DIY Boot Toppers

Be Warmer and Fashionable With These Cute Boot Toppers

October 24th, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

I have wanted to sew since I knew what sewing was. But after one sewing class in 7th grade, I wrote it off as way too much work. When the Cricut Maker launched, I was so excited to dust off my sewing machine and jump back in. No more paper patterns, tracing, and cutting?! Um, yes please. With basically no sewing experience, I can make several of the projects on Design Space. I chose an “intermediate project” for this post to show just how easy sewing can be!

Before I got started, I scrolled through all the Simplicity projects in Design Space. I was so inspired. I love that you can click on a project to see the level of difficulty, estimated time, supplies, and instructions.

Boot toppers in Design Space

With the seasons changing, I knew these boot toppers would not only be adorable, but they would keep my legs a little warmer in the chilly months to come. I hit the print icon on the screen, printed my instructions, and headed to the fabric store. As a novice seamstress, this list gives me so much confidence. I cross off items as I put them in my cart and it ensures I have everything once I get home and start.

Printing off the instructions for the boot toppers

Supply List:

  • Knit fabric, 11" x 17" (2 pieces for boot topper)
  • Knit contrasting fabric, 11" x 17" (2 pieces for boot topper)
  • Interfacing 9" x 9" (lightweight fusible interfacing)
  • Cricut® 12 x 24 FabricGrip Mat
  • Cricut® Washable Fabric Pen, Blue 1.0
  • Thread
  • Heavy duty snaps, 8
  • Snap Kit (may come with snaps)
  • 3/4" wide lace, 1 1/8 yd
  • Sewing machine
  • Easy Press or Iron
  • Cropadile or Hole Puncher
  • Hammer

While shopping, I made one change to the recommended supply list. Instead of sew-in snaps and buttons, I switched them to heavy-duty snaps because I love snaps!

1: Prep Your Fabric

Get your fabric ready for cutting

I cut 2 pieces 11” x 17” of each of my fabrics, black and patterned knit. BEFORE you cut yours, let me help by saying … I did this wrong the first time. Here I thought I was this Design Space pro, but I am not. In the directions, it clearly tells you to cut your fabric paying attention to the grain and pattern, but I am going to highlight this step with a photo. Your pattern should run along the long edge of the mat for this specific project. Remember to flip over your fabric before you cut it.

2: Cut Your Fabric With the Maker

Cut out your fabric

This may be my favorite step because the Maker really does make this foolproof. Follow the order of the mats in Design Space and load in your mat, rotary blade, and Cricut Washable Fabric Pen. The Maker will detect the blade before it begins and if you put the wrong blade in, it won’t cut your material. I craft every day and still forget … so bless this little reminder! I also got this reminder and definitely needed it.

Once I loaded in my pen, the Maker did the rest. It marked the back side of my fabric and then cut it perfectly. There was even a setting for fusible interfacing. Cricut has thought of it all!

3: Iron on the Fusible Interfacing

Attach the fusible interfacing

I used my Cricut Easy Press for this since I love this little guy so much! It heats up in seconds, you can control the temperature, and it has a timer. Win, win, win! I set it to 300 degrees and pressed it for 30 seconds. Make sure you are ironing your interfacing to the back side of your lining.

4: Sew!

Sew on the fabric

This project is so easy to sew. You are just sewing straight lines and pivoting at the corners. Do not be overwhelmed! Take your fabric and lining and place them on top of each other with the right sides of the fabric touching each other. Pin those together. Your interfacing and the ugly side of your fabric will be on the outside.

Sew your fabric

Sew around the edges leaving a one-inch gap so you can turn your fabric back to the right side. The instructions call for a 5/8” seam allowance.

Sew your fabric

After you finish sewing, trim your corners, and turn your fabric so the correct sides are facing out. I used my Cricut Tools Stylus to poke my corners out so they were nice and sharp. Hand stitch your hole closed. You are almost done!

Pin your trim around the edges of your boot topper following the Simplicity pattern instructions and then sew.

5: Snaps

Attach the snaps

Since I changed this part to replace the sewn in snaps, I have lots of photos so you can follow along. Before you start (and while you are crafting), you may want to refer to this blog post! I wrote an entire post on snaps since I am that obsessed.

You will need all of the fun things above to get started.

Attach the snaps

Start by punching holes on the fabric pen marks. These marks made this part so easy peasy!

Attach the snaps

Fold your boot topper over and using the new holes, take your fabric marker and fill the holes in to mark the other side of your boot topper. Punch through your new marks.
Refer to this blog post and install all four snaps on each topper. Your boot topper should look like this!

Attach the snaps

And you are done! Put those toppers on and pair them with your favorite boots! Or if you are a crazy dog mom, like me, whip up a matching bow for your pup and hit the town!

Have you tackled a sewing project using your Maker yet? I would love to see what you are sewing up. Tag @officialcricut and use #CricutMade and #CricutMaker to show us what you are working on!

Happy crafting!
Karley Hall

Apartment 413

Make these fun spider & web shirts

DIY Spider & Web Matching T-Shirts

October 23rd, 2017 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hi there! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts, and I am so excited to be back. I love being here with all of you. Halloween is almost here! Eek! With all the fall parties, school carnivals and trunk or treats going on in the next several weeks, we have lots of events to get ready for. Sometimes it’s easier to whip up an easy Halloween t-shirt for some of these fun occasions. I like saving the big time-consuming costumes for Halloween night! Once a year is enough for me! Ha!

My kiddos are going to our church’s trunk or treat next week. So, I thought it would be fun to make these adorable Spider & Web Matching T-shirts. It literally took me minutes to get both of these t-shirts done! Of course, that was all thanks to my Cricut Maker™, Cricut EasyPress™, and just a few supplies. Let me show you how easy it is to make your own custom t-shirt.

Supplies Needed:

Supplies for your Spider + Web matching t-shirts

1: Choose Your Template

Choose the T-shirt template

Open Cricut Design Space and choose your template. For this project, we are making a t-shirt. So, select classic t-shirts, & then your screen will look like this. Select the size t-shirt you are making in the top left-hand corner. By the way, I love this feature of Design Space. It makes visualizing a finished project so easy!

2: Choose Your Images

Pick out the images for your shirt

Next, I clicked “images” to access the Cricut Design Space library. After scrolling through the tons of adorable Halloween images, I chose a cute spider and spider web to use for this project. Size the images to fit your t-shirt.

3: Click "Make It"

Send the design to be cut

Now it’s time to make your project. TIP: When working with iron-on material, you will want to reverse your image IF you have any writing on your design. So, don’t forget to do that. In this instance, I didn’t have to worry about that since there wasn’t any writing!

4: Prepare Your Iron-on Material and Mat

Get your materials ready to cut

For this project, I chose to use the blue LightGrip mat. This mat is my favorite. It’s not too sticky, and it works great with iron-on material. TIP: If you are confused about which mat to use, be sure to check out this post. Smooth on your material with your hand, and now it’s time to cut!

Don’t forget to pin this project, so you can try it out later.

5: Send to Your Machine

Have your Cricut cut your designs

After you select continue, load your machine with your cutting mat & iron on material. TIP: When cutting iron on material be sure to put the shiny side down on your cutting mat. Click the flashing go button, and then sit back as your Cricut Maker goes to work. I love watching this machine work as it creates something amazing!

6: Weed Your Design

Remove the excess vinyl

Unload your mat. Then carefully, weed the excess vinyl away from your design. TIP: Using a Cricut BrightPad will make this job much quicker & easier! Also, the BrightPad can plug right into your Cricut Maker’s charging port.

7: Warm Up Your Cricut EasyPress™

Get the EasyPress™ ready for use

Be sure to set your temperature and timer to fit your material. For this project, I set my EasyPress™ for 330° and 30 seconds. A handy guide comes with the machine to let you know what temperature you need to use for all different kinds of materials.

8: Press on Your Design

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Once the EasyPress™ is warmed up, the fun begins! Put a towel down on a sturdy, flat surface. Put your t-shirt down. Iron the t-shirt with the EasyPress to remove any moisture or wrinkles. Then lay your design on your shirt exactly where you would like it to be. The clear backing paper should be on top.

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Place the EasyPress™ on top. Gently press down with one hand. Push the power button again and the countdown will begin. Repeat on any parts of your image that were not under the EasyPress™. Flip your shirt over and press down on the back of the shirt as well.

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Let your design cool slightly. Carefully lift the backing paper. If your design doesn’t want to stick, simply repeat the above steps until it does. With the EasyPress™, I have not had any trouble. My designs have all stuck perfectly the first time.

All that is left to do is enjoy your new Halloween t-shirts! Let me know if you have any questions!

What would you make with your Cricut Maker and Cricut EasyPress? I’d love to hear!

Be sure to pin this project to try later.

Finished Spider and Web shirts
Halloween Costumes You Can Make with a Cricut

Fun Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

October 13th, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Happy Halloween! It’s Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff, back with a fun Halloween post for you on the Cricut blog!

Are you planning on using your Cricut to make your Halloween costume this year? If so, I have rounded up a bunch of ideas to get you thinking about costumes! From masks to tails and everything in between, you’ll find so many great ideas for Halloween costumes here!

I even used my new Cricut Maker to create my Halloween costume—a set of giant butterfly wings!

Masks & Crowns

Unicorn Mask

Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? With this unicorn mask from Made by Melli, you can make all your unicorn dreams come true!

Crown Jewels Costume

This “punny” crown jewels costume can be found in the Cricut Make It Now library! Perfect for a last-minute costume.

Animal Masks

Whether your kid wants to be a fox, an owl, or a lion, Cloudy Gray Day has you covered with her felt animal masks!

Character Costumes

Snow Princess Cape

Make this ethereal snowflake cape from A Pumpkin and a Princess for your little snow princess for Halloween this year.

Polynesian Demigod Halloween Costume

See Lindsay goes all out in this amazing Polynesian demigod costume for her toddler son! With both iron-on vinyl “tattoos” and felt leaves, this is the perfect costume for any tiny fan.

Other Fun Ideas

DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume

I think this pizza slice costume is so much fun—add a delivery boy and you have the perfect couples costume! You can find out how to make it in the Cricut Make It Now library.

Candy Costume

Continuing on with the food theme, Crafting in the Rain has a hilarious last-minute costume that costs less than $15 to make – a bag of delicious candy!


So what are you planning on being for Halloween? What about your kids? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Happy Halloween, Cricut friends!

Adhesive foil home decor

Create Custom Home Decor With Adhesive Foil!

September 25th, 2017 • Contributor: Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Hey, everybody – it’s Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts and today I’m going to share one of Cricut’s best-kept secrets – Adhesive Foil! Perfect for both the Explore machines and the new Maker machine, adhesive foil adds the perfect amount of glam to any project. The other best-kept secret? Cricut makes adhesive foil sampler packs so you can try out a variety of colors. Now let’s check out a few of my favorites!

Tea Lovers Mug

Kick off your mornings with a little pizazz! This fun tea cup from dukes and duchesses is the pick me up we all need as we start our day.

Wall Decor

Watercolor AND metallics AND free cutting files? Yes, please! Thanks to Natalie at Doodlecraft you can create these beautiful wall décor pieces in no time.

Purse Pouch Accents

Phone Case

Who knew opening your purse could make you so happy! Debra from Housewife Eclectic shows us how to turn plain old plastic pouches into something fun and fresh, and See Lindsay creates customized phone cases in just a few minutes.

Customized Reception Chairs

Just when you thought weddings couldn’t be any more special – along comes Something Turquoise with these stunning customized reception chairs. This would be the perfect finishing touch!

Foil Pumpkins

Metallic holiday projects are so on trend this season, and with these foil pumpkins from love create celebrate, you will be the hit of the neighborhood.

Wooden Lids

Wood lids on bowls and candles are also on trend this season – and you can customize them for any theme or event. I created this Thanksgiving hostess gift in just a few minutes with my Cricut Explore Air and some Gold Adhesive Foil and love the end result!

Hot Cocoa Ornament

Christmas and metallics go hand in hand – and who wouldn’t love to receive one of these hot cocoa ornament gifts from The Quiet Grove? Julia even shares a free cut file with you!

Just Breathe Sign

In the midst of it all – this sweet reminder from Hazel + Gold Designs would be a wonderful gift to give ourselves or to someone we care about.

Available in a variety of finishes including metallic, matte, and stainless - with Cricut Adhesive Foil there is no limit to your creativity!

Let’s stay connected!

Which one would you make first? Tell us below!

Make your own felt luggage tags with a Cricut Maker

Create Felt Luggage Tags With Your Cricut Maker

September 4th, 2017 • Contributor: Natalie Wright from Natalie Wright

Hiya, creative friends! I am so excited to share my project with you today! I have been traveling a lot for work lately, and this is totally one of those projects I felt inspired to make while on the go.

Remember when people starting tying ribbon on their luggage to help identify their bags at the airport? Well, now it feels like everyone has a ribbon tied on their black bag, and it is now hard to tell them apart again! Ha! I thought it would be fun to make some luggage tags for my suitcases that definitely set them apart.

This is such a great project if you are new to using the Cricut maker. These simple tags are inexpensive to make and require just a little bit of sewing. Perfect for those of you who are new to fabric projects and sewing!

Here’s What You Need to Get Started:

Materials you need to make your own felt luggage tags

Tools + Materials You’ll Need to Get Started:

1: Place Felt on Mat

Put your felt on your fabric cutting mat

To get started, measure at least 6” of felt fabric, and place on your Cricut Maker pink mat. Open the project in Cricut Design Space by going HERE.

2: Cut Out the Tags

Cut your felt tag following the instructions in Design Space. Be sure to customize your project before cutting if you only want to make one tag. I made them all so I can rotate them. Ha!

3: Cut Your Foil Words

Cut out your foil iron on words

Using your Cricut Maker and Foil Iron-on in Light Gold, cut the phrases for your tags. Be sure to click on “mirror image” so the file cuts upside down.

4: Iron on the Phrases

Iron the words onto your felt

Iron-on your cut phrases onto your felt tags. Let the fabric cool off before the next step.

5: Create Tag Pockets

Sew clear plastic onto your felt

For the back of your tags, cut the clear plastic to create a pocket for your name tag. I actually used the clear plastic that came with my mat, and it worked perfectly!

6: Make Tag Inserts

Make your labels for your luggage tag

Cut and draw the tag inserts. Sew or hand stitch the plastic to the felt, and insert the paper tags.

If you want your tags to be inside permanently, stick the plastic closed. I left mine open so I can slide my tag in and out.

7: Add a Strap

Put on either leather or ribbon

Last step! Add a leather or ribbon strap to attach your luggage tags to your bags.

Tags with straps

That’s it! And who doesn’t love luggage accessories with a little humor, right?

Tag with straps

These would actually make a really fun gift if you have a friend that loves to travel. Be sure to use bright fabric colors so your tag really stands out!

I can’t wait to use my new luggage tags, and they sure look cute on my Cricut storage bags!

Happy crafting!



What saying would you iron on your tags ?? Let us know in a comment below!

Make your own graphic tee with these fun T-shirt DIYs

DIY T-shirts I Would Totally Wear

August 25, 2017 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Made Co.

I love a clever graphic t-shirt, don't you? They've been trending for several years and now it's easier than ever to DIY your own.

Having the freedom to create customized clothing is just one of the many benefits of owning a Cricut machine. With a little bit of practice and a roll of Cricut's Iron On you can turn a plain old t-shirt into a trendy graphic tee in minutes. Grab a cup of coffee and let's check out some of the cutest DIY'd tees from around the web. Be sure to pin your faves!

A Nap Is Calling T-Shirt

Everyone can relate to this adorable design by Kori Clark. Naps are life. Plus, you can grab this Make It Now project right from Design Space!

DIY French Fries T-Shirt

C'mon now, this shirt is spot on. Damask Love always knows whats up!

Balloon Elbow Patches Tee

That glitter iron-on, you guys. The best! I can think of about 50 occasions where this shirt would come in handy. Can you even imagine how cute this would be for a first birthday photo shoot?

Hello My Name Is...

Speaking of little ones, this name tag onesie is perfect for bringing baby home from the hospital. When someone asks you what the baby's name is, just point to it! Genius. Find it in Design Space.

Happy Cloud Kids Tee

This is one of my favorite shirts that I designed for my littlest. You can head here for the free cut file.

Start Somewhere T-Shirt

I love love love these family tees by Cloudy Day Gray. Black and white gets me every time.

Lips and Lashes Shirt

This shirt is next on my DIY list! Simple yet totally glam.

Christmas Tee DIY

Customized PJs on Christmas morning? Yes, please! This year will be the year the whole family wears coordinating DIY jammies!

This is just a very small example of what you can create with Cricut. If you've yet to try your hand at creating your own t-shirt, I hope this post inspires you to grab a roll of iron-on and give it a shot.

To make things even easier, you can now get your hands on Cricut's Easy Press™! With the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron the Easy Press™ delivers professional results in 60 seconds. How cool is that?!

Be sure to pin this post for inspiration and leave a comment down below describing an awesome t-shirt you created with Cricut. Happy crafting!

Thank your bridal party with these champagne bottle favors

Items To Cricut-ize For Your Bridesmaids

July 28, 2017 • Contributor: Jen Causey from Something Turquoise

I feel confident in saying every single bride wants her wedding to be truly personal and ultra special. Want to know how to make that happen? Simple: make things yourself! Or in other words, buy some really cute stuff and personalize/customize the heck out of it using your amazing Cricut!

My name is Jen Causey and I’m the turquoise-crazed owner and maker of Something Turquoise, a wedding blog that celebrates the DIY bride, back again with another wedding inspired post for you! Today we’re diving in deep and swooning over fabulous things you can personalize for your bridesmaids!


From getting ready shirts and sweatpants to tank tops, hats, and even robes. Brand your besties with their bridal party placement or your wedding logo - because you’re only going to get married once! Cricut’s iron-on material is going to be your best friend for these projects!

DIY Bride Tribe Hats by Something Turquoise

DIY Gold Foil Bridal T-shirts by Design Dazzle

Custom Robes by Shades of Pink Boutique on Etsy, $34


From personalized wedding shoes and clutches, to nail stickers and custom jewelry boxes. Personalize that special accessory that they will be using on your wedding day...or something they can add to their everyday look! Vinyl and iron-on will work great for these ideas!

DIY Monogrammed Jewelry Box - make it now in Design Space!

DIY Bridal Party Shoe Stickers by Something Turquoise

DIY Monogram Purse - make it now in Design Space!

Useful Things

From cell phone covers to tote bags and can koozies to darling little favors. Make your bestie something they will actually use, maybe even over and over… because every time they use it they will think of you! Vinyl and iron-on will work great for these ideas!

DIY Diamond Phone Cases by Lia Griffith

DIY Bridal Party Can Koozies by Something Turquoise

DIY Personalized Party Favors - make them now in Design Space!

Home Items

From towels and hangers to coffee mugs and wine glasses! Make your gals something special that they will display in their home and think of you! Vinyl and iron-on will work great for these ideas!

DIY Bridal Party Hangers by Coastal Kedler

DIY Personalized Wine Glasses by Happy Go Lucky

DIY Bachelorette Party Towels by Something Turquoise

Which bridesmaid gift do you plan on making? Let us know below in the comments!

5 Easy Steps To Make Your Iron-On Project Stick

May 17, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Manager Lauren Duletzke

If iron-on projects are your favorite, like mine, I know how frustrating it can be to cut your project, adhere it with an iron and something goes wrong… maybe one of your letters warps because your iron is too hot or worse, you wear your awesome DIY shirt and the design starts to peel off. Permanence with iron-on is possible (I promise!) and today I’m going to walk you through 5 easy steps to get the best results on your cotton t-shirts.

Before we get started I want to discuss a few things to get us prepped for a solid iron-on experience. I’ve learned the importance of two things to make my iron-on projects super permanent…

  • Know my fabric: Figure out what fabric you’re working with (if it has a tag, read it!), know the right temperature for the fabric (most irons have temperature settings), and wash instructions.
  • Know my iron-on material: When picking your iron-on make sure you know what you’re working with. At Cricut we have 3 different types of iron-on: iron-on lite, glitter iron-on, and foil iron-on. Here’s three quick things you should consider when using these iron-on materials:
  1. Iron-on lite: Be careful with too much heat.
  2. Glitter iron-on: Super strong and can take higher heat.
  3. Foil iron-on: Lower heat + longer time settings and make sure it’s fully cool before you remove the plastic.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s make a t-shirt! I cut out this design for my t-shirt on the new Design Space (it’s amazing if you haven’t played around with it yet!). 

(Also, if anyone is interested in the design I created, I used Arial Black font for the “Weekend” and Opposites Attract font for the “I Love You.” You can find both fonts in Design Space. And some of you may be wondering why I didn't connect the letters... I actually prefer the style without connected letters 😉 ... I used a circle to help me curve my letters just slightly by lining up the bottom of the letter with the circle edge.)


DS Image


Make sure you wash your t-shirt first before you start applying your iron-on design.


Laundry Washing Machine GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


For cotton, make sure you’ve put your iron on the cotton setting (with this iron it’s setting 6) and warm up the part of your shirt where you’ll be placing the iron-on design.


Iron on shirt


Because I’m using iron-on lite and foil iron-on in my design, I am ironing them separately. I’m starting with my iron-on lite “Weekend” design in white.

Put down a thin cloth over your design and instead of ironing flat across the design, try the method of press and push (meaning you press down on the iron over a spot on your design for a few seconds and then move it to the next spot and repeat). After I hear my iron beep, I check my design by pulling the corner of the plastic back and slowly rolling it all the way off my design.


Iron on shirt

TIP: Keeping the plastic tightly rolled when you pull it off helps protect the design from coming up while it’s cooling.

Now I iron my foil-iron “I Love You” design in silver. I’m going to turn my heat down to 4 and press down a little longer before checking if it’s done. After I’ve checked the corner of the plastic and it seems finished, I let it fully cool (I know you just want to rip it off but wait, it’s worth it!). I peel of the plastic and voila!... my design came off the plastic perfectly.


iron on
iron on


Now remember this tutorial is about permanence, so don’t go putting on your t-shirt just yet. Put your thin cloth over your finished design again, turn down the heat a bit and press along your design for about 20-30 seconds. This steps makes sure that your design is completely flat (just in case you missed anything). Now take your cloth off and let the t-shirt cool… and you’re ready to go!


iron on


Make sure after wearing your shirt that you wash and dry it inside out to protect the iron-on material.

…And for a fun step 6, you can cut your shirt like I did to make it even more unique! I love to wear my DIY crop shirts to yoga or around town on a casual day. Super fun and people always ask me where I got it!



iron on

Now go out there and make some really cool t-shirts...


You Got This Bill Murray GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Add A Little Sparkle To Canvas With the Sentimentals Cartridge

March 3, 2017 • Contributor: Stephanie from Crafting In The Rain

Hey there Cricut fans. I’m Stephanie and I’m visiting from my blog Crafting in the Rain. I live in the Pacific Northwest where we have a lot of rainy days, but it keeps everything green and beautiful! I love making things beautiful inside too, and that often involves my Cricut. Today I’m showing off one of my favorite designs from the Sentimentals Cartridge.

Whether you need some cute little party favor bags, or want to deliver a sweet gift to a friend, a dressed up canvas pouch is a perfect way to do it.

Measure the canvas pouch so you know how wide to make the design and resize in Design Space. We have to do just a bit of editing to the file because I wanted the phone to be glittery, but glitter iron-on has to be the top layer. You can add another layer of vinyl on top because it either won’t adhere right, or won’t look good. No problem though. We can fix it in Design Space.


Design Space Image

Click on the phone image, then right click and choose “Ungroup.” Then select everything, right click again, and select “Slice.” Now you can start to move the pieces apart and you’ll see you have one phone image, and two dial images. Delete one of the dials so you’re left with just one.

Send everything to cut and make sure to click the “Mirror Image” box on each mat. For the mat with the glitter vinyl, set the dial to “Custom” and from the drop-down menu choose iron-on, glitter. Turn the dial to iron-on for the regular iron-on vinyl.

Weed the extra vinyl and position the dial on the canvas bag first, using the phone piece as a guide to line it up right. Cover with a light cloth and iron for 10 seconds, pressing down and not moving the iron. Peel up the plastic carrier sheet and place the glitter iron-on in the right spot, matching it up with the dial. Iron again, about 20 seconds, and peel up the plastic.

Sentementals Cartridge

Now you’ve got a cute decorate pouch, and I hope you have fun with all the Sentimentals images (I have plans for putting one of those pretty frames on a mirror in my girl’s room.) Be sure to stop by my blog for even more fun Cricut ideas!

Sentementals Cartridge

Tips & Tricks: Assembling a Snap

January 3, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

If you are anything like me, just the name, Heavy Duty Snaps, makes you say to yourself, “Nope—that is beyond my crafting ability!” I thought the same thing a few months back. After experimenting with leather, I realized I was going to need to overcome this irrational fear. Today, I am going to share with you the easy steps for you to assemble snaps and before you know it, you’ll have added a snap to anything and everything that needs one.

Read More