single image into three colors, we’re going to start by inserting three copies of the same image.

Using the Contour tool

Then select that first image and click Contour at the bottom of the Layers Panel. A window will pop up with your image. From here, you can click on anything you want to delete from your image. In this first image, I’m deleting everything from “is” and “here.”

Using the Contour tool

Then repeat with the other two images, keeping “is” in the second image and “here” in the third. When you’re done, you will have three separate words.

Using the Contour tool

Then move the separate images together to create a single quote.

Using the Contour tool

The images are still separate, so at this point, you can change the color of each one. The Cricut Glitter pens aren’t in the color selection tool, so just choose colors that are similar to the colors you’ll be writing in. This will help you know you’re inserting the correct pen when actually drawing your image.

Using the Contour tool

From here, if you want to draw it as is, you can use Attach at the bottom of the Layers Panel to keep everything together and hit “Make It.”

Using the Contour tool

But I decided I wanted to embellish it a little bit with a few flowers. I searched for “flower” in the Cricut Image Library and inserted two that I liked.

Using the Contour tool

I changed the flowers from “cut” to “write” in the layers panel, and then duplicated and rotated them around my quote.

Using the Contour Tool
Using the Contour tool

You’re almost ready to draw—just make sure to attach everything so it all draws together properly!

As your Cricut works through the file, you’ll receive prompts to change the pen. Change the pen without removing your mat from your machine. Make sure to cap your pens when you’re done with them, too!

Using the Contour tool for drawing
Drawing with the Cricut

And, if you’d like to draw this yourself without having to do any of the work yourself, you can head over to Cricut Design Space, where I’ve saved the final file for you to make!

I really do love these glitter pens. It’s hard to do them justice in a photo, but you can really see how they sparkle when I get up close.

Drawing with the Cricut
Using the Contour tool for drawing

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and it inspired you to look into different ways to use the Contour tool. It’s definitely a more advanced tool in Cricut Design Space but it really opens up possibilities for modifying files you find in the Cricut Image Library!

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You can use iron-on to decorate wood

You Can Use Iron-on for That??

March 16th, 2018 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Makes

Hey Cricuteers, Kayla here today and I have a confession, I love iron-on! It's by far my personal favorite when it comes to Cricut cutting materials. From iron-on lite to glitter, foil and holographic sparkle, there are so many options and even more possibilities when it comes to this versatile material.

Today, I'm showing you some fun ways you can use iron-on that aren't your typical t-shirt or baby onesie. Let's jump right in!


You can use iron-on for hats

Iron-On lite adheres nicely to baseball caps. I used a mini iron to create the hat above and it worked perfectly for me.

You can use iron-on for hats

These bride tribe hats by Something Turquoise were created using the coolest trick! Click over to see how they used one of their Cricut tools to get the iron-on to stick.


You can use iron-on for wood

I can easily remember the first time I saw someone use iron-on on a wood surface. I was blown away! Think of all the cute things you can make! It has a lot more staying power than adhesive vinyl and is just as easy to apply.

For this decorative wood slice, I used Cricut's foil iron-on in gold and my EasyPress.


You can use iron-on for paper

This Jungle Rules nursery wall hanging is a project from Design Space. Cat (one of Cricut's FIT scholarship winners) used Iron-On Lite on a sheet of paper to create this custom look.

You can use iron-on for paper

Last fall I added gold iron-on to a sheet of cardstock to create this print. It has the look of a foiled print without the hassle or cost of foiling.


You can use iron-on for neoprene


You can use iron-on for neoprene

These Bridal Party Koozies from Something Turquoise are super cute and make the best wedding favors. They opted for glitter iron-on but any of the varieties will stick well to neoprene.

You can use iron-on for neoprene

These neoprene popsicle holders were all over the place last summer. Why didn't anyone think of this when I was a kid?!


You can use iron-on for shoes


You can use iron-on for shoes
You can use iron-on for shoes

Cricut Design Space has a ton of fun ideas for using iron-on on your shoes. Check out this tribal pair, this lucky pair and this cute polka dot pair for kids. All of these projects are included in your Cricut Access subscription if you have one. Also, check out these Lucky Chucks for tips on how to put it on.

Have you created a project with iron-on that stands out from the crowd? We'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment down below!

Use your Cricut Maker to create appliques

Dream of Summer With These Tropical Leaf Appliques

March 15th, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hi there! I don’t know about you, but I am just about DONE with winter weather, and I am so ready for the warmer weather, and days spent by the pool. I also love all things linen and I am pretty enamored with tropical leaves and decor.

Fabric appliques with the Cricut Maker

To bring myself a little of the summer that I am craving right now, I ordered a simple linen table runner - but you could absolutely make one if you wanted - and used my Maker to cut out tropical leaf appliqués for the runner.

1: Measure Table for Runner

Measure the table for your table runner.  Then make or order a table runner to fit.

2: Measure the Runner

Measure the table runner. This will help you decide how large to make your appliqués.

3: Create Your Design

Create Your Design

Open Design Space (or use this cut file) and adjust the leaves to fit your table runner. I made 3 larger leaves, 4 medium leaves, and one small leaf.

4: Apply Heat N Bond

Use the EasyPress to apply the Heat N Bond to the back side of the fabric, and cut to fit a Cricut cutting mat.

5: Cut Out Leaves

Apply the fabric, fabric side up, to the cutting mat, and send the design to your Cricut to cut.

6: Remove Leaves

Remove Leaves

Remove the leaves from the mat.

7: Arrange on Runner

Arrange on Runner


Arrange on Runner

Remove the Heat N Bond backing from the fabric and place the leaves on the table runner. Have fun with this, layer the leaves, and stack them.

8: Apply Leaves to Runner

Apply Leaves to Runner

Use the EasyPress to apply the leaf appliqués to the table runner. I set the EasyPress at 360* for 30-45 seconds for each section of the leaf. Repeat on the back side of the table runner.

Step 9 (Optional): Sew Around the Appliqués

10: Place on Table

Place on table

Decorate your table, and enjoy a fruity beverage…you are ready for Summer!

Easy Vinyl Crafts

Make These Easy Vinyl Gifts in Under 30 Minutes

March 9th, 2018 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hello there! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts. I’m so excited to be back here with all of you today. Annnnnd I am super excited to share my love of vinyl with you. Isn’t vinyl amazing? I first started working with vinyl about 10 years ago. It has literally changed my crafty life! You can use vinyl on so many surfaces, it’s easy to work with and the results are perfect every single time. I just love it!

Let me show you how easy it is to cut out vinyl & create fun projects with your Cricut® machine! (I used my Cricut® Maker for these projects. The Cricut® Explore Air 2 works amazingly well with vinyl, too!)

When you are working with vinyl, you will want a few essential supplies in addition to your machine & roll of vinyl.

Supplies Needed:

Supplies for easy vinyl projects

*I’ll tell you more about all the different types of vinyl later on in this post. Keep reading!

Be sure to pin this post for later!

1: Put Your Vinyl on Your Mat

Put vinyl on the mat

First, you will put our vinyl on your cutting mat. I usually use the StandardGrip mat or the LightGrip mat when I’m working with vinyl.

TIP: Leave your vinyl on the roll (instead of cutting a sheet off) when you put the vinyl on the cutting mat. This will prevent waste after your cut.

TIP: If you love the designs I used in this post go here. They are all cute designs you can find in Design Space.

2: Cut Out Vinyl

Cut out your vinyl

Send your design to your Cricut to cut out.

TIP: Make sure you adjust your cut settings to the type of vinyl you are using. It makes a difference.

3: Weed Your Vinyl

Weed away excess vinyl

Weeding! You either love it or hate it, ha! I find it kind of relaxing. Basically, you are removing all the excess vinyl using a weeding tool or pick.

Weed vinyl

Soon you will have something that looks like this.

4: Apply Transfer Tape

Apply transfer tape

Next, you will put a piece of the clear transfer tape over your vinyl. I love that the Cricut transfer tape has grids. It makes it easy to line up your designs.

5: Apply Vinyl

Apply your vinyl

I love to keep “vinyl blanks” in my craft stash. Things like candles, clipboards, notebooks, buckets & mugs are perfect for adding a little bit of vinyl, too. Need a gift idea? Add some vinyl to a travel tumbler, & you have a perfect teacher gift idea. Add some vinyl to a candle for a unique gift or add vinyl to a cute bucket & fill with candy for a fun birthday gift.

The possibilities are endless! You can personalize just about anything with a little bit of vinyl. Let me show you how I made these personalized candles.

Apply vinyl

To apply your vinyl, flip it over & carefully remove the paper backing leaving the vinyl on the transfer tape.

Apply vinyl

Next, place your vinyl where you’d like it. When it looks like a good spot, rub it on using your fingertips or a tool.

Apply vinyl

Next, carefully remove the transfer tape. The vinyl will stick to your surface. Annnnd you will love the results!

Apply vinyl

Doesn’t that look amazing! Such a cute little gift idea in just a few minutes!

Let Me Share Some of My Favorite Types of Vinyl!

Types of Vinyl

I made these candles using the standard Cricut® Vinyl.

It’s not about a fear of commitment or even your ever-changing tastes, moods, or preferences—it’s about freedom! Cricut® Vinyl lets you create easily removable decals, labels, and more for personalized kitchen containers, gifts, home decor, and anything else you can think of. With every color under the rainbow, from bright, bold, and beachy to stately and sophisticated, you’ll find the perfect hue for every project. For use with all Cricut® cutting machines.

Types of vinyl

Cricut® Holographic Vinyl is all about a rainbow of color and freedom of creativity! This multicolor, shimmering material makes eye-catching creations and accents. Create cute treat buckets & more with Cricut® Holographic Vinyl. It is easy to cut, apply, and remove without residue, perfect for special occasions and seasonal crafts plus everyday celebrations! For use with all Cricut® cutting machines.

Types of vinyl

Take vinyl outdoors with Cricut® Premium Outdoor Glossy Vinyl, the same vinyl you love for its versatility and ease—with strength to weather the storm! Create car-window decals, exterior labels, outdoor décor, and so much more. This vinyl removes easily for the ultimate freedom of ever-changing expression yet withstands outside elements, which makes outdoor vinyl perfect for seasonal and special-occasion exterior decorations. Use with all Cricut® cutting machines.

I like to use the outdoor vinyl on things that will get a lot of use like this teacher tumbler.

Types of vinyl

Cricut® Glitter Vinyl is my favorite! Glitter Vinyl lets you create easily removable glitter decals, labels, and more for projects with glamor and a little bit of sass. Personalize jars, labels, treat buckets, home décor, party favors and so much more. With so many glittering colors from bold brights to shimmering metallics, you’ll find the perfect color to impact any project. And when you’re ready for a change, it’s simple to make a change with this easy-to-use, versatile material. For use with all Cricut® cutting machines.

*Only works with Cricut® StrongGrip Transfer Tape.

You can also find Cricut® Vinyl Dry Erase, Cricut® Vinyl Chalkboard & Cricut® Printable Vinyl, too! Check out all things vinyl right here.

I asked some of my favorite Cricut® bloggers to share some of their best vinyl projects. Each of these fabulous projects were completed in 30 minutes or less using vinyl & a Cricut® machine. Be sure to check out the 20 vinyl projects linked below. Don’t forget to pin some for later! Enjoy!

Easy Vinyl Projects

Let me know what you’d like to create with vinyl! I’d love to hear in the comments below.
Let me know your favorite type of vinyl as well. If you have any questions, leave those, too!

DIY Geometric Backdrop

DIY Geometric Paper Backdrop

February 26th, 2018 • Contributor: Kristen Johnson from A Girl and Her Glitter

Creating a backdrop is essential to any celebration and takes your photos to the next level. From birthday parties to baby showers, bridal showers, and even weddings, every event is elevated when unique pieces are on the wall.  

Creating a Paper Backdrop

Backdrops can be as detailed or simple as can be. When using paper, the possibilities are endless.

Geometric Paper

We created this geometric paper design to be used on the Cricut machine. It is simple and extremely easy to create. Only a few supplies are needed for this design and can be completed in no time at all!

Tools & Supplies You'll Need

Supplies for the Geometric Backdrop

1: Cut and Score Your Design

Cut out your design

Using your StandardGrip mat (green) take your Cricut cardstock in 12”X12” (we used the Wildflowers collection for this project omitting the pink) and log into Design Space and open up this geometric shape. After the cut is complete, remove excess paper.

2: Remove Cardstock and Begin Folds

Take your cardstock off the mat

Remove the paper from your StandardGrip mat by placing your mat facing down on your workspace and peel the mat back.

Take your cardstock off the mat

Once your paper has been removed, fold your paper where the score lines have been made. You will see a triangle start to form.

3: Finish Folds and Secure

Finish folding the pieces of your geometric backdrop

Fold over the half moon tab inward.

Finish folding the pieces of your geometric backdrop

Place glue dots/ hot glue along the tab and press against the inside of your geometric shape until the paper sticks together.

4: Repeat Steps 2-4

Once glued together, the geometric shape will stand on its own. Continue steps two to four to create more.

You can then place the geometric shapes together to create unique designs!

5: Secure to Wall

Secure to your wall or backdrop using glue dots You can use hot glue if you want it to be more permanent. Place the glue in all three corners and hold onto the surface until the shape sticks.

Add more geometric shapes and build onto the paper backdrop.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to play around with this geometric shape. This paper shape is so versatile and is meant to be playful and fun!

What colors would you use?

Typography Pillow

Use System Fonts to Make This Typography Pillow

February 8th, 2018 • Contributor: Anna Rose Johnson, Cricut Digital Content Product Manager

*Note: Another lovely project that we are reviving from our archives, just in time for Valentine's Day!*

One of my favorite features of Cricut Design Space is the ability to use System Fonts. This means you can download fonts from the Internet and use them in your everyday crafting world! I love it. When you have the freedom to use any font you’d like, the options for typography projects explode!

For my first typography project, I made a custom pillow with one of my favorite quotes on it. “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet,” by Plato.

There are tons of websites where you can download fonts for free, but my favorite is allows users to upload fonts they have designed. Note that most all of the fonts have specific instructions and request that you use them for personal use only.

Want to craft this pillow? It’s Ready-to-Make!

Materials Needed:

1: Download Your Fonts

The fonts you’ll need to make this project are: MastocBreamcatcher, and Authentic Hilton. Click on the links to be taken to

****Please note that Mastoc and Authentic Hilton are to be used for personal use only.****

You must download and install these fonts for the project to work.

To install, open up the downloaded font file (labeled .ttf) and install it to your computer.

It works best if you download the fonts before opening Cricut Design Space. Otherwise, you’ll need to close the browser and reopen it after installing the fonts to refresh your font list.

2: Create Design

Create your design

Insert text onto your canvas. The fonts are automatically part of the System Fonts once you have installed them. You can filter fonts in Design Space by clicking on System Fonts in the top edit bar. 

Create your design

Once I’ve decided which words I want in each font, I start placing them in a design. The first step is to weld the script fonts together. Select the words and ungroup the letters.

Move the letters next to each other until you’re satisfied with how they look. Then select all of the letters and weld them together. 

Create your design

Arrange all of the words in your design, select all of the words, and weld them together so the words will cut as one complete design. 

3: Cut Out Design

In Cricut Design Space, cut images from iron-on. Be sure to check the “Mirror images (for iron-on)” box in the Mat Preview before you cut. (If cutting multiple mats, be sure to check this box for each mat that contains iron-on.)

4: Weed Iron-on

Weed away excess iron-on

Weed excess iron-on around the image.

5: Apply Iron-on to Pillow

Apply the iron-on design onto your pilloe

Follow the application instructions for Cricut Iron-on to adhere the cut phrases to the front of the pillow.

Apply the iron-on design onto your pilloe

Use our EasyPress or an iron on the purple image first and then do the gold image. 

There you go! A custom pillow with your favorite fonts and your favorite quotes!
Anna Rose

What quote would you put on a pillow? Leave a comment below!

Home Sweet Home sign

Learn the Custom Project Design Process With This Home Sweet Home Sign

January 30th, 2018 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hello there! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts. I am excited to back here on the Cricut blog to share a fun new tutorial with you! Recently, some friends of ours got married, and I was able to create this cute Home Sweet Home farmhouse inspired sign for them using my Cricut Maker & Design Space.

Today we are going to be talking about how to use images in Design Space along with Cricut fonts & some of your own fonts to create your own unique project like I did. Let’s get started!

1: Choose Your Images

Pick the images for your project

TIP: I would recommend getting Cricut Access if you own a Cricut machine. All the images with the little green tag are totally free to use! You can also find tons of free Cricut fonts and more to use in your designs with an Access membership.

Pick the images for your project

For this project, I decided to use this Home Sweet Home image and a swirly heart image from Cricut Access.

2: Insert Both Images in the Design Space Canvas

Insert your images

Now the fun is about to begin. Let me show you how you can combine both of these images into one new image that you can cut out with your Cricut machine.

3: Weld Your Images Together

Weld the images

First, I resized my heart a little bit smaller and than put it right next to the Home Sweet Home image and tilted it just a bit until it looked good to me.

Weld the images

Next, I selected all the images at once, and then I clicked the weld button in my Design Space toolbar.

Weld the images

After I clicked that button, the two images became one! So cool! This is by far my favorite tool!

4: Personalize Your Design

Add personal touches to your design

To personalize this Home Sweet Home project I used one of my favorite fonts (Better Together) and a Cricut Access (Cricut Alphabet) font to add the last name & year established to the bottom of my design.

Personalize your design

This is what my final project design looked like. I love how you can personalize a design to your liking!

5: Size Your Image

Change the size of your image

Next, I sized the image to fit my project. TIP: I inserted a shape & sized it to be the exact size as my board would be. Then all I had to do was drag my design on top & make it just the right size. Delete the extra shape, and you are good to go!

Don’t forget to pin this post for later! You’ll want to remember how to use that welding tool.

6: Cut Out Your Design and Make Your Sign

Make your Home Sweet Home sign

Alright, let me show you how I finished up my DIY farmhouse sign.


First, you will prepare your mat with some vinyl. TIP: Instead of cutting a sheet of vinyl, I just keep it on the roll to prevent waste.

Cricut Maker cutting vinyl

Then you will press go, and that will send your design to your Cricut machine to cut out.

Weeding vinyl

Once your design is cut out, weed out the excess vinyl using a weeding tool.

Vinyl design
Put transfer tape on the design

Next, apply a piece of transfer tape right over the top of your design.

Prepare the frame

For my sign, I just used an 11 inch by 11-inch piece of wood (painted white) and then added a simple frame that I made out of 1x2s & had stained. I used a nail gun to attach those around the painted board.

Carefully peel away backing

Flip your design over, and then carefully remove the backing paper leaving the vinyl stuck to your transfer paper.

Use the scraper

Gently lay your design down on your sign where you’d like it to be, and then rub gently with your scraper tool.

Remove the transfer paper

Carefully peel back your transfer tape, leaving your design in place.

Finished sign

Vinyl lettering is so easy to do, and it looks perfect every single time! Thanks so much for having me over! If you like this project, please share it.

Let me know if you have any questions below!