8 Questions All New Cricut Members Ask

December 30, 2019 • Contributor: Cricut Team

Welcome to CricutJust got your machine? Wondering how to get started? We’re here for you and we’ll continue to be here whether you need just-in-time advice from our Help center or to talk to a Member Care representative about a more complex issue. Below you’ll find answers to the top eight questions we hear from our community.

After I take my machine out of the box, what do I do first?

Sign-up for a Design Space account! Design Space is our free design software that runs all of our cutting machines including the Cricut Explore family and Cricut You can sign-up with an email and password on our Design Space app. Get set up in any of these places: 

  • On your computer: Go to design.cricut.com 
  • On your iOS device: Go to the App Store and download Cricut Design Space 
  • On your Android device: Go to the Google Play store and download Cricut Design Space 

How do I connect my device to Design Space?

Connect your device to your machine depending on the device you're using:

  • On a mobile phone or tablet: Use Bluetooth. Turn on your machine, go to your Bluetooth settings and the machine number will show up. You will type "0000" to connect the machine to your device.
  • On a PC or Mac computer: Use Bluetooth (your computer must support Bluetooth) or connect through a USB cable that comes with your machine.

TIP: You'll know your machine is connected when the power button on the machine lights up blue.

Here are step-by-step instructions to connect your device.

What are the things I need to cut a project on my machine?  

You will need 3 things to make a project on your machine:  

  • A Design Space account to create your project  
  • Cricut cutting mat for your material (mats come in the box with each machine) 
  • Your material – you'll put the material on to the mat to run it through the machine 

What materials are the most popular to use? 

Some of the most popular and easy materials to get started with are paperiron-on (or heat transfer vinyl) and vinyl. Once you make projects with these materials, you can cut more. Check out a full list of what the Cricut Explore family of machines can cut as well as Cricut Maker. 

Why are there different mat colors?  

We make 4 different kinds of mats – a blue, green, purple and pink. For the best results, the materials you cut are associated with different mats:  

  • Blue LightGrip mat = use for lighter materials like paper, vinyl and iron-on
  • Green StandardGrip mat = use green for light to medium materials like glitter iron-on and cardstock
  • Purple StrongGrip mat = use for denser materials like felt, leather and balsa or basswood 
  • Pink FabricGrip = use for cutting fabric on Cricut Maker. You will not use a pink mat if you have a Cricut Explore machine.

Mat life will depend on frequency of use and care. If your mat starts to lose its stick, run it under lukewarm water, take a bristle brush and scrub in a circular motion and pat it dry with a paper towel. 

How do I find images to cut? 

You can find over 100,000 images in Design Space or you can upload your own. When you hit the homepage on Design Space after you login, click “New Project”, to reveal your blank canvas. On your canvas you’ll see a grey bar with different icons.  

  • To choose an image that’s in Design Space, click the “Images” icon. Browse, search and filter images to find exactly what you’re looking for. 
  • To upload your own image, choose the “Upload” icon. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to upload your images. 

TIP: A green letter “a” next to an image means it’s a Cricut Access image. Learn if our Cricut Access content subscription program is right for you! 

What’s an easy project to make if I’m just getting used to Design Space? 

We suggest making a vinyl sticker. It’s easy to do! All you do is choose an image in Design Space. Put the material face up on your blue or green Cricut cutting mat and run it through the machine to cut. Pull it off the mat and put it straight on to almost any base – your computer, mobile phone, car window, a wall, and so much more. Watch a quick vinyl tutorial on the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine. 

Where do I go to learn more about Cricut projects and Design Space? 

We encourage you to check out:

2 thoughts on “8 Questions All New Cricut Members Ask

  1. Where are good places to get bundles with fonts, svg’s and projects? I have watched a few YouTube videos and they talk about joining their memberships and you get fonts and svg’s are there any that are higher rated?

    • Hi Chandra! Have you checked out Cricut Access? With more than 100,000 images, hundreds of fonts and countless ready-to-make projects, it’s a great option. Plus, Access Members receive exclusive discounts on everything Cricut.

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