A Kentucky Derby Diva: Lia Griffith

April 25, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

We’re pleased to announce the launch of something very big here at Cricut: our Meet the Maker features! Highlighting the unique approach and work by some of our most talented bloggers and partners, these pieces will explore what has the Cricut crafting world all a-buzz. Of course, we couldn’t imagine a better person to start with than crafting extraordinaire Lia Griffith. We caught up with this extremely busy and talented lady as she was preparing for one of our most anticipated events of the year, the Kentucky Derby.

“Lia, I have been so inspired to craft ever since I started following your site. I absolutely love the aesthetic of everything you design—you've modernized crafting into something aspirational, youthful, accessible and above all, FUN!”

-Marisa Lock

We’ve been enamored with Lia Griffith’s lovely and sophisticated designs ever since she first started blogging in 2013. Her design aesthetic is both fresh and timeless, and her witty and warm approach to crafting has earned her millions of followers around the globe.


An internationally renowned DIY designer, crafter, photographer, stylist and big dreamer, Lia’s handcrafted lifestyle blog offers stunning projects, printables and inspiration. She has contributed to Martha Stewart and is part of the Michaels Makers team, Target Style Network and She Knows Experts Among Us. Working full time to offer consistent, quality content, she has classes available on numerous sites, including Cricut, and will launch her very own online Craft School in 2016. And, as if all that weren’t enough, she also partnered with us in 2015 to launch the Lia Griffith Edition Cricut Explore Air™ Bundle!


We caught up with her in her stunning loft space in Portland, Oregon.

First and foremost, do you have any exciting plans for Derby Day?

They do have a Kentucky Derby party here in Portland that’s a big event. It’s the type of thing I’ve been invited to year after year, but this is the year of “yes.” So I think it would be a great opportunity to wear a crazy paper hat and maybe take a group of people with me. Everybody can wear paper Derby hats!


Any memorable Derby days from the past?

Three years ago when I made my first huge paper Derby hat, it became the photo prop of the event I was attending. Everybody wanted to get their pictures taken in it. It was made out of a thin posterboard and had paper orchids all over. Because of the way the paper folded I needed to cover some spots, so I took tissue and used it as kind of netting around it.

An image of loveliness from Lia Griffith.
Keep it classy with a Pink Flower Fascinator.

What other projects are you working on right now?

Home décor. Right now, we love using the vinyl and iron-on with the Cricut machine. We can knock out lovely pillows in no time at all with multiple colors. Paper is kind of my thing, but Cricut has really inspired us into using other materials like vinyl and iron-on in amazing ways. I’m also working on decorating my house right now; well, it’s a loft that I just moved into. And we’re also working on getting this design space all done, so we’re moving all the time. Everything’s happening, and we’re just changing it constantly. I love a good challenge, taking something that’s a little ugly, and coming up with something fabulous.


How has Cricut changed the way you approach crafting?

Paper flowers were my beginning and my bright spot; they were the thing I really started getting attention for. When I first started three years ago, I was cutting everything by hand. And not only has Cricut changed the way I design these flowers, I can make them look much more intricate. It’s also changed my momentum; I can cut them so much faster. Cricut has changed the way I design—it changed my life—it changed the way I think about how to put these projects together because it makes it so easy for anyone to do.

Every Derby diva knows to go for the gold.
This Gold Acorn Derby Fascinator
from Lia Griffith is a sure winner.

How would you describe your style?

The thing that I think is consistent with the Lia Griffith brand, if I can call it that, is everything is very classy and beautiful. If I make something, I don’t want it to look like your 3rd grade arts and crafts project, but you could be in 3rd grade and make that craft and have it look fabulous. They always look elegant, even for the beginning crafter. Again, the Cricut elevates that. It elevates the possibilities of what people can make.

Set hearts racing everywhere you go
with a White Flowers and Lace Fascinator
from Lia Griffith.

What would you like people to take away from your projects?

The last thing I want people to do is start a project and then get frustrated and quit and not want to pick up their crafting tools because they think they can’t do it. What I want is people to be satisfied and try more and build confidence to keep working at it. That’s what we’re here for. Because creating and crafting is beautiful. It’s art. Sometimes just making someone smile is a great function.


Thanks so much, Lia! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

An image of loveliness from Lia Griffith. Keep it classy with a Pink Flower Fascinator.

Every Derby diva knows to go for the gold. This Gold Acorn Derby Fascinator from Lia Griffith is a sure winner.

Set hearts racing everywhere you go with a White Flowers and Lace Fascinator from Lia Griffith.

Keep an eye out for more posts from our new "Meet the Maker" series!

Visit Lia’s personal Cricut page or visit the Lia Griffith site.


Show off your Derby style or your favorite Lia creation at #CricutMade.

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