Fitness attire and gear

Decorate Your Fitness Attire and Gear for Inspiration and Motivation

February 15th, 2018 • Contributor: Kristen Johnson from A Girl and Her Glitter

If you have ever needed motivation to continue those New Year resolutions, here it is! The Cricut line of products is making all of your goals look oh so good.

Long Lasting Results

Short term gain is not something we should all settle for when talking about any resolution. We are all in it for the long haul and want something that lasts. When it comes to adhering iron on to any type of clothing, the Cricut EasyPress has all of your long lasting wishes covered to get you motivated. We have combined iron foil, holographic vinyl and fired up our Cricut  EasyPRess to get the fire lit under you so you can stay true to your resolutions and meet those goals!



Our Project: Athletic Gear

You better believe that we believe in you and your creative and health goals… so, why not combine them? We gathered our athletic attire, glass water bottle, yoga mat and even our scale to add a creative twist. When you add Cricut into the mix, you are sure to end up with the best kind of personalized motivation that will speak to you!

Tools & Supplies You'll Need

*Wash your athletic attire before crafting

1: Find Your Design

Pick out your design

Use Design Space to find your perfect Design. Gather your clothing, iron-on foil, and your EasyPress. Here we used the Cricut preloaded design called “Scallop Pattern.” Be sure to save the remnants as well.

2: Cut and Weed

Cut out and weed your iron-on foil

Follow the instructions in Design Space to cut out your design. Weed away excess vinyl and do a dry run (but don’t press your design just yet) on top of your clothes. Look to see what your fabrics are made out of and set your EasyPress to the desired heat and time.

3: Create Your Yoga Mat Design

Make your yoga mat design

Time for the yoga mat! Choose a saying that will speak to you and use your Design Space to chose an image that will go along, then cut it out. The fonts we used were Cricut Sans and Madina and the image used is “Mermaid Tail.”

4: Press Design on Mat

When using your Cricut EasyPress, we have found that using parchment paper will allow for the heat to not melt the surface.

5: Do Your Water Bottle

Lastly, grab a great glass water bottle and embellish with anything that will cause you to hydrate as much as possible. Use the same fonts that you did with your other projects to create cohesion. We used holographic vinyl to make the cheeky wording really pop! Use your Cricut transfer tape to transfer your design.

You could also make your scale something to look forward to with your hard work and your holographic viny! Carry your theme over into every detail so that your motivation can be seen everywhere.

What sayings and designs would you use? Tell us below!

DIY Stocking Onesies Part 2

DIY Stocking Onesies Part 2

December 20th, 2017 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hello there! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts, and I’m back to finish up what we started yesterday. Yay! Yesterday I showed you how I used Cricut Design Space to create some really cute stocking designs. Today I’m going to show you how to easy it is to use the Cricut EasyPress to create these super cute stocking onesies. Let’s get started!

How to use a Cricut EasyPress for Iron-on

Supplies Needed:

You will need:

If you missed yesterday’s post, be sure to pop over HERE & check out how to design & cut out the stocking design using the printable iron-on and glitter iron-on.

Let’s make some onesies!

1: Apply Your Cricut Printable Iron-on to Your Onesie

Attach the Cricut printable iron-on

If you remember, yesterday I used the printable iron-on to create some fun patterns for my stockings. If you missed that post, don’t forget to click over HERE and check it out. First, set your Cricut EasyPress to 250° and 30 seconds.

Attach the Cricut printable iron-on

TIP: Before you attempt to apply your printable iron-on, be sure you remove the backing paper.

Attach the Cricut printable iron-on

TIP: Also, Cricut Iron-on comes with a sheet of parchment paper. Before you use the Cricut EasyPress on your design, be sure you lay that parchment paper right on top of your design. It will protect your design while at the same time allow the heat to transfer the design to your onesie.

Next, place your Cricut EasyPress on your design & press for 30 seconds.

Attach the Cricut printable iron-on

Can I say how much I love this scrip design? So cute!

2: Apply Your Cricut Glitter Iron-on

Attach the Cricut glitter iron-on

Next, you will apply your Cricut Glitter Iron-on. Tip: You don’t want the sticky backing paper of the glitter iron-on to touch the printed part of your stocking. It could lift some of the ink off. So, I trimmed back the edges that could touch the printed part of my stocking.

Don’t forget to pin this post, so you can come back to it later!

Attach your Cricut glitter iron-on

Normally, you don’t need to do this. You can use the Cricut EasyPress right on top of the glitter iron-on, but since I needed to protect my printed patterned iron-on, I put the piece of parchment paper back over my whole design.

Attach your Cricut glitter iron-on

I let my Cricut EasyPress heat up to 340° for 30 seconds. Then I pressed my glitter iron-on onto my onesie. TIP: I tried my best to avoid touching the printable iron-on with the Cricut EasyPress since that temperature is way too warm to put directly on top of the printable iron-on.

Attach your Cricut glitter iron-on

Next, you’ll carefully remove the backing paper from the glitter iron-on. All done!

Just imagine all the amazing projects that you can make with the fun printable iron-on! Let me know what you would create in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends! Happy Holidays! 

DIY Stocking Onesies
Stocking Onesies Part 1

DIY Stocking Onesies Part 1

December 19th, 2017 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hello there! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts. I am so excited to be back here on the Cricut blog to share another fun tutorial. You can see my fun Christmas cards HERE. Today I am going to begin a two-part series on how I created these adorable Stocking Onesies using my Cricut Maker, Cricut EasyPress, Design Space, and a few fun products from Cricut. Let’s get started!

1: Choose Your Image

Pick out the image for your stocking onesie

You can get the design I used right HERE, but I wanted to show you how easy it is to create your own custom designs in Cricut Design Space. First, I selected the stocking image that I wanted to use for my design. TIP: If you have Cricut Access, this shape is totally free. Then I clicked insert image.

2: Simplify Your Image Using Cricut Design Space

Edit your image

I just wanted a simple design for my stocking, so I needed to simplify this image.

Edit your image

To do that, all I needed to do was click the little eye by the images I wanted to hide. I clicked them all until my image looked like the picture above.

Edit your image

Then I used my slice tool to separate my image into these shapes.

3: Add Some Fun Patterns

Pick out fun patterns for your stockings

One of the features that I love about Design Space is that you can add fun patterns to your shapes. Then you can use the Print & Cut feature later to make some really neat designs that will add a lot of patterns, colors & textures that would be hard to do otherwise.

To do this, all you have to do is click on the image, click pattern & then choose your favorite. If you notice, right next to the icon you also see a little printer. That means this part of your design will first print on your home printer and then your Cricut Maker or Explore Air will cut it out. I really love this feature!

Fun patterns for stocking onesies

I ended up choosing three different patterns – a buffalo check design, a polka dot pattern & a cute holiday scrip pattern. Now it’s time to send all of this to my printer and then to my Cricut Maker.

4: Send Design to Your Printer

Print out your customized stockings

I clicked Make It. I love how Cricut Design Space tells me exactly how many mats to prepare and tells me exactly what I need to do. First, I printed out my 3 patterned designs onto Cricut Printable Iron-on, light paper using my inkjet printer. My printer had an iron-on setting. Make sure your printer is all set before printing for best results.

5: Send Your Design to Your Cricut Maker or Explore Air to Cut Out

Cut out your vinyl

When you print your design with your printer, you will notice a black box prints out as well. This helps your Cricut machine “see” where to cut. It’s truly an amazing feature!

Don’t forget to pin this post so you can come back to it later!

Cut out your vinyl
Cut out your vinyl

See! My Cricut Maker cut out the design beautifully! Amazing! 

Cut out your vinyl

The last thing I did was cut out the rest of my design using Cricut Glitter Iron-on. TIP: Instead of cutting out a sheet of glitter iron-on, just leave your glitter iron-on on the roll when you cut it. This will prevent waste, so you’ll have more vinyl to create more projects with!

Cut out your vinyl

All done!

Come back tomorrow, and I will show you how I used my Cricut EasyPress to create these adorable onesies. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Be sure to share this post with your crafty friends!

DIY Stocking Onesies
DIY Holiday Attire Ideas

Holiday Attire Ideas to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

December 19th, 2017 • Contributor: Nessa Myers, Cricut Blog Support

One of the easiest ways to spread cheer this winter is to wear some holiday attire. Whether it's shirts, pajamas, socks or ugly sweaters, it's so easy to get creative and make your own with a Cricut. Try one of these ideas today!

Start With Hot Cocoa Socks

As the temperatures dip, my consumption of hot cocoa goes up exponentially. I fell instantly in love with these socks from Made by Melli. Hold a crafting party with like-minded friends and make some of these soon!

Be Inspired by Pop Culture

I was excited to see these shirts and pajamas inspired by two of my favorite Christmas movies. Every year I have to tune in as many times as I can to watch as Ralphie sticks his tongue to the flagpole in A Christmas Story, so making this "I Triple Dog Dare You" shirt from Doodlecraft is a must.

I can also proclaim my love for Elf and all things sugary with these "Elves Food Groups" tops made by Housewife Eclectic and Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Don an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ah, the ugly Christmas sweater has become a staple of the holiday, hasn't it? If you don't have any luck finding one of these treasures at a thrift shop (or want to just customize your own to tacky perfection), try one of these DIY versions:

Dress the Family in Christmas Pajamas

I've been doing the "Need, Want, Wear, Read" method of Christmas gifts for my girls. In the past, I've defaulted to matching sleeper pajamas, but how fun would it be to make custom ones for them? The matching set for child and doll from Becoming Martha is especially sweet. I also love the fun sets created by Made by Melli and See Lindsay.

Wear a Festive Christmas Shirt EVERYWHERE

I usually wear a T-shirt around the house and on the go, so I would definitely feel more in the Christmas spirit if I wore one of these fun designs:

Which one of these are you going to make? 

Show us your holiday projects made with a Cricut Maker by using the hashtags #CricutMade and #CricutMaker!

DIY Family Jammies

December 18th, 2017 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Every single holiday since our second son was just an infant, our boys have worn matching jammies on Christmas Eve. I snap a pic of wiggling boys in front of our Christmas Tree and share it with our families on Christmas Day. It is a tradition that I love so much, but as time keeps moving forward, it is becoming more and more difficult to find jammies that match for all of the boys!

Matching Family Pajamas
Matching Family Pajamas
Matching Family Pajamas
Matching Family Pajamas

So, I have started DIY’ing them. Typically, I purchase coordinating jammie bottoms, and plain tops. The last few years I just let the boys wear plain shirts, and I hated it!

I purchased plain long sleeve t-shirts and plaid jammie bottoms from the store and opened Design Space to find an image we would all love. The boys were a part of every step of their jammie making this year, and I really enjoyed their input. They decided on a bear and Merry Christmas text from Design Space, though, they did ask me to edit the bear to make it an almost completely solid image.

1: Design Your Shirt

Choose an image in Design Space. (Find my cut file here) and size it to fit your shirt or pants. *I am so happy the template tool is back in DS*

If you want to edit the image’s size or style, do so now.

2: Cut and Weed Design

Cut out your image and weed away excess vinyl

Send the file to the machine to cut. Don’t forget, iron-on needs to be placed on the mat shiny side down, and you need to mirror the cut.

Weed the image and the text, and place it on the shirt where you like it. I fold the shirt in half sideways and top to bottom to find the center and pinch a small crease in the fabric. I do the same folding with the vinyl transfer sheet as well.

3: Apply on Jammies

Apply your design to the jammies

Once your image is where you want it, use your EasyPress according to package instructions, I set it to 360* for 30 seconds and pressed the image onto the shirt. Next, I added the text where I wanted it and repeated the process. Finally, I pressed the inside of the shirt on the back of the vinyl.

Finished family jammies
Finished family jammies
Now, all I need to do is get my wild crew to stand still for a few minutes so I can snap a few more pics!

What design would you make when you DIY family jammies? Leave a comment!

Foil and sparkle holiday tees

Holiday Tees With Foil Iron-on, Glitter Iron-on, and Sparkle Iron-on

December 4th, 2017 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Creating a shirt to celebrate the holidays is so easy with your Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker.  You can make some as a gift for family and friends or wear one yourself to get into the holiday spirit.

I created these fun shirts with holiday sayings in a few easy steps. Cricut offers lots of fun Iron-on varieties to make your holiday shirt sparkle! On this post, I’m sharing tips on using Cricut Glitter Iron-on, Holographic Sparkle Iron-on, and Foil Iron-on.

What’s your favorite type of Iron-on? Have you tried the Holographic Sparkle? Let me know in the comments below.

1. Create Your Text Design

Make the text design for your shirt

First, pick a fun holiday saying and insert your text and choose a font. Cricut Design Space has a great selection of cursive fonts, but remember you can also use fonts from your own computer.

There are two key steps to making your letters connect and achieving the handwritten look. First, you need to use either your Letter Space tool or Ungroup tool to bring each letter closer together. I prefer the Ungroup tool as I have more freedom to place each letter exactly where I want it. The second key step is to use the Weld tool to weld your text together and eliminate overlapping cutlines.

2. Insert Images

Add some images to your design

After you have your text design, you can now add some fun images. The Cricut Design Space Library has lots of Christmas images available with Cricut Access. I searched “holly” and “bells” for my images. You can open this Design Space link to use the same images.

When you are choosing images, keep in mind that you can layer Iron-on, but Foil Iron-on, Sparkle Iron-on, and Glitter Iron-on should only be on the top layer. You can use the Slice tool to slice out parts of your design that you don’t want to layer.

3. Cut Out and Weed Your Design

Cut out your iron-on designs

Make sure to place your Iron-on on the mat liner side down and mirror your image. Then let your Cricut perfectly cut out your design!

Don’t forget that there are custom settings for each type of Iron-on. Select which type of Iron-on you are cutting on the list (Lite, Glitter, Holographic Sparkle, or Foil) and change it for each mat.

4. Warm Up Your Cricut EasyPress

Get your EasyPress ready to use

Set your temperature and timer to fit your material. The Cricut EasyPress comes with a handy chart to easily choose the correct setting. Each type of Iron-on has a different recommended temperature.

Make sure you have a flat, heat-resistance surface to use your EasyPress. Use the EasyPress to remove wrinkles and prepare your shirt.

5. Press On Your Design

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Position your design on your shirt, place the EasyPress on the design and start your timer. Hold the EasyPress in place with gentle pressure.

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Test a small corner of your design and gently lift the liner. If the liner does not peel easily, reapply heat.

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

For Foil Iron-on, it is very important to let it cool completely before attempting to lift the liner, as it can otherwise cause the Iron-on to wrinkle or tear. I prefer to peel the liner for Glitter Iron-on while it is still slightly warm.

Once you are done pressing the design on you have some great shirts to spread Christmas cheer. Happy Holidays!

Press your vinyl onto the shirt
Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Be sure to pin this project to try!

DIY Boot Toppers

Be Warmer and Fashionable With These Cute Boot Toppers

October 24th, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

I have wanted to sew since I knew what sewing was. But after one sewing class in 7th grade, I wrote it off as way too much work. When the Cricut Maker launched, I was so excited to dust off my sewing machine and jump back in. No more paper patterns, tracing, and cutting?! Um, yes please. With basically no sewing experience, I can make several of the projects on Design Space. I chose an “intermediate project” for this post to show just how easy sewing can be!

Before I got started, I scrolled through all the Simplicity projects in Design Space. I was so inspired. I love that you can click on a project to see the level of difficulty, estimated time, supplies, and instructions.

Boot toppers in Design Space

With the seasons changing, I knew these boot toppers would not only be adorable, but they would keep my legs a little warmer in the chilly months to come. I hit the print icon on the screen, printed my instructions, and headed to the fabric store. As a novice seamstress, this list gives me so much confidence. I cross off items as I put them in my cart and it ensures I have everything once I get home and start.

Printing off the instructions for the boot toppers

Supply List:

  • Knit fabric, 11" x 17" (2 pieces for boot topper)
  • Knit contrasting fabric, 11" x 17" (2 pieces for boot topper)
  • Interfacing 9" x 9" (lightweight fusible interfacing)
  • Cricut® 12 x 24 FabricGrip Mat
  • Cricut® Washable Fabric Pen, Blue 1.0
  • Thread
  • Heavy duty snaps, 8
  • Snap Kit (may come with snaps)
  • 3/4" wide lace, 1 1/8 yd
  • Sewing machine
  • Easy Press or Iron
  • Cropadile or Hole Puncher
  • Hammer

While shopping, I made one change to the recommended supply list. Instead of sew-in snaps and buttons, I switched them to heavy-duty snaps because I love snaps!

1: Prep Your Fabric

Get your fabric ready for cutting

I cut 2 pieces 11” x 17” of each of my fabrics, black and patterned knit. BEFORE you cut yours, let me help by saying … I did this wrong the first time. Here I thought I was this Design Space pro, but I am not. In the directions, it clearly tells you to cut your fabric paying attention to the grain and pattern, but I am going to highlight this step with a photo. Your pattern should run along the long edge of the mat for this specific project. Remember to flip over your fabric before you cut it.

2: Cut Your Fabric With the Maker

Cut out your fabric

This may be my favorite step because the Maker really does make this foolproof. Follow the order of the mats in Design Space and load in your mat, rotary blade, and Cricut Washable Fabric Pen. The Maker will detect the blade before it begins and if you put the wrong blade in, it won’t cut your material. I craft every day and still forget … so bless this little reminder! I also got this reminder and definitely needed it.

Once I loaded in my pen, the Maker did the rest. It marked the back side of my fabric and then cut it perfectly. There was even a setting for fusible interfacing. Cricut has thought of it all!

3: Iron on the Fusible Interfacing

Attach the fusible interfacing

I used my Cricut Easy Press for this since I love this little guy so much! It heats up in seconds, you can control the temperature, and it has a timer. Win, win, win! I set it to 300 degrees and pressed it for 30 seconds. Make sure you are ironing your interfacing to the back side of your lining.

4: Sew!

Sew on the fabric

This project is so easy to sew. You are just sewing straight lines and pivoting at the corners. Do not be overwhelmed! Take your fabric and lining and place them on top of each other with the right sides of the fabric touching each other. Pin those together. Your interfacing and the ugly side of your fabric will be on the outside.

Sew your fabric

Sew around the edges leaving a one-inch gap so you can turn your fabric back to the right side. The instructions call for a 5/8” seam allowance.

Sew your fabric

After you finish sewing, trim your corners, and turn your fabric so the correct sides are facing out. I used my Cricut Tools Stylus to poke my corners out so they were nice and sharp. Hand stitch your hole closed. You are almost done!

Pin your trim around the edges of your boot topper following the Simplicity pattern instructions and then sew.

5: Snaps

Attach the snaps

Since I changed this part to replace the sewn in snaps, I have lots of photos so you can follow along. Before you start (and while you are crafting), you may want to refer to this blog post! I wrote an entire post on snaps since I am that obsessed.

You will need all of the fun things above to get started.

Attach the snaps

Start by punching holes on the fabric pen marks. These marks made this part so easy peasy!

Attach the snaps

Fold your boot topper over and using the new holes, take your fabric marker and fill the holes in to mark the other side of your boot topper. Punch through your new marks.
Refer to this blog post and install all four snaps on each topper. Your boot topper should look like this!

Attach the snaps

And you are done! Put those toppers on and pair them with your favorite boots! Or if you are a crazy dog mom, like me, whip up a matching bow for your pup and hit the town!

Have you tackled a sewing project using your Maker yet? I would love to see what you are sewing up. Tag @officialcricut and use #CricutMade and #CricutMaker to show us what you are working on!

Happy crafting!
Karley Hall

Apartment 413

Make these fun spider & web shirts

DIY Spider & Web Matching T-Shirts

October 23rd, 2017 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hi there! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts, and I am so excited to be back. I love being here with all of you. Halloween is almost here! Eek! With all the fall parties, school carnivals and trunk or treats going on in the next several weeks, we have lots of events to get ready for. Sometimes it’s easier to whip up an easy Halloween t-shirt for some of these fun occasions. I like saving the big time-consuming costumes for Halloween night! Once a year is enough for me! Ha!

My kiddos are going to our church’s trunk or treat next week. So, I thought it would be fun to make these adorable Spider & Web Matching T-shirts. It literally took me minutes to get both of these t-shirts done! Of course, that was all thanks to my Cricut Maker™, Cricut EasyPress™, and just a few supplies. Let me show you how easy it is to make your own custom t-shirt.

Supplies Needed:

Supplies for your Spider + Web matching t-shirts

1: Choose Your Template

Choose the T-shirt template

Open Cricut Design Space and choose your template. For this project, we are making a t-shirt. So, select classic t-shirts, & then your screen will look like this. Select the size t-shirt you are making in the top left-hand corner. By the way, I love this feature of Design Space. It makes visualizing a finished project so easy!

2: Choose Your Images

Pick out the images for your shirt

Next, I clicked “images” to access the Cricut Design Space library. After scrolling through the tons of adorable Halloween images, I chose a cute spider and spider web to use for this project. Size the images to fit your t-shirt.

3: Click "Make It"

Send the design to be cut

Now it’s time to make your project. TIP: When working with iron-on material, you will want to reverse your image IF you have any writing on your design. So, don’t forget to do that. In this instance, I didn’t have to worry about that since there wasn’t any writing!

4: Prepare Your Iron-on Material and Mat

Get your materials ready to cut

For this project, I chose to use the blue LightGrip mat. This mat is my favorite. It’s not too sticky, and it works great with iron-on material. TIP: If you are confused about which mat to use, be sure to check out this post. Smooth on your material with your hand, and now it’s time to cut!

Don’t forget to pin this project, so you can try it out later.

5: Send to Your Machine

Have your Cricut cut your designs

After you select continue, load your machine with your cutting mat & iron on material. TIP: When cutting iron on material be sure to put the shiny side down on your cutting mat. Click the flashing go button, and then sit back as your Cricut Maker goes to work. I love watching this machine work as it creates something amazing!

6: Weed Your Design

Remove the excess vinyl

Unload your mat. Then carefully, weed the excess vinyl away from your design. TIP: Using a Cricut BrightPad will make this job much quicker & easier! Also, the BrightPad can plug right into your Cricut Maker’s charging port.

7: Warm Up Your Cricut EasyPress™

Get the EasyPress™ ready for use

Be sure to set your temperature and timer to fit your material. For this project, I set my EasyPress™ for 330° and 30 seconds. A handy guide comes with the machine to let you know what temperature you need to use for all different kinds of materials.

8: Press on Your Design

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Once the EasyPress™ is warmed up, the fun begins! Put a towel down on a sturdy, flat surface. Put your t-shirt down. Iron the t-shirt with the EasyPress to remove any moisture or wrinkles. Then lay your design on your shirt exactly where you would like it to be. The clear backing paper should be on top.

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Place the EasyPress™ on top. Gently press down with one hand. Push the power button again and the countdown will begin. Repeat on any parts of your image that were not under the EasyPress™. Flip your shirt over and press down on the back of the shirt as well.

Press your vinyl onto the shirt

Let your design cool slightly. Carefully lift the backing paper. If your design doesn’t want to stick, simply repeat the above steps until it does. With the EasyPress™, I have not had any trouble. My designs have all stuck perfectly the first time.

All that is left to do is enjoy your new Halloween t-shirts! Let me know if you have any questions!

What would you make with your Cricut Maker and Cricut EasyPress? I’d love to hear!

Be sure to pin this project to try later.

Finished Spider and Web shirts
Halloween Costumes You Can Make with a Cricut

Fun Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

October 13th, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Happy Halloween! It’s Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff, back with a fun Halloween post for you on the Cricut blog!

Are you planning on using your Cricut to make your Halloween costume this year? If so, I have rounded up a bunch of ideas to get you thinking about costumes! From masks to tails and everything in between, you’ll find so many great ideas for Halloween costumes here!

I even used my new Cricut Maker to create my Halloween costume—a set of giant butterfly wings!

Masks & Crowns

Unicorn Mask

Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? With this unicorn mask from Made by Melli, you can make all your unicorn dreams come true!

Crown Jewels Costume

This “punny” crown jewels costume can be found in the Cricut Make It Now library! Perfect for a last-minute costume.

Animal Masks

Whether your kid wants to be a fox, an owl, or a lion, Cloudy Gray Day has you covered with her felt animal masks!

Character Costumes

Snow Princess Cape

Make this ethereal snowflake cape from A Pumpkin and a Princess for your little snow princess for Halloween this year.

Polynesian Demigod Halloween Costume

See Lindsay goes all out in this amazing Polynesian demigod costume for her toddler son! With both iron-on vinyl “tattoos” and felt leaves, this is the perfect costume for any tiny fan.

Other Fun Ideas

DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume

I think this pizza slice costume is so much fun—add a delivery boy and you have the perfect couples costume! You can find out how to make it in the Cricut Make It Now library.

Candy Costume

Continuing on with the food theme, Crafting in the Rain has a hilarious last-minute costume that costs less than $15 to make – a bag of delicious candy!


So what are you planning on being for Halloween? What about your kids? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Happy Halloween, Cricut friends!

Adhesive foil home decor

Create Custom Home Decor With Adhesive Foil!

September 25th, 2017 • Contributor: Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Hey, everybody – it’s Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts and today I’m going to share one of Cricut’s best-kept secrets – Adhesive Foil! Perfect for both the Explore machines and the new Maker machine, adhesive foil adds the perfect amount of glam to any project. The other best-kept secret? Cricut makes adhesive foil sampler packs so you can try out a variety of colors. Now let’s check out a few of my favorites!

Tea Lovers Mug

Kick off your mornings with a little pizazz! This fun tea cup from dukes and duchesses is the pick me up we all need as we start our day.

Wall Decor

Watercolor AND metallics AND free cutting files? Yes, please! Thanks to Natalie at Doodlecraft you can create these beautiful wall décor pieces in no time.

Purse Pouch Accents

Phone Case

Who knew opening your purse could make you so happy! Debra from Housewife Eclectic shows us how to turn plain old plastic pouches into something fun and fresh, and See Lindsay creates customized phone cases in just a few minutes.

Customized Reception Chairs

Just when you thought weddings couldn’t be any more special – along comes Something Turquoise with these stunning customized reception chairs. This would be the perfect finishing touch!

Foil Pumpkins

Metallic holiday projects are so on trend this season, and with these foil pumpkins from love create celebrate, you will be the hit of the neighborhood.

Wooden Lids

Wood lids on bowls and candles are also on trend this season – and you can customize them for any theme or event. I created this Thanksgiving hostess gift in just a few minutes with my Cricut Explore Air and some Gold Adhesive Foil and love the end result!

Hot Cocoa Ornament

Christmas and metallics go hand in hand – and who wouldn’t love to receive one of these hot cocoa ornament gifts from The Quiet Grove? Julia even shares a free cut file with you!

Just Breathe Sign

In the midst of it all – this sweet reminder from Hazel + Gold Designs would be a wonderful gift to give ourselves or to someone we care about.

Available in a variety of finishes including metallic, matte, and stainless - with Cricut Adhesive Foil there is no limit to your creativity!

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