Witch Hat

You “Scare” It Well: Halloween Accessories

October 10, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Halloween trick-or-treating may be strictly for kids, but who’s to say you can’t bring a little spooky style into your own wardrobe? The holiday is big business for good reason: it’s creative, crafty and everyone loves an opportunity to let their inner spirit shine. Whether you’re going for more of a scary, seductive, sweet or sinister look, these freaky fun accessories are sure to give everyone around a serious case of chills!

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Wicked Halloween Card

Cute (Not Scary!) Halloween Crafts

October 3, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

October has arrived! There’s a chill in the air, leaves crunching underfoot, children plotting costume details, and savory foods on the menu. As the 31st is getting closer, we wanted to reflect on the whimsical side of Halloween: think scarecrows instead of skeletons, friendly ghosts instead of creepy monsters, and autumnal oranges instead of blood reds.

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Wedding Dress - Celia Grace

A Wedding Dress that Gives Back

September 1, 2016 • Contributor: Nina Wolff Landau

When Celia Grace co-founder Marcie Muehlke couldn't find a wedding dress that matched her aesthetic and her values of sustainability and human rights, she decided to create Celia Grace–a line of wedding dresses meaningful for brides, seamstresses, and the environment.

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Lovely Backpack

Get Back-to-School DIY Down to a Science

August 24, 2016 • Contributor: Julie May

Just when you’ve settled down into a nice summer solstice, it’s time to get packing for school again. Are back-to-school ads running sooner and sooner on TV? We thought so. The beauty of being able to create with Cricut® is that you don’t have to stress about being first in line for adorable backpacks and lunch sacks – you can personalize your own! From creating DIY pencil cases and notebooks to planners and totes, you can have fun getting your kids ready for the classroom – in style, of course!

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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List Week 10

August 8, 2016 • Contributor: Caitlin Jolley, Cricut

Have you hit the road yet this summer? If not, this week’s summer bucket list will help you find the perfect way to get away AND, if so, we’ve got lots of ideas for your next trip.


    Heading to a seaside destination? Make this adorable travel tote to get you there in style! This design is perfect for ironing on a shirt, pillow, or beach or pool bag. Make it now in Cricut Design Space here.


    It’s officially summer, and the time to get planning your great escape is now. Forget the stress of international travel, and look to the open road. To help pinpoint some stellar destinations to add to your travel route, My Domaine has rounded up 20 places with history, natural beauty, and culture in spades. Pick one to explore here.


    Keep your drinks cold on your next road trip with these easy-to-make can koozies. Tastefully Frugal shows you how to use your Cricut to make them here.


    In summer, or anytime for that matter, fruit is the perfect treat! So pick up something fresh and local from a roadside stand. Then use this easy Make It Now project to serve your fresh favorites in style.


    Gone are the days of messy snacks and ripped-open sandwich bags. Bring some style and organization to your road trip snacks with these adorable bag toppers.


    If you’ve seen Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, then we’re sure you’ll love this! Crank up the tunes, sing along, and have your own carpool karaoke! Below is one of our favorites from Corden to get you inspired.


    Graphic tees are all the rage right now, and it’s so easy to create custom T-shirts using text and images on your Cricut. This tee has the perfect message for when you’re spontaneous and hit the road!


  1. ROAD TRIP GAMES Road trips are lots of fun until boredom hits the backseat, and your little ones start to grumble. Keep them happy and entertained with this Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Free Printable from Capturing Joy here.



Tell us in the comments below your favorite place to road trip in summer.

And if you missed last week, see the full Cricut Summer Bucket List here.

Trend watch

Molten Hot Copper Trends

August 5, 2016 • Contributor: Andrea Greco

Metallics have had a very strong presence in the fashion and home décor marketplace for the past few years. Initially, as far as fashion was concerned, I fought this trend. I rocked my silver Tiffany charm bracelet in 2001 and swore off gold for good! Gold flatware?! That was for grandmas and bad yard sales! Against my mother’s advice, I ended my relationship with yellow tones and “Gold Into Cash” became my new best friend. Well, years later, time, fashion and my opinions have definitely changed. Most of my silver jewelry has been stored away (not sold this time!) and replaced by golds and rose golds. Now, filling in for silver, I’ve invited a new, red- headed bestie. Her name is Copper, and she is fabulous! 

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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List Week 9

August 1, 2016 • Contributor: Caitlin Jolley, Cricut

The Summer Olympics start this Friday in Rio de Janeiro, and we could not be more excited!! If you love getting into the spirit of the Games, you’ve come to the right place!


    One of the best parts about the Olympics is their deep roots in tradition, but how much do you really know about its history? Learn more about the rings from Planet Smarty here.

    Then test your knowledge with their super-cute, easy, and FREE printable Olympic sorting game here.


    Whether you tweet it, email it, or send it, be an active supporter and let your favorite athlete know you’re rooting for them!


    Do more than just watch the Olympics this year–create something delicious inspired by them! The lovely ladies at Pretty Providence show you 20 Olympic Crafts & Recipes here. We can’t wait to make the Olympic torch cupcakes!


    From pão de queijo (cheese bread bites) to mousse de maracujá (passionfruit mousse), Brazil features authentic cuisine as delicious as it sounds. Celebrate the Olympic host country by hosting your own Brazilian dinner party. This list of 24 Brazilian Foods You Need To Eat Right Now from Buzzfeed will definitely inspire your appetite.


    If you have restless kids at home who need a fun activity, make DIY medals! They can hold their own Olympic Games and award each other with the gold, silver, or bronze. The best part is that they are so cheap and easy to make with this post from Homemade Ginger!


    The Olympics presents the perfect opportunity to learn about and celebrate other cultures. You can even create adorable crafts and cards using our Children Around the World images!


    Remember all those red, white, and blue crafts you made for 4th of July? Well, break out your supplies again! This week, create some beautiful projects using your country’s flag as inspiration. We have lots of easy Make It Now projects in Design Space to inspire you.


  1. BUILD AN OBSTACLE COURSE Make the Olympics more than a spectator sport by throwing an obstacle-course party! You can use just about anything to create a fun obstacle course in the backyard: hula hoops, tires, ladders, pool noodles, buckets … you name it! Listotic gives you tons of ideas here.



Tell us in the comments below your favorite Summer Olympic event.

And if you missed last week, see the full Cricut Summer Bucket List here.

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List Week 8

July 25, 2016 • Contributor: Caitlin Jolley, Cricut

With a long winter ahead, it’s time to spend as much time outdoors as possible! This week is all about getting outside, getting wet, and having lots of fun! Stay cool on those hot summer days with these summer bucket list ideas. AND, be sure to show us your pics by using #CricutSummer.

    If you thought shark week was fun, you’re going to love our mermaid party projects! Channel your inner Arial this week by throwing a mermaid party!
    Oh yeah! That’s right, we said, slip ‘n’ slide! Are you having childhood flashbacks? Take one of your favorite childhood summer activities to the next level with this DIY Giant Slip ‘n’ Slide tutorial from Fresh Crush!



    Heading to the waterpark this week? There is so much to remember when you’re heading out for a pool, waterpark, or beach day with little ones. Be sure to check out this post from Frenchie Wraps, where she shows you what to pack in your swim bag. You’ll also see how to DIY a personalized saying on it, so you’ll never get it mixed up with the neighbors’!


    Cool off with a spontaneous water fight! If you don’t want to take the time to fill up water balloons (or pick up the pieces after they’ve popped), then you will love this tutorial from Mom Spotted. She shows you how to make reusable sponge bombs using dollar-store supplies. She even includes a list of water war rules for your little ones.


  1. TRY SUP
    ‘Sup? SUP is what’s up! Stand-up paddleboard is a great way to get outside, stay fit, and have fun. If you haven’t tried it, you’re going to love it! Not convinced? Check out this post from Lipstick Lifestyle on why you NEED to try SUP.


    Invite your friends, family, or the whole neighborhood over for a pool party! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful, festive setting for your backyard: we’ve got easy Make It Now projects! For everything from colorful signs to cute cupcake toppers and watergun holders, check out Design Space now.


    You know the pic we’re talking about? The one you spent hours trying to nail as a kid! Summer is about making memories. Be sure to capture some fun summer pics to look back on when winter returns. If your hair isn’t long enough for that mermaid-style flip, don’t worry: you can try one of these hilarious ideas from Hongkiat.


  1. FIND A WATERFALL Adventure is calling! Get outside and find a beautiful waterfall to hike to or even swim under. Need inspiration? Top Dreamer shows you 22 beautiful waterfalls around the world. Check these out.


Tell us in the comments below what water activity you’re most excited for this week!

And if you missed last week, see the full Cricut Summer Bucket List here.