#sayitwithcricut – 10 Traveling Essentials for the Holidays

November 15, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Going somewhere this holiday season? Join the crowd, literally. While the holiday season can fill us with glee, traveling during this period can be, well… less than spectacular. But it’s nothing a little creativity can’t save. With these 10 essentials, you’ll be able to travel comfortably without compromising your style.

  1. Luggage Tags
    Perfect for traveling newlyweds or anyone who wants to mark their bag with more than a tattered ribbon, these DIY His and Hers luggage tags from Cricut really know how to make a statement. Discover how to create them on Design Space™.
  1. Headphones
    Dreamy. The Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones have an almost magical ability to erase the endless chattering of your seatmates and instead immerse you in nearly 20 hours of your own music. Ahh….


  1. Facial Spray
    Want to look dewy and refreshed when you stroll down the baggage terminal? A spritz of Evian facial spray is all you need to feel like a jetsetter.


  1. Sleep Mask
    This Cabeau sleep mask is brilliant because it actually adjusts to your face and doesn’t smudge your eye makeup. Why didn’t someone think of this ages ago?


  1. Slippers
    We don’t need to talk about how gross airplane restrooms can be—suffice it to say, please don’t go anywhere near them with your regular socks! These ruby slippers by Snoozies have your tootsies covered with warm fleece, washable softness and a non-skid sole. Plus, you’ll look like a dream walking down the aisle.


  1. Luggage Scale
    Only one thing is worse than baggage fees, and that’s paying extra because you’re slightly over the weight limit. This handy luggage scale from Flight 001 is compact enough that you can take it with you and repack (if necessary) before the next leg of your journey.


  1. Travel Wallet
    ModCloth makes carrying all those little adventure details a breeze with the Girl Meets Voyage travel wallet. We just love the vintage feel with the hand lettering.


  1. Travel Kit
    Bold and no-nonsense, this modern travel essentials kit from Cricut is perfect for men or women. No TSA agent will doubt that you mean business. It’s a simple cut and iron-on DIY project on Design Space™!


  1. eReader
    A quality eReader is nearly essential for surviving on today’s planes, trains and automobiles. Amazon has you covered with a number of snazzy offerings, but we like the Paperwhite for its readability and affordability.


  1. Carry-On Bag
    You’ve got your goodies, and you’re ready to go. Let the world know that you’ve got this travel thing down with this bold lettered DIY carry-on you can create from Cricut’s Design Space™. Bon voyage!


So the next time you’re printing out your boarding pass and checking the weather at your final destination, take some time to bring along one or more of these essentials. Once you face the masses at check-in, you’ll be glad you have them along!


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