A note from our Cricut family to yours (updated)

March 16th, 2020 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Dear Cricut members,

We want you to know we are here for you. Many of you, including Cricut employees, are taking extra precautions to stay safe. This means working from home, preoccupying kids, and even canceling plans for travel and entertainment.

We know that crafting is a form of therapy and brings joy to so many people. To that end, our focus at Cricut will be to help our members stay inspired, find peace of mind, and keep connected – if only virtually – during this unusual time.

Starting now, here are a few ways we hope to make your life a little easier:  

  • Free Images – So you can make more, we’ve made an additional 1,000 images FREE in Design Space for a limited time  – that’s on top of the usual free cut images! To keep things fresh, we’ll swap out the image sets over the next few weeks (we recommend opening the link on Design Space for Desktop).  Need help finding the free images?  See our tutorial.
  • Free Face Mask Pattern – We’ve seen so many of you creating projects to support your families and communities during this time. It’s absolutely inspired us. We know there’s a need for face masks and so we’ve created an easy-to-make free pattern on Design Space you can access here (multiple sizes available including youth sizes). Please see our caution notice regarding use of the face masks.
  • *Free Shipping – From now through March 31st, 2020, shipping on every cricut.com order is on us. We promise to stay in touch regarding any delays that may occur due to the extra safety measures we are taking to keep our logistics partners and employees safe. (*Free shipping only available to the US and Canada.) 
  • Member Care – Our committed Member Care team will be working from home. Apologies in advance for potential delayed response times. You can always check out the help site and blog for FAQ & tutorials.

We look forward to making together.

The Cricut Team

46 thoughts on “A note from our Cricut family to yours (updated)

  1. Hello,

    During the upcoming weeks with a lot of school closings, the kids are going to be bored. I live in Mass and my daughters charter school was one of the first schools to close. I gave her my extra explore air because she wanted one but she has never had time to use it. This week was her first home and all she did was make stuff using the cricut. I was wondering if you could put some easy kid friendly stuff to make while the kids are on vacation to keep their creativity going. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Brenda! We will be posting some great project ideas both on the blog and on our social media (Facebook + Instagram). Stay tuned!

  2. I agree keep your employees safe. I know a person his work cut the crew in two sections one day one section works and the nex day the 2 section works and can. It be more the eighteen feet close to one another.. they are able to sell get some work done not as smears and how many. But I bet we need to all work together to get what needs to be done It’s about caring for one another thanks for all you do…

  3. May be a good time to show some kid crafts also. Make a positive from a negative situation. Thanks for a great company and products!! Plan on introducing my grands to some more Cricut!!

    • Hi Nanette! Thank you for your comment. We will be posting great project ideas on the blog and social media (Facebook + Instagram) in the coming days that you can make with your kids/for your kids!

  4. I have tried a couple of places to find the new Cricut Joy Card Marker mat. They either don’t have them in stock yet or sold out. What will be our wait time in the future for orders being shipped out. I know in situations as what is happening that may be hard to really say.
    Thanks to you and all your staff for the great jobs you do.

  5. I hope you can help come up with ideas for projects for kids. My children’s schools are closed and hope you can help with creating some ideas to help with a creative outlet while home schooling.

    • There will be a lot of new project tutorials for things to make with your kids/for your kids on the blog and our social media in the coming days! Stay tuned and thank you for your comment.

  6. Thanks for all you do – I love all your machines & love your ideas & how much you care. Thanks.

  7. Ashish and Family–
    Thank you so much for being so thoughtful to us all during this trying time. Crafting is therapy for so many of us and your kindness is much appreciated. I’ll be browsing Design Space and taking advantage of having a wonderful supply of Cricut products to comfortably pass the time.
    Blessings to you and your staff and family.

    • Ashish and Cricut Team, we thank you so much for all your kidness during this difficul time in our planet. Can you please include tutorials for kids since most kiddos will be out or already are out of school for a few weeks. It will be a great way to spend some quality time as a family and I’m sure it will boost their imaginations. Once again, THANKS ♡

      • Mayr

        Thank you for being a Cricut member. The team is focused on creating some inspiration and showing how to engage everyone in the family. I will pass along your feedback. We love it when everyone can channel their creative energies. Take care

        ashish arora (Cricut ceo)

    • Jamie

      Thank you for being a Cricut member. We want to make sure everyone is safe and channels their creativity in positive ways. Take care.

      ashish arora (Cricut ceo)

  8. Thanks for conveying this message- with the current environment In our world it’s nice to see that Cricut is working to adjust just as we are. Helping to reassure your customers and employees all at the same time. Thank you!

  9. Wow,
    You guys (Cricut staff) are the best.!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    Not only do you make great quality products, but you obviously care about us crafters who use your great products!!!
    I’m blown away by how involved you are! Not many CEO’s are as customer oriented as you are Ashish!
    You are very present figure of the Cricut company. I think it’s awesome.
    I buy Cricut products because they are great, but I also buy them because you are a great company who really is invoked with their customers.
    I’m super excited about the Cricut Joy!
    I plan to buy one in a few months when our finances get back on track! 😬. I’m loving my maker and I know I will love the Cricut Joy. Got my first grandbaby due in May so I will need a Joy to make things for him.

    Ok anyway,
    Thanks to each and every one of you, for all you do. I pray you all stay safe and healthy in these coming days.
    God Bless you all,

    • Thank you Linda. First of all, I am just the public face of the company. I have an amazing team. And that is what It takes. We do all love our Cricut members (you all) Please stay safe and keep being positive and creative. Thank you for your support.

      ashish arora (Cricut ceo)

  10. This is amazing! You’re the best. This company really makes us feel like a family.
    Thank you for being so thoughtful and give us the chance to keep creating.

  11. Hoping you all are safe and well during this time and think it’s a good excuse to lock myself in my craft room with all my Cricut Goodies to stay safe 😬 It would be nice to have some company but as we don’t get the chance to get our hands on the Cricut Cuties here in Australia 🇦🇺 for now it’s just me on my own 🥺

  12. Thank you to you and your incredible team for all you do on a regular basis to continue to bring us new and exciting products and Design Space content and some of the best customer service. I always tell my coworkers that crafting is my therapy, spending time in my craft room and using my Cricut to make amazing things allows me to put aside all of the stress I face at work every day. As a nurse dealing with all the craziness going on right now, I desperately need some time to escape just to be able to give me the strength to face going back into work every day.

  13. Thank you so much for your proactive and compassionate thoughts! Crafting is the perfect distraction from thoughts of gloom and doom which seem all too prevalent at the moment.
    What a great way to create something positive from a negative situation!
    I’ll have my Christmas pressies sorted well in advance this year! 👍😄💚

  14. Thankyou Ashish and Cricut Family,

    It is so nice of you to think of your fellow “Cricuteers.” Shouldn’t surprise me though, because you always seem to go out of your way to bring a little joy into our lives and even though due to the world situation, I am not able to buy the Joy I was saving for I know how blessed I am to have a maker to provide me with the much needed creative outlet. With all the uncertainty ahead, I am reminded that this is a time not to look at what i don’t have but instead be grateful for what i do have. I myself am going to make cards for my elderly neighbors and attach a small treat hoping it will let them know they are not alone in this because in times like this we must come together and be there for each other. This is a time to be kind. Thank you Ashish and Cricut family. Be safe and stay safe. May God Bless all of you and your families. Gratefully, vera

    • Vera

      We love it and consider you all as part of the friends and family. Thank you as always for your support. I tell my team all the time that we need to make our members (you) fall in love with our products. You should only buy what makes sense for you. Thank you so much for being a Cricut member. Please stay safe.

      ashish arora (Cricut ceo)

  15. Thank you Ashih and all of Cricut for caring for all of us by taking the time to reach out to all of us. ESPECIALLY at a time when you must be extremely busy and concerned about all of Cricut as a business and how this virus is affecting everything. Cricut is special because it’s a family to all of us, not just a business. On that note know I am praying for you ,everyone at Cricut and all of our Cricut craft fans. This soon will pass. Many complain about being bored during this social distancing. I laugh and direct them to Cricut crafting. No boredom in my house and craftroom…I have my own warehouse of Cricut materials and tools to spend a lifetime making all kinds of happy things. Am working on toys and paper crafts for our charity gearing up for Christmas 2020 when hopefully all will be well and this virus will only be a memory.

    • Deb

      LOVE IT! Thank you for being a Cricut member. And thank you for evangelizing us with your friends. Means the world to us. Please stay safe and creative.

      ashish arora (Cricut ceo)

  16. Thank you so much for your caring ways. This is the first company that really makes me feel like a part of a large family. Wishing all wellness.

  17. Thank you for this, the note, for caring, for the extra free designs (woohoo), and for the inspiration! I’m a healthcare worker in infection prevention and during this time it’s SO important for everyone, in EVERY country, to feel safe and “creating” as we all know is such a wonderful outlet!! We’ll all get thru this. It’ll take time, but we will and designing on our Joy, Explorer, Maker, or whatever device we have, and maybe even sharing with our neighbors, we’ll find a piece of happy thru creating.
    Sincerely, Lillian

  18. Thank you for helping me find my creative juices again. I’m less stressed because of it and I make my house look good in the process. 😆

  19. Thank you for reaching out to each of us. I love receiving emails from you and your company. Its liking receiving that long waited email from a family member. You are such a warm and caring person. Thank you for including us as a part of your family. Stay safe, and wash your hands. 😘

  20. Thank you for your concern for us and it is true, in these difficult days and being at home, it is good that you give us incentives to be inspired by what we like. We pray that these bad moments will soon pass, affecting already many countries and mourning so many families.
    Thank you!!!

  21. I want to thank the Cricut family for helping me be a better person. I use to be sad and just not happy. As for I suffer from depression. Well 15 yrs ago I purchased my first Cricut .. Since than my clarifying has been a part of me that makes my whole family happy.. my husband if the first one to say the change in me is awesome . I just needed to feel creative .. Today he said did you say they have a new machine well why not get it. That way when you go to crops you do t have to take your good machine..(maker) but I felt kind of bad so I didn’t purchase it .. we may need that money in the up coming weeks .. no ones what to do… so for now I will be crafting and happy to be stuck in the house!!! Thank You
    Keli Galvin

  22. Thank you for this. Crafting is my Therapy🤗 But can someone answer my question about the cricut Joy magnet feature? I’ve seen many pictures of Joy machines where the cutting tool can be magnetized to the top right corner of the machine but my Joy does not🤔… is this a flaw? Or an oops on others? Thank you and Stay safe and healthy. 🙂

    • Thank you for your question! Give our Member Care team a call and they should be able to help you out. They’re awesome!

  23. Dear Ashish and the entire Cricut family, your kindness and thoughtfulness means so much to all of us as we struggle to find the new normal. I have Faith and know this too shall pass, in the mean time my husband and I are separated from our children and our grandchildren for quarantine reasons. This is extremely hard so for now we are using the wonderful world of FaceTime and my children are trying to occupy our little ones with running in the yard for fresh air and websites for studying/reading. My hope is that you and yours are all safe and healthy, and that soon enough we as an entire global world will be on the mend soon.

    Virtual Hugs,

  24. Thanks for keeping us updated! I can’t wait to order my Marker Everythjng Bundle when it comes back in stock!

  25. Thank you for all you do. I have been trying to get the Cricut Joy Bundle, but have been unsuccessful, it’s been out of stock. Financially it is tough with 3 children, military veteran with limited cash for extras, and now no work because of Corona-19. My kids would love to have the Joy to do projects and keep them busy. Right now with the quarantine it would have been amazing. Thank you and your staff for all the amazing things you offer us. We pray that this too shall pass. Have a great safe week.

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